Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, and Woodman
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1401 He died young. Colby, son (I14397)
1402 He dropped is middle name, and went by Samuel Gates most of his life. Gates, Samuel Torry (I274)
1403 He drowned on board the ship, Neil, on the day it returned from France. Crête, Louis (I16739)
1404 He gave the land for the graveyard and was the first to be buried there.
Sawyer, William (I16369)
1405 He is also known as Zaid Qusayy "Munjammi" (I9782)
1406 He is also listed as Charles Laverdure dit Melanson. Melanson dit LaRamée, Charles (I1634)
1407 He is buried in grave #110. Ward, Deacon John (I605)
1408 He is buried in grave #113. Ward, Deacon Richard (I14774)
1409 He is buried in grave #118. Ward, Joseph (I14778)
1410 He is buried in grave number 1238. Woodward, Deacon Ebenezer (I14796)
1411 He is buried with his wife in grave number 745 in Newton. On their gravestone are the following words:

Kenrick, John (I15002)
1412 He is buried with his wife. Goodell, Rufus Westley (I13025)
1413 He is listed as Samuel Oliver Harding on his baptismal record. Harding, Silas Oliver (I15292)
1414 He is listed in the 1667 census, but not the 1681 census. Gagnon, Raphaël (I17507)
1415 He is not listed in the 1693 Census. Boudrot, Lieutenant-General Michel (I1111)
1416 He later fled to Caraquet, New Brunswick Haché dit Gallant, René (I1494)
1417 He may have died in 1755. Hackett, William (I14154)
1418 He may have died on the 25th of April 1767. Hackett, Richard (I14155)
1419 He may have died on the 2ed. Metcalfe, Michael (I16522)
1420 He moved after the death of his second wife, Hannah Day. Eddy, Benjamin (I12712)
1421 He never married Boudreau, Osithe (I11483)
1422 He never married. Robichaud, Augustin (I12393)
1423 He never married. Myers, Joseph Regis (I11291)
1424 He never married. Carter, John Bullard (I12874)
1425 He never married. Peck, Jeremiah (I13695)
1426 He never married. Peck, Henry (I13699)
1427 He never married. Sawyer, John (I14102)
1428 He never married. Flanders, Jedidiah (I14506)
1429 He never married. Elkins, Jeremiah (I14729)
1430 He never married. Cheney, Nathaniel (I15139)
1431 He never married. Harding, Thomas (I15259)
1432 He never married. Browning, Trustrum (I15264)
1433 He never married. Browning, Lt. Samuel (I15268)
1434 He never married. Wheeler, Jacob (I15312)
1435 He never married. McIntire, Joseph (I15603)
1436 He never married. Savoie, Claude (I15945)
1437 He never married. Houghton, Benjamin (I16385)
1438 He never married. Peterson, David (I16643)
1439 He never married. Carter, Thomas (I18427)
1440 He never married. Sargent, William (I18556)
1441 He never married. Riddlesdale, Richard (I18693)
1442 He owned covenant the same day. Flanders, Joseph (I14385)
1443 He owned covenant the same day. Flanders, Phillip (I14388)
1444 He probably died young. Gilbert, John (I14054)
1445 He probably never married. Peterson, John (I16640)
1446 He testified that he was 48 years old on 3 July 1694. Eaton, John (I18790)
1447 He was on his way to France. Blanchard, Joseph (I15833)
1448 He was 22 years old in 1723. Binet, Nicolas (I5982)
1449 He was 28 years old when he immigrated in 1710. Lagüe dit Sanscatrier, Michel (I3967)
1450 He was 45 years old when he died. Beaudoin, Jean (I10775)
1451 He was 49 years old when he died. Grenet, François (I10773)
1452 He was 76 years old when he died Beaudoin dit petit Jean, Jean (I10682)
1453 He was 77 years old when he died. Meade, Gabriel (I1102)
1454 He was 78 years old when he died. Copp, Elder David (I18483)
1455 He was a quarryman at the time of his death. Lord, Otis A. (I11650)
1456 He was a twin O'Neil, Michael Joseph (I830)
1457 He was a twin Geiger, Joseph (I12005)
1458 He was a twin Geiger, Jonas Benjamin (I10000)
1459 He was a twin and his birth was recorded as 10 (3) 1665. Colby, Anthony (I18457)
1460 He was a twin of Nancy Cheney Ward Ward, Nelson Cheney (I11926)
1461 He was a twin whose birth was recorded as 1 (11) 1640. Hoyt, Thomas (I18452)
1462 He was a twin whose birth was recorded as 1 (11) 1640. Hoyt, Gregory (I18453)
1463 He was a twin. Boudrot, Claude (I12327)
1464 He was a twin. Boudrot, Jean-Baptiste (I12328)
1465 He was a twin. Robichaud, René (I12390)
1466 He was a twin. Robichaud, Charles (I12391)
1467 He was a twin. Dugas, Joseph (I2035)
1468 He was a twin. Dugas, Pierre (I12624)
1469 He was a twin. Carter, the Rev. Lucius (I12871)
1470 He was a twin. Demers, Charles (I13203)
1471 He was a twin. Demers, François (I13204)
1472 He was a twin. Payet, Jean-Baptiste-Abraham (I13302)
1473 He was a twin. Giguère, François (I13454)
1474 He was a twin. Gendron, Antoine (I13492)
1475 He was a twin. Barré, Françoise (I13617)
1476 He was a twin. Jetté, Nicolas C. (I13882)
1477 He was a twin. Cognac dit Leveille, Barthelemy (I13911)
1478 He was a twin. Monet, Jacques (I13921)
1479 He was a twin. Woodman, David (I14160)
1480 He was a twin. Hatch, Daniel (I14245)
1481 He was a twin. Crediford, John (I14294)
1482 He was a twin. Berry, Ellet (I14645)
1483 He was a twin. Berry, John (I14646)
1484 He was a twin. Page, baby boy (I14746)
1485 He was a twin. Page, baby boy (I14747)
1486 He was a twin. Whitney, Elnathan (I14809)
1487 He was a twin. Whitney, Eleazer (I649)
1488 He was a twin. Wood, Josiah (I14906)
1489 He was a twin. Nichols, Thomas (I14911)
1490 He was a twin. Stevens, Cyprian (I15053)
1491 He was a twin. Cheney, Stephen (I15193)
1492 He was a twin. Partridge, Reuban (I15229)
1493 He was a twin. Partridge, Jabez (I15230)
1494 He was a twin. Wheeler, Isaac (I15294)
1495 He was a twin. Partridge, Samuel (I15566)
1496 He was a twin. Aucoin, Augustin (I16045)
1497 He was a twin. Aucoin, Alexis (I16046)
1498 He was a twin. Badger, William (I16277)
1499 He was a twin. Badger, Daniel (I16278)
1500 He was a twin. Sawyer, Nathaniel (I16355)

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