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Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, Whelpley, and Woodman
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12601 William and Katherine may be the grandparents, not parents, of Susan Warren. Family F1164
12602 William built a home which was also a Garrison House to protect against Indian attack. It remained in the family for several generations. Walker, William (I975)
12603 William died intestate and the administration of his estate was granted to his widow, Katherine. Warren, William (I1314)
12604 William FitzRobert was the 2ed Earl of Gloucester. He was also the Lord of the manor of Glamorgan and Cardiff Castle. William FitzRobert Earl of Gloucester (I2220)
12605 William Hamilton Rogers (1877) wrote as follows concerning the monument: "He was buried with his wife in the Hungerford Chapel in the nave, a beautiful structure composed chiefly of iron and which has since been removed to the choir. Their tombs, joined together and despoiled of their brass effigies, remain in the nave. The matrices exhibit the proportions of a knight on the one and of a lady on the other, both stones were powdered over with sickles and a ledger line outside all. The whole has now disappeared, except the stones in which the brasses were set. Forty shields of arms, according to Hutchins (who minutely describes these chapels previous to their removal) were set round outside exhibiting the various alliances of the family. Among these were Hungerford impaling Strange and Mohun, Peverell, Courtenay, St John, Mules, Hungerford, Sir Walter KG, Lord Hungerford (I7857)
12606 William invaded England and defeated Harold II at the Battle of Hastings.  William I "the Conqueror" King of England (I2460)
12607 William made his will. It was probated later that year. Walker, William (I975)
12608 William may have been from the western part of England.  Lane, William (I781)
12609 William of Gellone was living between 790 and 806. William of Gellone Duke of Toulouse, Margrave of Septimania (I6153)
12610 William signed the order forming the bard of selectman for the town of Charlestown.

An order made by the inhabitants of Charlestowne at a full meeting for the government of the Town by Selectmen.

" In consideration of the great trouble and chearg of the Inhabitants of Charlestowne by reason of the frequent meeting of the townsmen in generall and yt by reason of many men meeting things were not so easily brought unto a joynt issue It is therefore agreed by the sayde townesmen ioyntly that these eleven men whose names are written one the other syde, (w'th the advice of Pastor and Teacher desired in any case of conscience,) shall entreat of all such business as shall conscerne the Townsmen, the choise of officers excepted, and what they or the greater part of them shall conclude of the rest of the towne willingly to submit unto as their owne propper act, and these II to continue in this employment for one yeare next ensuing the date hereof being dated this : 10th of February 1634 (1635).
Johnson, William (I369)
12611 William was a cordwainer (shoemaker). His home was on Copps Hill from which it gets its name.  Copp, William (I783)
12612 William was born in a garrison house because of Indian attacks. His birth was less then a week after the Rev Joseph Willard and two Stevens children were killed by Indians. Browning, Lt. William (I15261)
12613 William was living between 858 and 864. William Seigneur de Semur (I4538)
12614 William was one of the signers of a petition to build a meeting house on his side of the river. It reads:

"Petition of the West Side people of Sudbury to Governor Dudley and the General Assembly. The petition of us who are the subscribers living on ye west side of Sudbury great River Humbly showeth that wereas ye All wise and over Ruling providence of ye great God, Lord of Heaven and Earth who is God blessed forever moore, hath cast our lott to fall on that side of the River by Reason of the flud of watare, which for a very great part of the yeare doth very much incomode us and often by extremity of water and terrible and violent winds, and a great part of the winter by ice, as it is at this present, so that wee are shut up and cannot come forth, and many times when wee doe atempt to git over our flud, we are forced for to seek our spiritual good with the peril of our Lives.

Beside the extreme Travill that many of us are Exposed unto sum 3:4:5:6 miles much more than a Sabbath days Jurney, by Reason of these and many more objections, to many here to enumerate, whereby many of our children and little ones, ancient and weak persons, can very Rarly attend the public worship. The considered premises we truly pray your Excellency and ye Honorable Council and House of Representatives to consider and compassionate us in our Extreme suffering condition, and if we may obtain so much favor in your Eyes as to grant us [our presents] as to appoint us a Commity to see and consider our circumstances and make report thereof to this honorable Court. And your pore petitioners shall ever pray.

Sudbury, January 15th 1704/5

John Goodnow; John haines; John Brigham; William Walker; George Parmenter; David how; George Parmenter, Jr.; Joseph Parmenter; John brigham; Samuel willis; Joseph willis; Richard Sanger; Tho : Smith; Joseph Hayes [Haynes]; timothy gibson, Jr; Joseph F. Jewel (his mark); Isaac Mellen; Melo C. Taylor, (his mark); John Balcom; Joseph Balcom; John haynes. Jr.; Robert Man his mark; Benjamin wright; David Haynes; Prefer haines; Thomas Brintnal; Edward Goodnow his mark; John Goodenow, jr; Ephraim Garfield, his mark; Thomas Smith, Junior; Jonathan Rice.
Walker, William (I975)
12615 Winsor (1849) gives her birth year as 1624. Alden, Joseph (I16674)
12616 Winsor (1849) gives his birth as 1622. Alden, Captain John (I16673)
12617 Winsor (1849) gives his birth as 1627. Alden, Jonathan (I16676)
12618 With the Canon of St. Mary's, Leicester, Robert, he accounted for the revenues of the Abbey. de Segrave, Gilbert (I7459)
12619 With the exception of her brother, Jean, Siméon removed with his entire living family to New York with out permission of New York.  LeRoy dite Audy, Marie-Anne (I16704)
12620 With wife Mary and other persons who adhered to Mrs. Hutchinson and Mr. Wheelwright, he was dismissed 3 (1) 1639, to the Exeter Church. Elkins, Henry (I1775)
12621 With wife Mary and other persons who adhered to Mrs. Hutchinson and Mr. Wheelwright, he was dismissed 3 (1) 1639, to the Exeter Church. Mary (I1776)
12622 Woodman (1856) and Woodman (1995) list her death as 17 September 1839 in Auburn, Maine. This is clearly incorrect according to her gravestone. Woodman, Alvina (I11864)
12623 Woods (1907) gives their marriage year as 1785. Partridge, Elijah (I15578)
12624 Woodward (1982) and Daniels (1892) give her birth date as 18 August 1701. Eddy, Samuel (I1092)
12625 Woodward (1982) and Daniels (1892) give her birth date as 9 May 1700. Eddy, Sarah (I12709)
12626 Woodward (1982) states her birth date was March 1685. Myrick, Thankful (I14798)
12627 Wooodman (1874), Woodman (1856), Hoyt (1897), and Woodman (1995) give 8 November 1643 as his birth date. Woodman, Sargent Jonathan (I18125)
12628 Wulfegunde's name was also spelt WulfegundisWulfegunde (I22684)
12629 Wyman (1877) and Jameson (1886) give his birth as 25 May 1729 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Jones, Thomas (I381)
12630 Wyman (1877) gives the year as 1659. Wilder, Thomas (I659)
12631 Wyman (1877) gives their wedding date as 15 February 1643/44. Family F102
12632 Wyman (1878) gives different dates for both Samuels births:
2. 2 Apr 1732
5. 7 Jan 1739 
Tufts, Hannah (I15272)
12633 Wyman (1879) gives her birth as 25 January 1642/43 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Lawrence, Mary (I20135)
12634 Wyman (1879) gives her birth date as 16 March 1640. Roper, Rachel (I20457)
12635 Wyman (1879) gives her birth date as 1852. Waite, Mary (I20085)
12636 Wyman (1879) gives her death as in 1667. He has confused her with her mother. Lawrence, Susanna (I20130)
12637 Wyman (1879) gives his birth date as 19 April 1674. Hills, Joseph (I20074)
12638 Wyman (1879) gives his place of death as Sudbury, Massachusetts. Lawrence, Ensign Nathaniel (I20132)
12639 Wyman (1879) lists her death as 1704 in one place but 1707 in another. Crouch, Sarah (I174)
12640 Wyman (1879) states he died in Charleston, Massachusetts. Pierce, Thomas (I797)
12641 Yaszdegerd stopped the persecution of the Christians and tried to maintain peace with the Roman Empire. Yazdegerd I King of Persia (I9381)
12642 Young Lord, Ernest E. (I11635)
12643 Young Lord, Lena M. (I11636)
12644 Yves de Creil was living in 945. Yves de Creil Seigneur de Creil (I9082)
12645 Zerviah had promised herself to another. Jonathan challenged him and was victorious. The following are from the First Book of Lancaster Records, page 15:

"November ye 25th 1738 Then Jonathan Wilder of Lancaster Entered his Entention of mariage with Zeruiah Houghton of said Town.

December ye 1st 1738 David Farrar of Lancaster appeared and forbid ye banes of mariage being out asked betwix ye above Said Jonath. Wilder and Zeruiah Houghton, and aledged this Reson that shee had Promised him ye said farrar marriage from whch shee cannot Losly depart.
Family F393
12646 Zeuter was living 1149 BCE. Zeuter King of Troy (I5935)
12647 Zloubrana was living between 1010 and 1020. Zloubrana (I8935)
12648 Zupan means Prince. Uros I Zupan of Serbia (I8732)
12649 Zupan means Prince. Vukan Zupan of Raska (I8736)

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