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Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, and Woodman
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The Boudreau Siblings: Louis, Wilfred, Georgina, and Camille Boudreau
The Boudreau Siblings: Louis, Wilfred, Georgina, and Camille Boudreau


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Welcome to my insanity! I have been tracing my family's ancestry since 1980. The software that I used to build the database has gone out of business, so I have converted to another. Now it is my job to add all my sources and flesh it out once again. So, this is incomplete, but working towards completion. If you have questions, or corrections, please e-mail me using the link below, and I shall try to respond. Corrections are always gratefully accepted. Please note that that I do not have any information that is not listed here save for that of living people.

I have tried to make the locations as accurate as possible. In some cases I have opted to use the modern name for clarity for non-researchers. I have tried to make the locations on the maps as accurate as I can.

This is an ongoing work, and should not be considered complete. I continue my research, as well as documentation. If your line matches part of mine, do check back on occasion and see if further data has been added in that part. You can use the Update Listing to see my latest changes.