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Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, and Woodman
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401  Whitney, Thomas (I14806)
402  Ross, James (I514)
403  Wood, Samuel (I14908)
404  Wood, Solomon (I900)
405  Wood, Capt. Ebenezer (I895)
406  Wood, Captain Jonathan (I14919)
407  Mayo, Thomas (I435)
408  Goddard, Edward Esq (I285)
409  Hapgood, John (I15037)
410  Stevens, Simon (I541)
411  Wilder, Captain Ephraim (I15061)
412  Cheney, Ebenezer (I15142)
413  Hill, Ebenezer (I15149)
414  Hill, Joseph (I15151)
415  Hill, John (I603)
416      Hill, John (I596)
417      Flanders, Daniel (I14438)
418    Nichols, Thomas (I990)
419      Sherwin, Joshua (I2143)
420      Johnson, David (I13739)
421      Mayo, Major Joseph (I436)
422     Ware, Michael (I2194)
423     Carter, Elias (I4095)
424 A Mass of Christian Burial was held at St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church in Chillicothe, Father T. Edward Hopping officiating. Sahr, Louis Albert (I11265)
425 A piece of the page in the vital records of Southborough is missing causing the year of birth of many of the children to be unknown. Hapgood, Huldah (I15038)
426 a twin. Haché, Anne (I12145)
427 a twin. Haché, Geneviève (I12146)
428 A twin. Racine, baby (I13448)
429 Abner Morse (1859) gives her husband as Benjamin Howe, clearly an error. Hapgood, Sarah (I15033)
430 According to Mary Nagel Phillips in the World Ancestory Tree, Albert was born in 1863 in Lauenburg, Germany Sahr, Albert (I1539)
431 According to Micheal Louis Scully the origins of the Scully name is: The Irish surname Scully is the Anglicized form of the Old Gaelic name O'Scolaidhe. This name ultimately derived from an Old Irish word meaning, literally, "a student". Hence, the name is of nickname origin, deriving from a personal characteristic of the original bearer. During the Middle Ages, nicknames were very popular in Ireland; they were terms of affection and endearment, and the name 'Scolaidhe' was usually given to one who was a student or who was noted for having great academic ability.

The family name Scully was first found in county Westmeath and Leinster where they had been seated as early as the twelfth century but were driven out during the Anglo-Norman invasion of Strongbow in 1172 and their lands were confiscated and they were driven in to counties Tipperary and Cork (Province of Munster). Despite this some of the name are still numerous in Leinster

On leaving Delvin (County Westmeath) the most significant family of this name in medieval Ireland settled in Lorrha, in the southern county of Tipperary where they became erenaghs of the church of St. Ruan. Erenaghs were powerful lay lords whose families held church titles and property from generation to generation.

It was no doubt an offshoot of these which gave its name to Ballyscully, a place on the other side of the Shannon. Another branch of the Scully sept settled near Cashel in South Tipperary in the seventeenth century. This family gave their name to Scully's Cross which is a magnificent ecclesiastical memorial near the Rock of Cashel where the Scullys have the privilege of interment.

A branch of the Scully family retained its lands in County Dublin up to 1256 when the property of William O'Scully passed in to ecclesiastical possession.

Scully is used sometimes in north Connacht as a synonym of Scullion or Scullin (O'Scolláin). Scullin is now rare, but Scullion is fairly numerous in north east Ulster. The O'Scullions were erenaghs of Ballyscullion in the deanery of Rathlowry, diocese of Derry.

The name Scully occurred in many references, but from time to time the surname was spelt Scully, Scally, O'Scully, Sculley, Skully, Skulley and these changes in spelling frequently occurred, even between father and son. It was not uncommon to find a person's name spelt several different ways during his or her lifetime, firstly when he or she was baptised, another when that person was married, and yet another appearing on the death certificate.

The best know Scullys were Tipperary men. James Scully was the proprietor of Scully's Bank of Tipperary, one of the few private banks to weather the financial crises of 1820 and 1825. These crises occured when the British and Irish currencies were combined following a controversial Act of Parliament and numerous small banks were forced out of business. It is of interest to record that this very reputable institution, Scully's Bank of Tipperary, was auquired by John Sadlier of scandalous and notorious memory.

Denis Scully (1773-1830), political writer and Catholic advocate, and his son Vincent Scully (1810-1871), well-known Irish politician and author, were of the same Kilfeacle family. James Scully (b. 1865), American poet, was born in county Cork.
Scully, William (I2535)
432 According to the records he was "slain by the heathen in the country's service.Hill, Israel (I14546)
433 Adams (1889) gives his birth date as 17 May 1730. Jones, Ezekiel (I14899)
434 Adams (1898) claims she was 48 years old when she died. Adams, Daniel (I15248)
435 Adams (1898) gives a marriage date of 2 March 1750. Family F40
436 Adams (1898) gives an alternate date of 10 December 1718. In his defense, there appears to be two entries for this birth in the town records. Adams, Sarah (I15217)
437 Adams (1898) gives her death as 1856, which he takes from the Rev. Dr. Jacob Ide's account of the Marriages and Deaths in Medway from 1814 to 1849. Adams, Captain Moses (I15221)
438 Adams (1898) gives her parents as William and Hannah (Bullard) Sheffield. The dates make this highly unlikely. Sheffield, Thomezine (I1545)
439 Adams (1898) gives his birth date as 27 April 1729. Pond, Dinah (I15204)
440 Adams (1898) gives the marriage year as 1754, a clear error as this would make the bride 15 years old. Adams, Tabitha (I15223)
441 Adams (1898) gives the marriage year as 1776. Adams, Asa (I15251)
442 Adams (1898) has her birth date as 12 May 1720, or 5 May 1712.
Morse (1855) and (1857) gives the year as 1720. 
Adams, Elizabeth (I15218)
443 Adams (1898) has their marriage occurring in 1756. Adams, Captain Moses (I15221)
444 Adams (1898) lists her birth year as 1680. Adams, Lydia (I14884)
445 Adams (1898) mistakes her death date for her birth date. Jones, Hannah (I14898)
446 Adams (1898) says the date may have been 7 March 1716, Jameson (1886) gives her birth month as February, as does Morse (1855) in one place, though he corrects it elsewhere in the text. Adams, Deborah (I15216)
447 Adams (1898), Partridge (1903), and Morse (1855) give his birth date as 5 April 1726. Adams, Ensign Thomas (I24)
448 Adams (1973) gives her birth date as 10 December 1731. Browning, Margaret (I15265)
449 After their marriage, they settled in Hannah's home town of Cambridge in that part which became Newton. Family F349
450 Also known as Ambroise. Godin, Antoine (I2027)
451 an infant Légère, Jean (I11532)
452 an infant Légère, Basile (I11544)
453 an infant Eddy, baby girl (I11673)
454 an infant Eddy, baby girl (I11674)
455 Ancestral File gives the date of her death as 17 October 1100 Haziga Countess of Diessen (I4081)
456 Anthony Moss' name was also spelt Anthony Morse.  Moss, Anthony (I2583)
457 As the baptism is listed as a day before her birth, one of the two dates must be in error. Mayo, Anna (I15014)
458 at age 3 months Gauvin, Jacques-Roch (I12238)
459 at age 3 months Gauvin, Pierre-Jacques (I12237)
460 At his christening, the priest was Alfred J. Trudel and the godparents were Joseph L. Légère and Josephine Godin Légère, Guillaume (I11531)
461 At the same time Jedidiah owned covenant and was admitted to full communion. Flanders, Jedidiah (I234)
462 Bailey (1914) records the marriage in Rutland. Partridge, John (I15231)
463 Ballou (1882) give his birth as in 1850. Cheney, Levi (I136)
464 Ballou (1882) gives their marriage place as Milford, Massachusetts. Family F167
465 Ballou (1882) gives their marriage place as Milford, Massachusetts. Cheney, Ebenezer (I15142)
466 Ballou (1882) gives their marriage place as Milford, Massachusetts. Cheney, William (I15144)
467 Barry (1847) lists his birth as 14 February 1714. Goddard, Ebenezer (I15028)
468 Based on age at death. Camp, Hannah (I2156)
469 Based on the fact she died as an infant. Woodman, Dolly (I14131)
470 being killed by Indians having been ambushed with Capt. Pierce's company darning the King Philip's War. Low, John (I2062)
471 Benjamin died intestate. Hill, Judith (I15154)
472 Benjamin Mayo was christened by the Apostle Eliot.
Mayo, Benjamin (I14970)
473 Bergeron (1981) gives the year of his birth as 1720. Légère, Joseph (I12212)
474 Bergeron gives her birth as about 1703. Boudrot, Marie-Josèphte (I1628)
475 Bond (1860) gives her birth date as 10 June 1660. Ward, Elizabeth (I14771)
476 Bond (1860) gives her death date as 1756, clearly in error. Woodward, Huldah (I14799)
477 Bond (1860) gives his birth date as 19 May 1659. Whitney, John (I14807)
478 Bond (1860) gives his death date as 20 September 1719. Whitney, Thomas (I14806)
479 Bond (1860) gives Lois as a child of this family. This is in error, as Lois Stevens was married in 1762. Family F322
480 Bond (1860) gives the date as 23 September 1739. This is a misreading of the record. Woodward, Richard (I14790)
481 Bond (1860) gives the date of their marriage as 18 October 1681. Whitney, Thomas (I14806)
482 Bond (1860) gives their marriage date as 2 June 1743 on page 122, an error. Woodward, Jonathan (I14802)
483 Bond (1860) tries to move her death to 1686, and he has an error in John's second marriage. Robbins, Rebecca (I499)
484 Bond (1860), Woodward (1982), and Daniels (1892) give his birth as 1798 in Royalston, Massachusetts. Eddy, Benjamin (I12712)
485 Burial was from St. James Roman Catholic Church, Westend, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Scully, Regis (I817)
486 Burnett (2003) gives her birth date as 6 November 1880 Lord, Lena M. (I11636)
487 Burrell (1990) gives his birth date as 10 November 1810. Ware, Enos (I12928)
488 by Father Bonaventure Légère, Madeleine (I1979)
489 Case (1978) gives his birth place as Danville, New Hampshire. Page, Thomas (I1725)
490 Case (1978) gives his birth place as Danville, New Hampshire. Page, Elizabeth (I14727)
491 Caudill (2009) gives his death as the 14th of July, while his death certificate gives 12 July. Brindle, Richard Koontz (I12082)
492 Chapman (1872) gives her birth date as 31 December 1679. Ward, Eleazer (I14776)
493 Chiasson (1986) gives her birth as 13 August 1874 Godin, Geneviève (I1031)
494 Chiasson gives his birth as 18 February 1872. Boudreau, Pierre Joseph (I1061)
495 Coggins (1998) gives his birth year as 1767. Berry, John (I14646)
496 Collins (1993) gives her death plaace as Hawke, New Hampshire, while Woodman (1856) gives her death as 1831 in Hawke. Woodman, Hannah (I14127)
497 Collins (1993) gives the place of marriage as Hawke. Kimball, Sarah (I14710)
498 Collins (1993) gives the place of marriage as Hawke. Page, Jabez (I14745)
499 Crane (1907) gives her birth place as Boston, Massachusetts. Stevens, Elizabeth (I15055)
500 Crane (1907) gives his birth place as Boston, Massachusetts. Stevens, Deacon Joseph (I15056)

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