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Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, and Woodman
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1901 Tanguay (1889) gives his christening place ast Pointe-aux-Trembles, Québec, Canada. Prou, François (I10507)
1902 Tanguay (1889) gives the year as 1677. Pepin, Robert (I16750)
1903 Tanguay (1889) gives their marriage date as 31 January 1708. Paquet dit LaVallée, Antoine (I17640)
1904 Tanguay (1889) gives their marriage date as 4 July 1689. Family F3558
1905 Tanguay (1889) gives their wedding date as 9 February 1688. Prudhomme, Pierre (I16877)
1906 Tanguay (1889) lists his christening as 27 April 1680. Paquet dit LaVallée, François (I17641)
1907 Tanguay (1890) gives his christening date as 1687. Roussin, Joseph (I16802)
1908 Tanguay (1890) gives the year of their marriage as 1668. Family F6995
1909 Tanguay (1890) gives their marriage date as 26 December 1690. Simard, Pierre (I17374)
1910 Tanguay (1890) gives their marriage year as 1711. Roussin, Nicolas (I16806)
1911 Tanguay (vol V) gives their marriage date as 30 January 1757. Lefort, Charlotte (I13898)
1912 Tanguay gives their marriage year as 1686. Caron, Joseph (I17351)
1913 Tanguay has their marriage place as Ste-Family, Île d'Orléans, Québec, Canada. Asselin, Nicolas (I17591)
1914 Tanguay(1887) volume IV gives his christening date as 19 March 1689.  Gendron, Joseph-Jacques (I10439)
1915 Temple (1887) gives his death as 3 November 1798 in Athol, Massachusetts. Goddard, Simon (I15022)
1916 Thayer (1874) has her marrying William White in 1718. Family F843
1917 Thayer (1874) lists their marriage year as 1809, an obvious typographical error. Family F572
1918 The 1881 Census lists her birth year as 1861. Whelpley, Harriet Louise (I11307)
1919 The 1881 Census lists his birth year as 1868. Whelpley, Charles E. (I11308)
1920 The 1881 census states he was born in 1831. Whelpley, Captain David C. (I1685)
1921 The 1881 Census states she was born in 1832. Pangbourne, Harriet Jane (I1686)
1922 The 1900 Census gives her birth as November 1882 Hennessey, Elizabeth Irene (I11031)
1923 The 1900 Census lists her birth as Jul 1848. The 18 July 1832 date is from her death certificate. In the first census of her life (1850) she was 6 years old putting her birth at about 1844. I am opting for about 1844. McMichael, Martha Jane (I12076)
1924 The 1900 Census lists his birth date as November 1890, his WW1 Draft Registration lists it as 22 November 1892, and his Headstone Application and WW2 Draft Registration list it as 22 November 1891. Travis, Andrew Alphonse (I1133)
1925 The Amesbury Vital Records list the marriage as in Amesbury. Barnard, Hannah (I14409)
1926 The Ancestral File gives her death year as 1823. Robichaud, Elizabeth Anastasie (I5415)
1927 The Ancestral File gives their marriage year as 1804. Family F4175
1928 The baptism was performed by the Rev. Joseph Secomb. Woodman, Capt. John (I14121)
1929 The BIRLS file gives his death as 9 May 1979 Pschirer, Joseph F. (I11954)
1930 The birth date on his gravestone is 30 May 1809. Possibly this is an engraving error. Harding, Alpheus (I336)
1931 The birthdate of Gabriel is obviously incorrect. Giguère, Augustin (I13438)
1932 The children are listed in both the Lancaster and the Bolton vital records. Family F1174
1933 The Church Records read, "1683 month 1, day 17, died Old Mother Parminter a blessed saint.Bayford, Annis (I2183)
1934 The date could have been 15 September. Metcalfe, John (I443)
1935 The date is based on age at death. Joanna (I1103)
1936 The date is based on she being 35 years old in 1667.
Sevestre, Denise (I17409)
1937 The date is based upon his being 24 in 1669. Jones, Thomas (I380)
1938 The date is calculated as on 1 April 1735, his widow refused to accept the division of his estate, and at that time all estates were to be administered within 30 days of death. Flanders, Daniel (I233)
1939 The date on his headstone reads, "5 January 1821," which is probably an error. Woodman, Joshua (I14119)
1940 The date was recorded as 15 (4) 1684. Faxon, Joanna (I619)
1941 The date was recorded as 27 (12) 1680. Wales, Elder Nathaniel (I618)
1942 The Dorchester Town Records state he was born in 1640, but his christening is recorded in 1638. His younger brother was christened in 1640, so in all likelyhood, he was born in 1638. Hill, Samuel (I14541)
1943 The following appears in the register of Staplehurst Church:

1589 Marche The XXX day was baptized
ye sonne of Wyelyam Eddye
mynyster & preacher of ye
gosspell of our lord Jesus

Eddy, Nathanaell (I16089)
1944 The following is from her funeral sermon: "She was not only a grandmother in her own family, but served that functions well for many people. She had the appearance of a grandmother, the mein of one, too. She appeared in church with the assurance of a dowager queen, elegantly dressed, making quips and wise cracks, kids dancing around her in great merriment, the younger folks greeting her. Hers was always a grand entrance.Ward, Ruth Esther (I615)
1945 The Gill Genealogies give her death date as 20 May 1842 Webster, Harriet (I11692)
1946 The last name is sometimes spelt "Pineau". Pineault, Michel (I6220)
1947 The marriage date may have been 5 February 1751. Family F7305
1948 The marriage date was recorded as 22 (2) 1656. Eddy, Pilgrim (I16104)
1949 The marriage is listed in both the Milford and the Mendon vital records. Cheney, Caleb (I15141)
1950 The marriage of Benjamin and Martha was recorded as 5 (12) 1659. Family F148
1951 The marriage was kept a secret until Tuesday, the 25th, when the marriage certificate was returned to the town clerk's office. Family F377
1952 The marriage was performed by Father Robichaud. Family F953
1953 The Newbury Records have her name as Rebecca born 17 September 1661 with no death date, but her father's will, lists the children in birth order and Elizabeth Wallis is between Mary Emery and Rebeccal Lailon.. Woodman, Elizabeth (I14069)
1954 The Newton record is in the additions to the town record. On the same day, the birth of "Herman Hanchet, the son of Peter and Mary" is recorded in the Cambridge Records. Could this be a mis-reading of the same birth? Hanchett, Hannah (I14841)
1955 The old cemetery Kuntz, Johann Philipp (I10816)
1956 The page registering her birth was torn. She was born on the 24th, but the month is unknown. Cheney, Deborah (I15092)
1957 The parants of Jean Blanchard have been listed as Guillaume Blanchard and Huguette Poirier. There is no proof of this and is based on an error in an earlier work by Saint-Père. Blanchard, Jean (I1761)
1958 The place is questionable. Albee, James (I1011)
1959 The PRDH gives her birth place as Boucherville, Québec. Benoît, Marie-Françoise (I13837)
1960 The PRDH gives her birthdate as 1 October 1696. Jetté, Françoise (I13819)
1961 The PRDH gives his birth date as 3 March 1684. Boucher, Noël (I10282)
1962 The PRDH gives his death date as 13 July 1714. Jetté, Louis (I13828)
1963 The PRDH gives the month of their marriage as July. Family F6976
1964 The PRDH gives the place of their marriage as St-Antonie-sur-Richelieu. Family F3241
1965 The printed Roxbury Vital Records (1911) give his birth date as 24 January 1747/48. Mayo, Col. Joseph (I15011)
1966 The published vital records (1920) give the date as 16 November 1728. Cheney, Joanna (I15136)
1967 The published Vital Records of Amesbury (1913) give his birth year as 1702. Kimball, Jonathan (I14677)
1968 The published vital records of Newbury give the birth date as 13 May 1698. Woodman, Edward (I14084)
1969 The published Vital Records of Newbury give the date as 20 July 1710. Woodman, John (I14089)
1970 The published vital records of Salisbury, Massachusetts give his death as 22 November 1797 in Salisbury. Flanders, Eleanor (I14440)
1971 The Reardon family name is alternatively spelled either Reardon or Riordan; both are common spellings of this Irish surname. However, the majority of the English and Welsh historical records spell our family?s surname as Reardon. The Irish name Riordan, from ri "king" and bardan "poet", means "royal poet." In Irish tradition, poets were very highly regarded in any royal household; they acted as scholars, historians and advisors to the king. Reardon, John (I10632)
1972 The record reads: The twenty xxxxxxx second day of August 1645 was baptized Claude daughter legitimate of Francois Deschalas and of Jacquette Chevalriau was godfather noble man Jacques Robin Sieur de la Foude and godmother Miss Claude du Boullan. Des Chalets, Claude (I9986)
1973 The records also give the date of 5 December for her birth. Kenrick, Hannah (I14991)
1974 The research notes of Dr. Holt give his death date as 25 August 1863 Dunham, Daniel J. (I11880)
1975 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F2
1976 The same day as her sister, Anne. Latham, Susanna (I14590)
1977 The same day as her sister, Susanna. Latham, Anne (I14589)
1978 The services were conducted by the Rev. M. Wayne McQueeen of Windermere Church. Roy, Joseph (I8)
1979 The sources are divided over 1711 or 1712. The original record is quite clear, 1711/12, that is 1711 old style, 1712 new style. Family F7703
1980 The SSDI gives his birth as 17 June 1909 Myers, Joseph Regis (I11291)
1981 The town books at Lancaster list his birth twice, the second time being 17 February 1747. Wilder, Silas (I15487)
1982 The town records have two entries, the other being 24 March 1714. Ward, Timothy (I608)
1983 The Vital Records of Shelburne, p. 178, reports that Phebe died on 4 Mar 1842 in Shelburne. The Vital Records of Buckland, p. 148, says that she died in Milford, New Hampshire, original Buckland records were lost in the fire of 1876 and no on-line death notices, obituaries or vital records are found to verify which location might be accurate. Fellows, Phebe (I11677)
1984 Their marriage date is based on 20 years from the youngest. Pschirer, Joseph F. (I11954)
1985 Their marriage date was recorded as 1 (10) 1711. Sherwin, Sarah (I16230)
1986 Their marriage date was recorded as 11 (5) 1678. George, Mary (I16212)
1987 Their marriage date was recorded as 11 (8) 1670. Family F901
1988 Their marriage date was recorded as 12 (12) 1656. Hill, Mary (I14540)
1989 Their marriage date was recorded as 12 (7) 1656. Metcalfe, Deacon Thomas (I16493)
1990 Their marriage date was recorded as 14 (9) 1672. Prescott, Captain Jonas (I16345)
1991 Their marriage date was recorded as 19 (5) 1664. Hill, Ruth (I14544)
1992 Their marriage date was recorded as 2 (6) 1658. Family F504
1993 Their marriage date was recorded as 21 (9) 1672. Family F480
1994 Their marriage date was recorded as 22 (11) 1671.  Family F551
1995 Their marriage date was recorded as 23 (10) 1663. White, Hannah (I16402)
1996 Their marriage date was recorded as 24 (3) 1654. Family F338
1997 Their marriage date was recorded as 25 (11) 1704. Family F168
1998 Their marriage date was recorded as 28 (3) 1658. Prescott, Lydia (I16342)
1999 Their marriage date was recorded as 28 (3) 1658. Fairebanks, Jonas (I16517)
2000 Their marriage date was recorded as 3 (12) 1657, and was preformed by John Alden of Duxbury. The Great Migration Begins (1995) gives the place of marriage as Braintree. Family F708

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