Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, and Woodman
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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F7694
Augur, John Bradley, Elizabeth 1 Jul 1710 East Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut  
2 F7695
Augur, Robert Guilbert, Mary 20 Nov 1673 New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut  
3 F601
Austin, Jonas Tilden, Frances 14 Dec 1667 Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts  
4 F7701
Baker, Anthony Hannah 17 Dec 1712 Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts  
5 F7657
Baker, Anthony O'Kelley, Hannah 12 Apr 1770 Yarmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts  
6 F7700
Baker, Anthony Woodworth, Abigail Parker Before 1803  
7 F7698
Bradley, Isaac Darrish, Elizabeth 1683 Branford, New Haven County, Connecticut  
8 F7693
Brown, Ebenezer Vincent, Hannah   
9 F7676
Burke, John Kelley, Maria   
10 F7675
Burke, John Mary 1877 Ireland  
11 F1042
Burke, John Thomas Dowd, Mary Belle   
12 F7677
Candee, Ira Tyler, Lucy 1807 Saratoga County, New York  
13 F6965
Candee, William Henry Freeman, Elizabeth   
14 F7678
Candee, William Henry Freeman, Louisa Melinda  Vienna, Oneida County, New York  
15 F6963
Dowd, Albert Martin Candee, Lucy E. 16 Sep 1868 Monterey, Berkshire County, Massachusetts  
16 F6964
Dowd, Artemis Freeman, Prudence Charlotte 25 Dec 1843 Monterey, Berkshire County, Massachusetts  
17 F6966
Dowd, Chester Hovey, Mary 1814  
18 F4698
Ferris, Peter    
19 F4730
Finn, Patrick Stephen Sexton, Margaret E. 18 Jul 1918 Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut  
20 F6967
Freeman, James    
21 F1427
Gokey, William Orton Matthews, Esther Agnes 15 Jun 1897 Northfield, Washington County, Vermont  
22 F7697
Guilbert, Matthew Jane Yes, date unknown  
23 F4729
Heffernan, John Sexton, Margaret E. 1889  
24 F7667
Hill, Ebenezer Polly   
25 F7707
Hill, Ebenezer Ruth Bailey Abt 1683 Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts  
26 F7708
Hill, Ebenezer Sarah Abt 1692 Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts  
27 F7704
Hill, Ebenezer Leonard, Susanna 22 Mar 1714 Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts  
28 F7665
Hill, Ebenezer Wheeler, Ruth 30 Mar 1828 Berlin, Washington County, Vermont  
29 F7702
Hill, Israel Latham, Beriah 27 Jun 1748 Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts  
30 F599
Hill, John Tilden, Frances Abt 1629 England  
31 F7661
Hill, Marlin Ebenezer LeClair, Evaline Melvina 19 Jun 1859 Berlin, Washington County, Vermont  
32 F7071
Johnson, Samuel Sage, Mary 7 Nov 1694 Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut  
33 F7360
Johnson, William Bushnell, Elizabeth 2 Jul 1651 Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut  
34 F7711
King, John    
35 F7710
King, Samuel Phillips, Experience Yes, date unknown  
36 F4696
Kitchell, Robert unknown Yes, date unknown  
37 F7666
Le Clair, Joseph Holt, Mary   
38 F7705
Leonard, Jacob King, Susanna   
39 F7709
Leonard, Jacob Chandler, Phebe Yes, date unknown  
40 F7713
Leonard, Samuel    
41 F7712
Leonard, Solomon Mary Before 1640  
42 F7659
Matthew, James Amelia   
43 F7658
Matthews, Joseph Pareau, Eliza 16 May 1871 Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont  
44 F7699
O'Killey,, Eleazer Baker, Hannah 9 Feb 1749 Yarmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts  
45 F4733
O'Toole, Michael McCaffery, Ann   
46 F1429
Panghorn, Richard Baker, Amy   
47 F7660
Pareau, Joseph Salvis, Esther   
48 F793
Peck, Jeremiah Kitchell, Johannah 12 Nov 1656 Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut  
49 F785
Peck, Jeremiah Johnson, Mary 1723 Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut  
50 F792
Peck, Samuel Ferris, Ruth 27 Nov 1686 Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut  
51 F1774
Peck, William Sarah Yes, date unknown  
52 F794
Peck, William Elizabeth Abt 1622 London, England  
53 F787
Pennoyer, Thomas Knapp, Linda 22 May 1685 Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut  
54 F7664
Rose, Eleazer Leonara   
55 F7687
Sage, David Kirby, Elizabeth   
56 F7554
Sage, David Wiley, Mary Abt 1669  
57 F7670
Schoonmaker, Jacob L. Snyder, Sarah 16 Jun 1813 Ulster, Ulster County, New York  
58 F7674
Schoonmaker, Jacob L. Catherine Abt 1833  
59 F7672
Schoonmaker, Lodewyck Catrina   
60 F4731
Sexton, Andrew Tulley, Ann 1859 Susquehanna, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania  
61 F4732
Sexton, John mother   
62 F7662
Seymour, Charles Rose, Mary 8 Jun 1867 Manchester, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire  
63 F7655
Seymour, Francis Xavier Hill, Ellen M. 6 Apr 1893 Berlin, Washington County, Vermont  
64 F7663
Seymour, Isaac Rachel   
65 F7689
Thomas, Charles Augur, Lydia 22 Mar 1741 East Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut  
66 F7691
Thomas, Daniel Rebecca 3 Feb 1669  
67 F7690
Thomas, Daniel Brown, Eunice 10 Dec 1702 New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut  
68 F783
Thomas, Thomas Cope Mary Abt 1766  
69 F7671
Tompkins, William Lane, Lydia   
70 F972
Travis, Andrew Alphonse Burke, Mary Josephine say 1920  
71 F1041
Travis, George William Sexton, Margaret E. 14 Jan 1891 Phillipsport, Sullivan County, New York  
72 F7673
Travis, John Whitney, Phebe 4 Jan 1797 Yorktown, Westchester County, New York  
73 F7669
Travis, Joseph Tompkins, Abigail 17 Nov 1824 Yorktown, Westchester County, New York  
74 F4728
Travis, William Schoonmaker, Eliza Maria 20 Jan 1842 Fallsburgh, Sullivan County, New York  
75 F13
Welsh, David Allen Whelpley, Stephanie-lee   
76 F7668
Wheeler, Nathan Ruth   
77 F718
Whelpley, Darling Peck, Abigail Abt 1758 Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut  
78 F1426
Whelpley, David C. Pangbourne, Harriet Jane 28 Jun 1851 Saint John, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada  
79 F971
Whelpley, Edward Horace Seymour, Grace Evelen 02 Feb 1916 Northfield, Washington County, Vermont  
80 F788
Whelpley, Henry Howes, Sarah 1 May 1661  
81 F1179
Whelpley, Horace William Matthews, Esther Agnes 04 Oct 1894 Montpelier, Washington County, Vermont  
82 F786
Whelpley, Jonathan Sarah Abt 1691 Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut  
83 F965
Whelpley, Richard William Travis, Andrea Grace 13 Aug 1949  
84 F970
Whelpley, Richard William Mallet, Virginia   
85 F1428
Whelpley, William Malone, Hannah   
86 F7656
Whelpley, William Thomas, Mabel 3 Dec 1804 Saint John, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada  
87 F658
Whitney, Jeremiah Young, Eva   
88 F7652
Wilkins, Daniel Whelpley, Stephanie-lee