Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, and Woodman
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601 He died at the age of 33 years. Morse, Eliphalet (I14369)
602 He died by being hung. He was found guilty of rape of a young servant girl living under his roof, however his wife, Deborah, called the victim, Experience Holbrook, the daughter of Capt. Joseph and Elizabeth Holbrook, a "lying wench."  Cheney, William (I130)
603 He died during the summer. Hill, Eleazar (I14530)
604 He died in infancy Powers, Jesse (I12780)
605 He died in infancy. Powers, David (I12781)
606 He died in infancy. Sage, Nathaniel (I13756)
607 He died in the Spring of that year. Hill, Ebenezer (I14545)
608 He died intestate. Merrill, Nathan (I4572)
609 He died intestate. Flanders, Steven (I232)
610 He died intestate. Flanders, Thomas (I953)
611 He died intestate. Flanders, Jeremiah (I14390)
612 He died intestate. Hill, Samuel (I14541)
613 He died intestate. Bullard, Benjamin (I117)
614 He died intestate. Sheffield, William (I14889)
615 He died intestate. Hapgood, Joseph (I15039)
616 He died intestate. Underwood, Lt. Joshua (I594)
617 He died unmarried Scully, Joseph D. (I814)
618 He died unmarried. Blanchard, Étienne (I12162)
619 He died unmarried. Dugas, Joseph-Amable (I12626)
620 He died unmarried. Hill, Ebenezer (I14528)
621 He died unmarried. Wood, James (I14909)
622 He died very suddenly on Sunday afternoon. His obituary states that he "was suddenly attachked by neuralgia of the heart, though he had suffered with catarrh of the stomach for a few weeks." The obituary also states, "He was a man of strong convictions, devoted to his family, friends and the religion he espoused, being a member and deacon of the Congregational Church for many years." Ward, Deacon Thomas Harris (I613)
623 He died very young. Woodman, Lewis (I14144)
624 He died while a prisioner of the Persians. Nu'man III au-Qabus King of Hira (I9726)
625 He died while in military service. Merrill, Stephen (I14348)
626 He died while serving in the Revolutionary Army. Mayo, Major Joseph (I436)
627 He died while serving in the Revolutionary Army. Sawyer (1983) gives the year of Samuel's death as 1777 on page 99, but is correct on page 88. Sawyer, Capt. Samuel (I14269)
628 He died within two days of his sister, Elizabeth. Woodman, Edward (I14067)
629 He died without issue. Sir Geoffrey VI of Anjou Count of Anjou and Nantes (I11735)
630 He died young. Colby, son (I14397)
631 He is also known as Zaid Qusayy "Munjammi" (I9782)
632 He is buried in grave #110. Ward, Deacon John (I605)
633 He is buried in grave #113. Ward, Deacon Richard (I14774)
634 He is buried in grave #118. Ward, Joseph (I14778)
635 He is buried in grave number 1238. Woodward, Deacon Ebenezer (I14796)
636 He is buried with his wife in grave number 745 in Newton. On their gravestone are the following words:

Kenrick, John (I15002)
637 He is buried with his wife. Goodell, Rufus Westley (I13025)
638 He later fled to Caraquet, New Brunswick Haché dit Gallant, René (I1494)
639 He may have died in 1755. Hackett, William (I14154)
640 He may have died on the 25th of April 1767. Hackett, Richard (I14155)
641 He moved after the death of his second wife, Hannah Day. Eddy, Benjamin (I12712)
642 He never married Boudreau, Osithe (I11483)
643 He never married. Robichaud, Augustin (I12393)
644 He never married. Myers, Joseph Regis (I11291)
645 He never married. Carter, John Bullard (I12874)
646 He never married. Peck, Jeremiah (I13695)
647 He never married. Peck, Henry (I13699)
648 He never married. Sawyer, John (I14102)
649 He never married. Flanders, Jedidiah (I14506)
650 He never married. Elkins, Jeremiah (I14729)
651 He never married. Cheney, Nathaniel (I15139)
652 He never married. Harding, Thomas (I15259)
653 He owned covenant the same day. Flanders, Joseph (I14385)
654 He owned covenant the same day. Flanders, Phillip (I14388)
655 He probably died young. Gilbert, John (I14054)
656 He was 22 years old in 1723. Binet, Nicolas (I5982)
657 He was 28 years old when he immigrated in 1710. Lagüe dit Sanscatrier, Michel (I3967)
658 He was a quarryman at the time of his death. Lord, Otis A. (I11650)
659 He was a twin O'Neil, Michael Joseph (I830)
660 He was a twin Geiger, Joseph (I12005)
661 He was a twin Geiger, Jonas Benjamin (I10000)
662 He was a twin of Nancy Cheney Ward Ward, Nelson Cheney (I11926)
663 He was a twin. Boudrot, Claude (I12327)
664 He was a twin. Boudrot, Jean-Baptiste (I12328)
665 He was a twin. Robichaud, René (I12390)
666 He was a twin. Robichaud, Charles (I12391)
667 He was a twin. Dugas, Joseph (I2035)
668 He was a twin. Dugas, Pierre (I12624)
669 He was a twin. Carter, the Rev. Lucius (I12871)
670 He was a twin. Demers, Charles (I13203)
671 He was a twin. Demers, François (I13204)
672 He was a twin. Payet, Jean-Baptiste-Abraham (I13302)
673 He was a twin. Giguère, François (I13454)
674 He was a twin. Gendron, Antoine (I13492)
675 He was a twin. Barré, Françoise (I13617)
676 He was a twin. Jetté, Nicolas C. (I13882)
677 He was a twin. Cognac dit Leveille, Barthelemy (I13911)
678 He was a twin. Monet, Jacques (I13921)
679 He was a twin. Woodman, David (I14160)
680 He was a twin. Hatch, Daniel (I14245)
681 He was a twin. Crediford, John (I14294)
682 He was a twin. Berry, Ellet (I14645)
683 He was a twin. Berry, John (I14646)
684 He was a twin. Page, baby boy (I14746)
685 He was a twin. Page, baby boy (I14747)
686 He was a twin. Whitney, Elnathan (I14809)
687 He was a twin. Whitney, Eleazer (I649)
688 He was a twin. Wood, Josiah (I14906)
689 He was a twin. Nichols, Thomas (I14911)
690 He was a twin. Stevens, Cyprian (I15053)
691 He was a twin. Cheney, Stephen (I15193)
692 He was a twin. Partridge, Reuban (I15229)
693 He was a twin. Partridge, Jabez (I15230)
694 He was about 22 years of age 10 July 1673. Hatch, Francis (I14190)
695 He was also known as Amable Auguste Comier Cormier, Auguste (I11494)
696 He was also known as Antoine. Poirier dit LaJeunesse, Ambroise (I3962)
697 He was also known as John Thompson Russell. Russell, Jesse (I10105)
698 He was also known as Joseph Ovilia Roy, according to his birth certificate. Roy, Napoleon Ovita (I11179)
699 He was attacked and killed by Indians and brigdons while loading a vessel in the little harbor of Cape Neddick. Wormwood, William (I2077)
700 He was baptized by the Rev. Joseph Secomb. Woodman, Moses (I14122)

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