Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, and Woodman
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Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.2079017, Longitude: -71.00400130000003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albee, James  Between 1640 and 1649Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1011
2 Ames, Hannah  12 May 1641Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I42
3 Barrett, Sarah  17 Dec 1679Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I2442
4 Bass, Mary  11 Feb 1669/70Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I4115
5 Bass, Mary  20 Apr 1672Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I61
6 Faxon, Joanna  20 Sep 1661Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I619
7 Gould, Martha  15 Aug 1654Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I2448
8 Hardin, Deborah  29 Jul 1694Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14553
9 Hayden, Hannah  3 Jan 1661Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I346
10 Lovett, Martha  4 Jul 1654Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1812
11 Sheffield, Rachel  24 May 1660Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14885
12 Thayer, Abraham  1717Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15116
13 Thayer, Caleb  10 Feb 1716Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15115
14 Thayer, Daniel  1695Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15109
15 Thayer, Dorothy  1692Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15108
16 Thayer, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1711Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15113
17 Thayer, Hannah  2 Oct 1720Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15117
18 Thayer, Hannah Whitney  17 Feb 1685/86Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15105
19 Thayer, Joanna  18 Aug 1706Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I135
20 Thayer, Josiah  30 Nov 1713Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15114
21 Thayer, Nathaniel  1 Jan 1657/58Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I567
22 Thayer, Nathaniel  1680Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I568
23 Thayer, Nathaniel  7 Oct 1709Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15112
24 Thayer, Relief  11 Mar 1723Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15118
25 Thayer, Richard  1683Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15104
26 Thayer, Ruth  17 Aug 1689Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15107
27 Thayer, Sarah  1 Apr 1705Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15134
28 Thayer, Zachariah  16 Mar 1687Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15106
29 Wales, Atherton  8 Mar 1704Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15133
30 Wales, Deborah  16 Oct 1687Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15125
31 Wales, Elizabeth  10 Feb 1675/76Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15120
32 Wales, Elkanah  1 Dec 1685Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15124
33 Wales, Joanna  18 Apr 1679Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15121
34 Wales, Joanna  19 Dec 1683Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15123
35 Wales, John  25 May 1699Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15131
36 Wales, Joseph  29 Apr 1697Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15130
37 Wales, Mary  1 Apr 1691Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15127
38 Wales, Nathaniel  29 Dec 1681Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15122
39 Wales, Rachel  15 Oct 1701Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15132
40 Wales, Samuel  23 Jan 1693Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15128
41 Wales, Sarah  11 Mar 1680Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I569
42 Wales, Thomas  6 Oct 1689Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15126
43 Wales, Thomas  19 Apr 1695Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15129
44 Webb, Anne  1726Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14612
45 Webb, Christopher  19 Aug 1690Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I4113
46 Webb, Christopher  5 Oct 1720Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14618
47 Webb, Christopher  4 Dec 1721Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14619
48 Webb, Christopher  21 Apr 1747Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I2321
49 Webb, Ebenezer  17 Jan 1731Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14615
50 Webb, Hannah  16 Dec 1686Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14608
51 Webb, Joseph  29 Mar 1724Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14611
52 Webb, Lydia  13 Feb 1736Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14616
53 Webb, Mary  17 Aug 1718Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14617
54 Webb, Mary  22 Dec 1727Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14613
55 Webb, Samuel  10 Dec 1742Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14620
56 Webb, Sarah  10 Dec 1688Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14609
57 Webb, Sarah  14 Jul 1730Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14614
58 Webb, Sarah  11 Feb 1753Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14622


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Thayer, Lydia  1726Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15119
2 Thayer, Lydia Heydon  1715Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15110
3 Wales, Elizabeth  13 Mar 1680/81Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15120
4 Wales, Elkanah  3 Jan 1686Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15124
5 Wales, Joanna  20 Jan 1684Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15123
6 Wales, Nathaniel  5 Feb 1682Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15122
7 Wales, Sarah  13 Mar 1680Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I569


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hannah  1714Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I40
2 Humility  Nov 1687Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1912
3 Margery  18 Jul 1676Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I348
4 Adams, Henry  06 Oct 1646Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I16
5 Adams, Joseph  6 Dec 1694Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11205
6 Alden, Ruth  12 Oct 1674Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1569
7 Ames, William  11 Mar 1653Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I39
8 Bass, Samuel  30 Dec 1694Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I57
9 Faxon, Joanna  11 May 1704Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I619
10 Faxon, Thomas  25 May 1662Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I974
11 Faxon, Thomas  23 Nov 1680Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1458
12 Hayden, John  1682Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I343
13 Hayden, John  1718Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I345
14 Hayward, William  10 May 1659Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I347
15 Pray, Dorothy  11 Dec 1705Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I481
16 Pray, Quinton  17 Aug 1667Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I479
17 Rockwood, Richard  06 Sep 1660Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I500
18 Savil, Anne  05 Sep 1693Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I58
19 Scott, Hannah  1718Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1915
20 Thayer, Abraham  4 Jun 1794Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15116
21 Thayer, Deborah  31 May 1662Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I967
22 Thayer, Nathaniel  28 Mar 1726Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I567
23 Thayer, Nathaniel  3 Jan 1752Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I568
24 Thayer, Richard  27 Aug 1695Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I565
25 Thayer, Richard  04 Dec 1705Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I566
26 Thayer, Richard  7 Feb 1759Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15104
27 Thayer, Thomas  02 Jun 1665Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I564
28 Wales, Elkanah  12 Dec 1763Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15124
29 Wales, Joanna  25 Apr 1679Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15121
30 Wales, Nathaniel  23 Mar 1718Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I618
31 Wales, Sarah  1707Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I569
32 Wales, Thomas  22 Feb 1690Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15126
33 Webb, Christopher  Jun 1671Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1911
34 Webb, Christopher  30 May 1694Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I4117
35 Webb, Christopher  12 Nov 1720Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14618
36 Webb, Ebenezer  1731Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14615
37 Webb, Hannah  1725Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14608
38 Webb, Mary  1719Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14617
39 Webb, Sarah  1731Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14614
40 Wheeler, Margery  11 Feb 1672/73Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I570
41 Wood, Sarah  29 Dec 1678Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I60


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 Adams, Joseph  1653Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11205


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Adams, Henry  24 Feb 1639/40Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I16


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inventory    Person ID 
1 Adams, Henry  8 Jun 1647Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I16

Married To

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married To    Person ID 
1 Adams, Henry  17 Oct 1643Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11199
2 Adams, Joseph  26 Nov 1650Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11205
3 Adams, Thomas  Mar 1642Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11200
4 Thayer, Abraham  1741Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15116
5 Thayer, Daniel  2 Jun 1718Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15109
6 Thayer, Dorothy  1718Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15108
7 Thayer, Josiah  20 Apr 1743Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15114
8 Thayer, Josiah  3 Jul 1763Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15114
9 Thayer, Nathaniel  3 Apr 1713Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15112
10 Thayer, Richard  18 May 1708Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15104
11 Thayer, Zachariah  4 Feb 1718Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15106
12 Wales, Elizabeth  19 Jun 1694Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15120
13 Webb, Sarah  13 Sep 1711Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14609

Office Held

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Office Held    Person ID 
1 Adams, Henry  1640Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11199
2 Adams, Joseph  1673Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11205


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate/Proved    Person ID 
1 Adams, Henry  8 Jun 1647Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I16
2 Adams, Joseph  10 Jan 1695Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11205


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Faxon, Joanna  15 Jun 1684Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I619
2 Wales, Nathaniel  1675Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I618


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Adams, Henry  1646Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I16
2 Adams, Joseph  18 Jul 1694Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11205


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ames /   Abt 1640Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F58
2 Bass /   1680Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F83
3 Faxon /   05 Sep 1670Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F1265
4 Faxon / Thayer  11 Apr 1653Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F614
5 Thayer / Hayden  27 May 1679Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F384
6 Thayer / Hayward  14 Jan 1652/53Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F386
7 Thayer / Hyde  13 Jan 1709Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F572
8 Thayer / Pray  24 Dec 1651Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F495
9 Thayer / Wales  25 Jan 1704/05Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F168
10 Webb / Bass  24 May 1686Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F3355
11 Webb / Lincoln  25 Dec 1740Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F1808