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Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, and Woodman
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901 Father: Pierre Martin (c1643-1713)
Mother: Joachine Lafleur (c1644-____) 
Martin, Marie-Madeleine (I15957)
902 Father: Pierre Poirier dit LaJeunesse
Mother: Charles Lague 
Poirier dite LaJeunesse, Marie-Catherine (I13607)
903 Father: René Émoud Émond, Françoise (I13487)
904 Father: Richard Moore (1670-1767)
Mother: Mary Collins (1672-1760) 
Moore, Collins (I15439)
905 Father: Richard Sybley
Mother: Hannah _____ 
Sybley, Samuel (I14112)
906 Father: Roger Chandler of Taunton
Mother: Isabelle Chilton 
Chandler, Phebe (I14556)
907 Father: Samuel Alexander (1812-____)
Mother: Eliza ______ (c1823-____) 
Alexander, Joseph B. (I11634)
908 Father: Thomas Gage Gage, Johanna (I14910)
909 Father: Thomas Smith
Mother: Rebecca _____ 
Smith, Rebecca (I16065)
910 Father: William Osgood (c1609-1700)
Mother: Elizabeth _____ 
Osgood, Sarah (I14393)
911 Faulkner (2001) and Tanguay (1887) give his birth date as 25 February 1713. Jetté, Étienne (I13827)
912 Faulkner (2001) gives his baptismal place as Prairie aux Trembles, Québec. Jetté, Nicolas (I2667)
913 Faulkner (2001) gives his baptismal place as Prairie-aux-Trembles, Québec. Jetté dit Durivage, Urbain (I16860)
914 Faulkner (2001) gives the marriage place as Prairie aux Trembles. Family F2085
915 Faulkner (2001) gives their marriage place as St-Joseph, Chambly, Québec. Family F2029
916 Faulkner (2001) puts her place of christening at Prairie-aux-Trembles, Québec. Demers, Martine (I16856)
917 Find-a-Grave state hew was born in Sanford, Maine. Swett, Wilbraham Wentworth (I12681)
918 Fisk (1963) and Jackson (1854) give 26 December 1797 as his death date.  Ward, Jonathan (I14805)
919 Fitzgibbon (1997) gives the date as 14 June 1864 Flanders, Private Samuel Webb (I11885)
920 Flanders (2000) follows Dunbar (1935) in giving her birth date as 14 February 1752. Tuxbury, Judith (I250)
921 Four of their children died in infancy. Family F1312
922 Françoise Sénat's name was also spelt Françoise Senard. Sénat, Françoise (I9972)
923 Frugé (1972) gives the year of her birth as 1708. Cormier, Marguerite (I12525)
924 Frugé (1972) gives their marriage as about 1700. Family F1293
925 Full cause of death reads "Peritonitis, plastic, caused by perforation of abdominal cavity from vagina probably in attempt to causer abortion.Brindle, Stella E. (I12086)
926 Full proof of her paternity has yet to be found. Poirier, Anne (I1984)
927 Fuqua (1997) gives his birth as 1751 in Medford, Massachusetts. No proof of this has been found. Dunham, John (I2585)
928 Gagné states she was born about 1637. Charles, Catherine (I2676)
929 Gallant (1958) gives her death place as Bathurst, New Brunswick. Haché, Marie-Jeanne (I1070)
930 Gaspard (1994) and Broussard (1994) state he was born in 1638/39 in Maritime or Martaize, Seine, France. Robichaud, Étienne (I1620)
931 Gaspard (1994) gives his birth place as Pisiquit, Acadia. Boudrot, Charles (I1114)
932 Geoffrey "le Bel, meaning "the Handsome" was the first to use the Plantagenet name. One story relates that his father, Fulk the Younger atoned for some evil deed by being scourged with broom twigs or planta genista before the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Another story relates that Geoffrey wore a sprig of broom or planta genista in his hat. Regardless, it is generally agreed upon that the family name of "Plantagenet" has its origins with the planta genista or broom plant Geoffrey V "Plantagenent" Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy (I2820)
933 Gorlick (2011) gives their marriage year as 1707. LeRoy dit Audy, Captain François (I16710)
934 Gozzaldi (1930) give his death date as 1695. Woodward, George (I16134)
935 Gozzaldi (1930) gives his birth date as 27 September 1677. Woodward, Richard (I14790)
936 Gozzaldi (1930) gives the year as 1669. Adams, Capt. Samuel (I11201)
937 Gozzaldi (1930) on page 152, gives the date as 21 August 1663, a mis-reading of the month number. Family F1012
938 Gray (1993) gives his death date as 08 June 1807 in Portland, Maine. Morse, Deacon Anthony (I2724)
939 Greggs (2003) gives the village name as Tellahay. Bracherbury, Susannah (I4233)
940 Griggs (2003) give her death date as 19 November 1704. Wolcott, Anna (I1007)
941 Hanson (1989) gives his death as 1687. Hawes, Edward (I340)
942 Hapgood (1898) gives her death date as 15 September 1807. Hapgood, Joseph (I15039)
943 Hapgood (1898) gives the year as 1822, a misprint. Family F320
944 Harris (1852) assumes that Elizabeth was the daughter of John Kingsbury, not his wife. Metcalfe, Michael (I16522)
945 Harris (1852) gives her birth date as 4 October 1626. Metcalfe, Elizabeth (I16491)
946 Harris (1852) gives his death date as 27 November 1675. Metcalfe, John (I443)
947 He died unmarried with a good estate. Sheffield, Joseph (I14891)
948 He also had carcinoma of the bladder Green, Charles King (I12107)
949 He appears to have never married. Houghton, Benjamin (I16378)
950 He died an infant. Boudreau, Joseph (I11489)
951 He died at 12:30 AM Sahr, Louis Leo (I1537)
952 He died at sea on board the Violet while being transported to France.
Hébert dit Manuel, Charles (I12420)
953 He died at the age of 3 weeks. Gilbert, Edward (I14058)
954 He died at the age of 33 years. Morse, Eliphalet (I14369)
955 He died by being hung. He was found guilty of rape of a young servant girl living under his roof, however his wife, Deborah, called the victim, Experience Holbrook, the daughter of Capt. Joseph and Elizabeth Holbrook, a "lying wench."  Cheney, William (I130)
956 He died during the summer. Hill, Eleazar (I14530)
957 He died in infancy Powers, Jesse (I12780)
958 He died in infancy. Powers, David (I12781)
959 He died in infancy. Sage, Nathaniel (I13756)
960 He died in the Spring of that year. Hill, Ebenezer (I14545)
961 He died intestate and without issue. Bement, Benajmin (I16296)
962 He died intestate. Merrill, Nathan (I4572)
963 He died intestate. Flanders, Steven (I232)
964 He died intestate. Flanders, Thomas (I953)
965 He died intestate. Flanders, Jeremiah (I14390)
966 He died intestate. Hill, Samuel (I14541)
967 He died intestate. Bullard, Benjamin (I117)
968 He died intestate. Sheffield, William (I14889)
969 He died intestate. Hapgood, Joseph (I15039)
970 He died intestate. Underwood, Lt. Joshua (I594)
971 He died intestate. Rice, Elisha (I16431)
972 He died intestate. Wolcott, Christopher (I16559)
973 He died nine days after his birth. Eddy, Nathaniel (I16098)
974 He died on board HMS DefiantSwett, Joseph (I16064)
975 He died unmarried Scully, Joseph D. (I814)
976 He died unmarried. Blanchard, Étienne (I12162)
977 He died unmarried. Dugas, Joseph-Amable (I12626)
978 He died unmarried. Hill, Ebenezer (I14528)
979 He died unmarried. Wood, James (I14909)
980 He died very suddenly on Sunday afternoon. His obituary states that he "was suddenly attachked by neuralgia of the heart, though he had suffered with catarrh of the stomach for a few weeks." The obituary also states, "He was a man of strong convictions, devoted to his family, friends and the religion he espoused, being a member and deacon of the Congregational Church for many years." Ward, Deacon Thomas Harris (I613)
981 He died very young. Woodman, Lewis (I14144)
982 He died while a prisioner of the Persians. Nu'man III au-Qabus King of Hira (I9726)
983 He died while in military service. Merrill, Stephen (I14348)
984 He died while serving in the Revolutionary Army. Mayo, Major Joseph (I436)
985 He died while serving in the Revolutionary Army. Sawyer (1983) gives the year of Samuel's death as 1777 on page 99, but is correct on page 88. Sawyer, Capt. Samuel (I14269)
986 He died within two days of his sister, Elizabeth. Woodman, Edward (I14067)
987 He died without issue. Sir Geoffrey VI of Anjou Count of Anjou and Nantes (I11735)
988 He died young. Colby, son (I14397)
989 He dropped is middle name, and went by Samuel Gates most of his life. Gates, Samuel Torry (I274)
990 He drowned on board the ship, Neil, on the day it returned from France. Crête, Louis (I16739)
991 He gave the land for the graveyard and was the first to be buried there.
Sawyer, William (I16369)
992 He is also known as Zaid Qusayy "Munjammi" (I9782)
993 He is also listed as Charles Laverdure dit Melanson. Melanson dit LaRamée, Charles (I1634)
994 He is buried in grave #110. Ward, Deacon John (I605)
995 He is buried in grave #113. Ward, Deacon Richard (I14774)
996 He is buried in grave #118. Ward, Joseph (I14778)
997 He is buried in grave number 1238. Woodward, Deacon Ebenezer (I14796)
998 He is buried with his wife in grave number 745 in Newton. On their gravestone are the following words:

Kenrick, John (I15002)
999 He is buried with his wife. Goodell, Rufus Westley (I13025)
1000 He is listed as Samuel Oliver Harding on his baptismal record. Harding, Silas Oliver (I15292)

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