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Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, Whelpley, and Woodman
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Clotilde became Queen Regent between 690 and 991. 
Queen Clotilde (I5101)
Theoderic III was crowned King of the Franks between 690 and 691. 
Theuderic III King of Burgundy and the Franks (I5100)
3 Anne and Jean appeared before the Council. Anne claimed poor treatment by her husband. They were granted a separation. Family (F7473)
4 Cherichetti(2007a)gives his birth date as 31 July 1868. Dougherty, Lyman H. (I11684)
5 His birth date is recorded as 4 (11) 1650. Wheeler, Samuel (I20107)
6 The date was recorded as 28 (11) 1648. Reed, Deborah (I18625)
7 Their marriage date was recorded as 6 (11) 1654. Marsh, Onisphorus (I18843)
8 "495. This year came two leaders into Britain, Cerdic and Cynric, his son, with five ships.Cerdic King of the West Saxons (I2866)
9 "530. This year died Cerdic, the first king of the West Saxons. Cynric, his son succeeded to the government, and reigned afterwards twenty-six winters.Cerdic King of the West Saxons (I2866)
10 "556. This year Cynric and Ceawlin Beranbury.Cynric King of the West Saxons (I2865)
11 "556. This year Cynric and Ceawlin Beranbury.Ceawlin King of the West Saxons (I2864)
12 "591. This year there was a great slaughter of Britons at Wanborough; Ceawlin was driven from his kingdom.Ceawlin King of the West Saxons (I2864)
13 "593. This year died Ceawlin.Ceawlin King of the West Saxons (I2864)
14 "A.D. 718. This year died Ingild, the brother of Ina.Ingild (I2859)
15 "A.D. 784. At this time reigned Elmund King of Kent, the father of Egbert; and Egbert was the father of Athulf [Æthelwulf]Eahlmund Under-King of Kent (I2856)
16 "And the said Thomas Brodirton, Erle of Norfolke, cam dawn into Norfolke and ther he wedded a knyght's daughter fast by Bungey." So writes 19th-century Norfolk historian Francis Blomefield (1808), quoting an ancient manuscript from the Book of Pleas.

Alice Hales brought nothing to her marriage save her beauty. She was not the heiress of the Hales manors, as she had a brother, and the Hales family would have supported of the young earl of Norfolk whether or not he married Alice, since he was their feudal overlord. On Thomas's end, there was no political or territorial advantage to the marriage - it was a love match, pure and simple. 
Family (F2186)
17 "He died in the 75th year of his age, beign 53 years a laborer in the work of the ministry, about 43 years at Hingham". The Rev. Peter Hobarts Journal continued by his son, David. Hobart, Rev. Peter (I20896)
18 "He died of consumption partly and an extreme pain in his head." Perry, John (I5049)
19 "It is odd that Elizabeth arranged the marriage of her younger surviving daughter, who was only in her fourth year, before that of her elder. But along with the earl and countess of Hereford, Margaret of France, the widowed queen of Edward I, was also a party to the contract on young Margaret de Bohun’s behalf. The queen, who remained very close to her stepdaughter the countess of Hereford, was no doubt godmother to this Margaret, which may have been a factor in why she was chosen over her elder sister for the Courtenay marriage.Family (F2272)
20 "Lodoin Francorum regem fifiam eius AudefledamFamily (F6425)
21 "The funeral was held at the house Wednesday Rev. Mr. Judson officiating with prayer by Mr. Gorman. The text was selected by Mr. Ward in his youth, from the dying words of Christ "Father into thy hands, I commend my spirit." It was excellently discoursed on. Singing was rendered by Mrs. Richardson and Miss. Blodgett, while the flowers were numerous and beautiful, comprising wreaths and a pillow of lillies and maiden-hair ferns enclosing a cross of pansies. The bearers were the sons and grandson; also Mr. Williams had charge." - His obituary Ward, Deacon Thomas Harris (I613)
22 "went to Rome, and there gave up the ghost.Ina King of Wessex (I22709)
23 "Beisrudd" means red cloak. Padarn Beisrudd (I1229)
24 "Goodman Elkine" was granted four acres twenty poles in a division of the uplands. Elkins, Henry (I1775)
25 "Stephen Casper appears on the typed death certificate of Sarah Gladwin. Most likely it was a mis-reading of the written name "Cooper." Cooper, Stephen (I2319)
26 (1) Edward Marrett
(2) Hannah Bradish 
Family (F547)
27 (1) Joseph Hills
(1) Rose Dunster 
Family (F680)
28 (1) Nicholas Clap
(1) Sarah Clap 
Family (F179)
29 (1) Richard Wheeler
(1) Elizabeth Turner 
Family (F625)
30 (2) John Lawrence
(2) Susanna ______ 
Family (F437)
31 (2) Joseph Hills
(2) Hannah Smith 
Family (F681)
32 (2) Nicholas Clap
(2) Anna ______ 
Family (F180)
33 (2) Richard Wheeler
(1) Sarah Prescott 
Family (F504)
34 (3) Joseph Hills
(1) Helen Atkinson 
Family (F682)
35 (4) Joseph Hills
(2) Anne ______ 
Family (F683)
Osiaas Boudreau
died Jun 13, 1932
age 82
Boudreau, Osias (I11481)
37 Ages: Maud was a minor and it is unlikely that the marriage was ever consummated. Family (F8257)
38 Ancestry: Ames (1938) states the following: Note: In Mitchell’s ‘History of Bridgewater’ (1840), which contained the first American account of the family, this John Ames of Bruton is called Richard— an error copied in several subsequent records.

The descent is given as:

(1) JOHN AMES. All that is known of this earliest ancestor from whom the Ames family of Easton can trace direct descent is that he was buried in Bruton, Somersetshire, England, Feb. 21, 1560, and that he had at least one son.

i. John Ames (see 2).

(2) JOHN AMES, son of John Ames (i). Born, Bruton, England; died there in 1583. Married, Sept. 25, 1559, Margery Crome (or Brome).

Issue (All born in Bruton, England)
i. John Ames (see 3).
ii. Launcelot Ames, born about 1562.
iii. William Ames, born about 1564.

(3) JOHN AMES, eldest son of John Ames (2). Christened, Bruton, England, May i, 1560; died there in 1629.
sue (All born in Bruton, England)
i. Thomas Ames, died in infancy.
ii. Henry Ames, christened July 25, 1603.
iii. William Ames (see 4).
iv. John Ames (see 4A).
V. Mary Ames, christened Apr. 1, 1613.

Richard Ames has different dates than this John Ames. More research is needed. I have followed the line given by Ames, Richard (1959). 
Ames, Richard (I38)
39 Birth and Death: The Find-a-Grave Website has his birth and death in Newbury. Clearly inaccurate. Sibley, Samuel (I14117)
40 Birth Date: Elizabeth was 38 years old when she died. Hills, Elizabeth (I816)
41 Birth Date: He was 40 in 1291. de Mortimer of Wigmore, Sir Edmund (I7575)
42 Birth Date: He was aged thirty-eight years in the inquest after his death. Wake, Sir Baldwin Lord of Bourne (I8544)
43 Birth Date: She was 82 when she died according to her gravestone. Ballou, Sarah (I15145)
44 Birth: Her death certificate states she was born November 4th, while the Social Security claim was November 11th.  Clark, Margaret (I11786)
45 Birth: The 1880 and 1900 Censuses gives her birth date as 1879. Later on she uses 1882. Possibly a mistake, but one that is repeated twice, or possibly, an attempt to be slightly younger. I am using the 1879 date until I can find a birth record. Daley, Rose C. "Rosie" (I11069)
46 Birth: The 1900 Census lists his birth date as May 1828. His obituary states he was born in 1836. Green, David E. (I10094)
47 Birth: Adams (1898) gives her birth date as 26 February 1676. Adams, Miriam (I11219)
48 Birth: Ballou (1882) give his birth as in 1850. Cheney, Levi (I136)
49 Birth: Birth Year of 1864 listed on her tombstone is incorrect. Reardon, Mary Ann (I1536)
50 Birth: Breaux (1994) states he was born about 1639 in La Chaussée, Loudunais, Vienne, France. Gaspard (1994) and Broussard (1994) state he was born in 1638/39 in Maritime or Martaize, Seine, France. Robichaud, Étienne (I1620)
51 Birth: Chapman (1872) gives her birth date as 31 December 1679. Trowbridge, Deliverance (I20544)
52 Birth: Chiasson (1986) gives her birth as 13 August 1874 Godin, Geneviève (I1031)
53 Birth: Chiasson (207) gives his birth as 18 February 1872. Boudreau, Pierre Joseph "Peter" (I1061)
54 Birth: Estabrook (1891) states he was born in Princeton, Massachusetts. Estabrook, Benjamin (I23906)
55 Birth: Farmer (1829) gives his birth as about 1612. Roper, Walter (I20440)
56 Birth: Guido (2006) gives his birth date as 1055. Gundrada St. Omer (I3507)
57 Birth: He is also listed in the complied vital records of Leominster, this probably being a record of the early settlers. Carter, Captain Nathaniel Jr. (I12840)
58 Birth: He was an infant in 1162. de Toeni, Sir Roger "de Conches" Lord of Flamstead (I7841)
59 Birth: He was born in the part of Topsfield that became Rowley. Smith, Jacob (I20669)
60 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 1 (8) 1668. Dewing, Deborah (I9813)
61 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 12 (6) 1648. Eaton, Martha (I892)
62 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 15 (2) 1655. Sleeper, Naomi (I18890)
63 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 17 (6) 1689. Thayer, Ruth (I15107)
64 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 2 (2) 1651. Harris, Mary (I24988)
65 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 22 (7) 1635. Stearns, Sarah (I760)
66 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 23 (2) 1649. Gay, Abiel (I21139)
67 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 31 (6) 1643. Richardson, Ruth (I18921)
68 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 4 ( ) 1638. Shaw, Esther (I18906)
69 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 5 (9) 1654. Flanders, Sarah (I18423)
70 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 6 (3) 1641. Copp, Rebecca (I18486)
71 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 8 (3) 1643. Phillips, Experience (I14560)
72 Birth: Her birth date was recorded as 8 (7) 1641. Gale, Sarah (I267)
73 Birth: Her birth is recorded as 25 (6) 1668. Souther, Mary (I1024)
74 Birth: Her birth was recorded as 15 (4) 1659. Weed, Deborah (I18718)
75 Birth: Her birth was recorded as 20 (6) 1656. Flagg (1852) and Pierce (1882) incorrectly interpret this date as June. Pierce, Mary (I791)
76 Birth: Her Death Certificate gives her birth date as 14 September 1875. Reardon, Julia Ann (I823)
77 Birth: Her death certificate lists her birth date as 12 March 1879, clearly in error. Reardon, Ellen "Nellie" (I824)
78 Birth: Her obituary lists her birthdate as 6 November 1918, but her death certificate lists it as 18 November. I have used the official document. Quinn, Regina Alice (I2334)
79 Birth: Hill's (1887) statement that Robert Wheaton was born in 1605 in Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales is in error, and is based on an earlier incorrect statement. This was cleared up by Bowen (2001). Wheaton, Robert (I983)
80 Birth: His birth date is based on his being 13 years old in 1666, and 14 years old in 1667. Aubuchon dit Dulac, René (I17877)
81 Birth: His birth date is based on the fact that he was 49 years old when he died. Grenet, François (I10773)
82 Birth: His birth date was recorded as 10 (8) 1642. Brewer, John (I99)
83 Birth: His birth date was recorded as 11 (7) 1637. Garfield, Joseph (I264)
84 Birth: His birth date was recorded as 28 (10) 1667. Tucker, James (I20766)
85 Birth: His birth date was recorded as 3 (5) 1640. Gay, Hezekiah (I21135)
86 Birth: His birth date was recorded as 7 (11) 1643. Johnson, Isaac (I19341)
87 Birth: His birth date was recorded as 7 (2) 1662. Moore, John (I20828)
88 Birth: His birth was recorded as 10 (12) 1651. Hawes, Daniel (I23019)
89 Birth: His birth was recorded as 14 (11) 1658. Berry, John (I1023)
90 Birth: His birth was recorded as 28 (7) 1646. Stebbins, John (I5990)
91 Birth: His death date was recorded as 1 (3) 1671. Parmenter, John (I16234)
92 Birth: HIs death record gives his birth date as 1 January 1832, while Thériault, (1985) gives it as 1 January 1833. In this case I am going with Thériault, (1985). Boudreau, Jean-Louis Israël (I1059)
93 Birth: His gravestone gives his birth year as 1816, while the 1900 Census gives his birthdate as November 1815. I am recording it as November 1816 until I find further information. Russell, George H. (I10100)
94 Birth: His gravestone gives his birth year as 1851. Hennessey, Dennis J. (I11761)
95 Birth: His World War I draft registration card gives his birth date a 18 June 1884. His death certificate gives his birth date as 20 January 1885. On the 1900 US Census return his birth date is listed as May 1884. I am using the Draft Registration as he was giving the information to the recorder, rather than a third party. Gaughan, John Andrew (I11063)
96 Birth: Holt (1984) gives his birth as 1786. Dunham, Johnson (I856)
97 Birth: In her letter, Sandra Hayton, gives his birth date as 14/7/1934. She was unable to send a copy of the birth records, as their printer was not operational. Gladwin, Francis "Frank" (I848)
98 Birth: In the 1870 and 1880 Census' he lists his birth place as Ireland. In the 1900, he lists his birth place as Maryland which is how it appears on his death certificate. However, in the 1860 Census, his parents listed his birth place as Maryland. I can only conclude that after 1880, he discovered that he was born in Maryland rather than in Ireland. Daley, Thomas (I11787)
99 Birth: It appears that Katie did not know the date when she was born. The date varies, and on her marriage license it states she is now thirty four (34) years of age. Since she appears in a census a year earlier, this too is questionable. Boyle, Catherine L. "Katie" (I6242)
100 Birth: Jackson (1854) gives her birth as 1 April 1703. Ward, Mary (I14781)

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