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Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, and Woodman
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1401 They were married by the Rev. John A. Lynch. Family F971
1402 They were married by the Rev. Mr. Shaw. Family F463
1403 They were married by the Rev. Nathan Merill. Family F651
1404 They were married in Brush Valley. Family F376
1405 They were wed in a double ring ceremony performed by the Rev. Selden W. Cummings, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Lowell.
Family F6
1406 This family name derives from from Scoileach for the O'Madigan family. Scoileach in Gallic means "one who keeps a school." His son was known as O'Scoilaigh, later anglicized to Scully. Scully, William (I2535)
1407 This is a probable date. Currier, Moses (I14468)
1408 This is the date from the family record. The Shutesbury vital records record his birth as 14 November 1742. Powers, Asa (I2340)
1409 This is the year given on his headstone. Gilbert, Joseph (I2539)
1410 This may be the date of the inventory of his estate. Hatch, Benjamin (I14192)
1411 This was the date of his father's will. Town, James (I15424)
1412 Thomas and Mary were married by Mr. R. Bellingham. Family F846
1413 Tilden (1887), Jameson (1886), and Mores (1855) give only the year. and list it as 1709. Family F861
1414 Torrey (1966) gives their marriage place as Cambridge, Massachusetts. Gates, Abigail (I15346)
1415 Torrey (1966) states the marriage was in Brookline. Gates, Hannah (I15344)
1416 Torrey (1967) gives her birth date as 18 July 1726. Blodgett, Abigail (I87)
1417 Trask and Jameson give his death date as 8 October 1646, probably mistaking his burial for death date. Adams, Henry (I16)
1418 Unmarried Pinet, Joseph (I11583)
1419 Unmarried Pinet, Olive (I11584)
1420 Unmarried Gauvin, Joseph (I12236)
1421 Unmarried Thibadau, GĂ©rard (I12343)
1422 unmarried Geiger, William F. (I11995)
1423 unmarried Cormier, Marguerite (I12014)
1424 Various sources give 21 and 25 for her birth day. Hill, Deborah (I14523)
1425 Virtually every record has a different birth date. I am using the one from the German records as the closest to the event. Wolff, Apollonia (I3754)
1426 Viton (1864) gives his birth date as 14 October 1731. Webb, Ebenezer (I14615)
1427 Ward (1851) and Bond (1860) give their marriage date as 27 March 1732. Ward, Jonathan (I14777)
1428 Ward (1851) and Bond (1860) give their marriage date as 27 March 1732. Woodward, John (I14788)
1429 Ward (1851) gives her birth date as 27 November Ward, Maria Wheelock (I11927)
1430 Ward (1851) gives his birth as 26 February 1653. Ward, John (I14768)
1431 Ward (1851) gives his birth as 9 November 1677. Ward, Joseph (I14778)
1432 Ward (1851) gives their marriage date as 31 May 1724. Ward, Esther (I14780)
1433 Ward (1851) lists his birth as 5 June 1727. Ward, William (I14773)
1434 Ward (1851) lists his birth as 7 October 1720. Ward, Samuel (I14784)
1435 Ward (1858) gives his death place as Weston, Massachusetts. Brewer, Lt. John (I101)
1436 Ward (1863) lists Samuel's father as Thomas. Stevens, Mary (I15052)
1437 Wheeler (1924) gives her death date as 24 June 1824. Wheeler, Sarah Jemima (I15408)
1438 Wheeler (1924) gives his death date as 30 May 1775. Wheeler, Jacob (I15312)
1439 When he married Mrs. Lucy Broad, he moved in with her where he spent the rest of his life. Family F375
1440 While Daniel's father is unknown, Joseph Rose is the most likely person. Low, Daniel (I14214)
1441 While the year of his birth is not given in the town records it lies within the 1678 entries. Flanders, Phillip (I14386)
1442 White (1900) gives her birth place as Montague, Massachusetts Eddy, Kate Jane (I11670)
1443 White (1900) gives her birth place as Montague, Massachusetts, and the Eddy Family in America gives her birth date as 23 June 1871, which many have followed. The Town Records in Shutesbury, give the date as 24 June, which I have followed. Eddy, Anna Maria (I11669)
1444 White (1900) gives her birth place as Montague, Massachusetts. Eddy, Mary Elizabeth (I11668)
1445 White (1900) gives his birth place as Montague, Massachusetts Eddy, Lewis George (I1073)
1446 White (1900)and Kendrick (1937) gives his birth place as New York State. Sherwin, Orville (I1084)
1447 Whitney (1857) and Bond (1860) give his death date as 12 February 1697/98. Whitney, James (I14825)
1448 William was born in a garrison house because of Indian attacks. His birth was less then a week after the Rev Joseph Willard and two Stevens children were killed by Indians. Browning, Lt. William (I15261)
1449 Woodman (1856) and Woodman (1995) list her death as 17 September 1839 in Auburn, Maine. This is clearly incorrect according to her gravestone. Woodman, Alvina (I11864)
1450 Woods (1907) gives their marriage year as 1785. Partridge, Elijah (I15578)
1451 Woodward (1982) and Daniels (1892) give her birth date as 18 August 1701. Eddy, Samuel (I1092)
1452 Woodward (1982) and Daniels (1892) give her birth date as 9 May 1700. Eddy, Sarah (I12709)
1453 Woodward (1982) states her birth date was March 1685. Myrick, Thankful (I14798)
1454 Wyman (1877) and Jameson (1886) give his birth as 25 May 1729 in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Jones, Thomas (I381)
1455 Wyman (1878) gives different dates for both Samuels births:
2. 2 Apr 1732
5. 7 Jan 1739 
Tufts, Hannah (I15272)
1456 Wyman (1879) lists her death as 1704 in one place but 1707 in another. Crouch, Sarah (I174)
1457 Young Lord, Ernest E. (I11635)
1458 Young Lord, Lena M. (I11636)
1459 Zerviah had promised herself to another. Jonathan challenged him and was victorious. The following are from the First Book of Lancaster Records, page 15:

"November ye 25th 1738 Then Jonathan Wilder of Lancaster Entered his Entention of mariage with Zeruiah Houghton of said Town.

December ye 1st 1738 David Farrar of Lancaster appeared and forbid ye banes of mariage being out asked betwix ye above Said Jonath. Wilder and Zeruiah Houghton, and aledged this Reson that shee had Promised him ye said farrar marriage from whch shee cannot Losly depart.
Family F393

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