Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.7649497, Longitude: -70.87145279999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Abraham  1639Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I9074
2 Adams, Abraham  6 May 1676Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18355
3 Adams, Abraham  8 Jul 1696Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14325
4 Adams, Dorothy  25 Oct 1691Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18361
5 Adams, Dorothy  12 Jan 1718Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14331
6 Adams, Isaac  1648Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18349
7 Adams, Isaac  26 Feb 1679Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18356
8 Adams, Israel  25 Dec 1688Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18360
9 Adams, Jacob  23 Apr 1649Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18350
10 Adams, Jacob  10 Nov 1704Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14328
11 Adams, Jacob  22 Dec 1713Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14330
12 Adams, John  7 Mar 1684Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18358
13 Adams, John  2 Nov 1705Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14329
14 Adams, Mary  1 Sep 1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18348
15 Adams, Mary  16 Jan 1672Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18354
16 Adams, Mary  3 Mar 1700Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14326
17 Adams, Matthew  25 May 1686Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18359
18 Adams, Rebecca  28 Jun 1689Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2729
19 Adams, Richard  22 Nov 1693Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18362
20 Adams, Robert  12 May 1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2736
21 Adams, Robert  20 Nov 1702Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14327
22 Adams, Sara  13 Apr 1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18357
23 Badger, Abigail  29 Jun 1687Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16279
24 Badger, Anne  25 Jan 1712Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16289
25 Badger, Daniel  9 Mar 1684/85Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16278
26 Badger, Daniel  27 Mar 1698Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16283
27 Badger, Edmund  2 Apr 1703Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16285
28 Badger, Elizabeth  30 Apr 1680Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16275
29 Badger, Enoch  Abt 1714Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2153
30 Badger, Hannah  3 Dec 1673Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16273
31 Badger, James  19 Mar 1668/69Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16266
32 Badger, John  30 Jun 1643Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1918
33 Badger, John  4 Apr 1664Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16263
34 Badger, John  26 Apr 1665Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16264
35 Badger, John  3 Jan 1693/94Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16281
36 Badger, Lydia  30 Apr 1690Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16280
37 Badger, Mary  2 May 1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16274
38 Badger, Mary  8 Sep 1705Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16286
39 Badger, Mary  13 May 1708Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16287
40 Badger, Nathaniel  16 Jan 1675/76Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2158
41 Badger, Nathaniel Jr.  29 Nov 1695Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16282
42 Badger, Ruth  10 Feb 1682/83Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16276
43 Badger, Samuel  14 Aug 1710Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16288
44 Badger, Sarah  25 Jan 1666/67Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16265
45 Badger, Stephen  13 Dec 1671Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16272
46 Badger, William  9 Mar 1684/85Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16277
47 Brown, Mary  16 Jan 1671Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14100
48 Chase, Aquila  27 Sep 1652Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18386
49 Chase, Daniel  9 Dec 1661Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18389
50 Chase, John  2 Nov 1654Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18388
51 Chase, Mary  3 Feb 1650/51Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18385
52 Chase, Priscilla  14 Mar 1648/49Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4571
53 Chase, Thomas  25 Jul 1654Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18387
54 Emery, Abigail  16 Jan 1669Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18196
55 Emery, Bethia  15 Oct 1658Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18192
56 Emery, Elizabeth  8 Feb 1679/80Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18200
57 Emery, Hannah  25 Apr 1654Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18190
58 Emery, John  16 Dec 1656Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18191
59 Emery, Jonathan  13 May 1652Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18181
60 Emery, Joseph  23 Mar 1662/63Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18194
61 Emery, Josiah  28 Feb 1680/81Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18201
62 Emery, Judith  5 Feb 1673Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18198
63 Emery, Lydia  19 Feb 1674/75Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18199
64 Emery, Samuel  20 Dec 1670Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18197
65 Emery, Sarah  26 Feb 1660/61Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18193
66 Emery, Stephen  16 Sep 1666Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18195
67 Jackman, Mary  15 Sep 1719Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14324
68 Jaques, Abigail  11 Mar 1673/74Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4578
69 Kent, Emma  20 Apr 1677Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18414
70 Kent, Hannah  10 Sep 1679Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4576
71 Kent, John  23 Nov 1668Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18411
72 Kent, Judith  About 1682Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18416
73 Kent, Mary  24 Oct 1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18413
74 Kent, Rebecca  20 Feb 1684/85Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18417
75 Kent, Richard  17 Jan 1672/73Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18412
76 Kent, Sarah  30 Aug 1667Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18410
77 Kent Junior, John  20 Jul 1645Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1601
78 Kimball, John  15 Oct 1668Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18725
79 Kimball, Mary  19 Jul 1667Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18720
80 Knight, Anne  12 Jan 1702/03Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2727
81 Knight, Benjamin  12 Aug 1668Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4577
82 Knight, Rebecca  3 Mar 1643Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18336
83 Knight, Sarah  23 Mar 1647Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18337
84 Merrill, Abel  20 Feb 1643/44Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4570
85 Merrill, Abel  28 Dec 1671Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18378
86 Merrill, Abigail  23 Sep 1731Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14355
87 Merrill, Benjamin  22 Feb 1727/28Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14353
88 Merrill, Daniel  20 Aug 1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1731
89 Merrill, Daniel  8 Mar 1671/72Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18875
90 Merrill, Hannah  7 Jul 1700Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14344
91 Merrill, Hannah  19 May 1726Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2725
92 Merrill, James  27 Jan 1686Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18383
93 Merrill, James  28 Oct 1703Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14347
94 Merrill, John  7 Oct 1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18876
95 Merrill, John  30 Nov 1701Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2726
96 Merrill, John  3 Jan 1728/29Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14354
97 Merrill, Joseph  12 Jul 1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18381
98 Merrill, Martha  3 Sep 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18879
99 Merrill, Mary  13 May 1713Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14349
100 Merrill, Moses  3 Sep 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18878

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Badger, Mehitabel  18 Aug 1700Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16284
2 Greeley, Sarah  10 Jun 1677Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18755
3 Tuxbury, John  20 Aug 1676Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I723
4 Wells, Thomas  27 May 1699Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14106
5 Woodman, Margaret  28 Jan 1676/77Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14075


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ann  8 Mar 1680Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18320
2 Elizabeth  14 Jul 1682Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1268
3 Emma  16 Jun 1676Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2766
4 Mary  28 Apr 1649Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I213
5 Phebe  6 May 1665Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16061
6 Ruth  18 Aug 1647Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1251
7 Sarah  11 Dec 1650Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I8561
8 Adams, Abraham  12 Jun 1714Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I9074
9 Adams, Abraham  8 Apr 1763Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18355
10 Adams, Jacob  youngNewbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14328
11 Adams, Jacob  youngNewbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18350
12 Adams, John  8 May 1750Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18358
13 Adams, Rebecca  26 Aug 1737Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2729
14 Adams, Robert  12 Oct 1682Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1585
15 Adams, Robert  5 Mar 1773Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14327
16 Badger, John  29 Jul 1664Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16263
17 Badger, John  23 Mar 1691Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1918
18 Badger, Mary  youngNewbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16286
19 Badger, William  probably youngNewbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16277
20 Bent, Robert  30 Jan 1648Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20569
21 Bitfield, Elizabeth  24 Sep 1676Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18150
22 Bitfield, Ruth  Abt May 1693Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I78
23 Brown, Mary  21 Feb 1707/08Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14100
24 Butterfield, Margaret  3 Feb 1682/83Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I297
25 Chase, Aquila  29 Aug 1670Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1602
26 Chase, Daniel  8 Feb 1707Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18389
27 Coffey, Agnes  22 Mar 1679Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2733
28 Currier, John  4 Jun 1787Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14464
29 Emery, Ann  31 Mar 1687Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18180
30 Emery, Elizabeth  3 Nov 1735Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18200
31 Emery, Hannah  11 May 1705Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18190
32 Emery, John  3 Nov 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I212
33 Emery, John  14 Jul 1730Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18191
34 Emery, Jonathan  29 Sep 1723Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18181
35 Emery, Josiah  16 Mar 1718Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18201
36 Emery, Judith  24 Apr 1753Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18198
37 Emery, Sarah  1 Apr 1694Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18193
38 Emery, Stephen  1 Feb 1747Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18195
39 Glover, Sarah  24 Oct 1697Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18344
40 Goodridge, Jeremiah  20 Dec 1707Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18129
41 Goodridge, Joseph  29 May 1716Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18130
42 Goodridge, Mary  18 May 1684Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I298
43 Hayden, Elizabeth  8 Apr 1669Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16262
44 Hills, Joseph  5 Feb 1687/88Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I708
45 Hull, John  1 Feb 1670Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18127
46 Ilsley, William  22 Jul 1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18744
47 Ingersoll, Bathsheba  24 Oct 1705Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4582
48 Jordan, Deborah  8 Nov 1676Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18719
49 Jordan, Stephen  8 Feb 1669/70Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18371
50 Kent, Hannah  3 Feb 1735/36Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4576
51 Kent, Richard  11 Jun 1654Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2765
52 Kimball, John  5 Dec 1668Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18725
53 Knight, Elizabeth  29 Jul 1667Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1583
54 Knight, John  28 Feb 1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4581
55 Knight, Richard  4 Aug 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2732
56 Massey, Joseph  30 Dec 1680Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18784
57 Merrill, Abel  28 Oct 1689Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4570
58 Merrill, Hannah  4 Apr 1662Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1265
59 Merrill, John  12 Sep 1673Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1267
60 Merrill, Nathan  1742Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4572
61 Merrill, Nathan  22 Nov 1745Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14346
62 Merrill, Nathaniel  16 Mar 1654/55Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1572
63 Merrill, Nathaniel  1 Jan 1682/83Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18374
64 Morse, Anthony  22 Feb 1677Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1579
65 Morse, Anthony  12 Oct 1686Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1580
66 Morse, Anthony  16 May 1710Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2730
67 Morse, Joseph  15 Jan 1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18323
68 Morse, Mary  14 Aug 1736Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14337
69 Morse, Sarah  youngNewbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14316
70 Palmer, Ann  18 Oct 1665Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18132
71 Pettingell, Mary  19 Sep 1705Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I9075
72 Pike, Sarah  1717Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2731
73 Plummer, Francis  17 Jan 1673Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1250
74 Plummer, Samuel  1702Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I845
75 Salway, Joanna  After 23 Feb 1687/88Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I672
76 Sawyer, baby girl  26 Mar 1684Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14097
77 Sawyer, baby girl  15 Nov 1693Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14099
78 Sawyer, Frances  7 Feb 1660Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18168
79 Sawyer, Frances  Oct 1744Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18172
80 Sawyer, Hannah  25 Jan 1659/60Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18167
81 Sawyer, Hannah  28 Aug 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18171
82 Sawyer, John  18 Mar 1688/89Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18163
83 Sawyer, John  17 Apr 1723Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14102
84 Sawyer, John  27 Mar 1756Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I520
85 Sawyer, Josiah  4 Apr 1756Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14096
86 Sawyer, Judith  20 Feb 1740Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14101
87 Sawyer, Lois  1799Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14104
88 Sawyer, Mary  24 Jun 1659Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18165
89 Sawyer, Mary  3 Nov 1699Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18169
90 Sawyer, Mary  21 Jan 1744/45Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14093
91 Sawyer, Samuel  11 Feb 1717/18Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I519
92 Sawyer, Samuel  21 Apr 1723Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14094
93 Sawyer, Sarah  2 Aug 1732Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18166
94 Sawyer, Stephen  8 Jun 1753Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18170
95 Sawyer, William  1702 to 1703Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I518
96 Shatswell, Mary  28 Apr 1694Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I215
97 Smith, Rebecca  01 Mar 1669/70Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16065
98 Swett, Hannah  31 Mar 1691Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1349
99 Swett, Hannah  25 Apr 1749Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I675
100 Swett, John  13 Jun 1651Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1266

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Kent, Richard  1635Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2765

Estate Administered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Estate Administered    Person ID 
1 Sawyer, William  1 Mar 1702/03Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I518


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 Berry, William  18 May 1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I939
2 Davis, James  1634/35Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1294
3 Emery, John  2 Jun 1641Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I212
4 Emery, Jonathan  19 Apr 1691Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18181
5 Kent Junior, John  25 Feb 1668Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1601
6 Merrill, Abraham  30 Sep 1662Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18373
7 Merrill, Daniel  7 Feb 1682/83Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1731
8 Merrill, John  13 May 1640Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1267
9 Plummer, Francis  14 May 1634Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1250
10 Plummer, Sylvanus  1690Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18155
11 Sawyer, John  12 Oct 1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18163
12 Sawyer, Samuel  12 May 1675Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I519
13 Swett, Benjamin  7 Sep 1650Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1348
14 Swett, John  18 May 1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1266
15 Woodman, Edward  25 May 1636Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I671


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Chase, Daniel  1679Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18389
2 Chase, John  1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18388
3 Emery, John  1677Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I212
4 Emery, John  1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I214
5 Merrill, Abel  1668Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4570
6 Merrill, Abraham  1690Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18373
7 Merrill, John  1638Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1267
8 Merrill, Nathaniel  1668Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18374
9 Sawyer, Samuel  1704Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I519
10 Swett, John  12 Mar 1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16062
11 Swett, John  7 Dec 1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1266
12 Swett, Stephen  1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1264
13 Webster, John  1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18182
14 Woodman, Archelaus  Aug 1688Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18113
15 Woodman, Edward  6 Sep 1638Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I671
16 Woodman, Jonathan  26 Feb 1668/69Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18125
17 Woodman, Jonathan  23 Mar 1675/76Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18125
18 Woodman, Joshua  6 Jun 1662Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18123


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inventory    Person ID 
1 Butterfield, Margaret  Mar 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I297
2 Merrill, John  Sep 1673Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1267
3 Merrill, Nathaniel  16 Mar 1654/55Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1572
4 Merrill, Nathaniel  18 Jan 1682/83Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18374
5 Woodman, Archelaus  23 Apr 1766Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I674


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land    Person ID 
1 Badger, Giles  Jul 1639Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2160
2 Woodman, Archelaus  1645Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18113
3 Woodman, Archelaus  6 Jan 1689Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18113
4 Woodman, Edward  25 Mar 1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I671


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 Badger, Daniel  1691Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16278
2 Badger, Hannah  1691Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16273
3 Salway, Joanna  9 Nov 1653Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I672
4 Salway, Joanna  Feb 1687/88Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I672
5 Woodman, Edward  Feb 1687/88Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I671
6 Woodman, Ruth  2 Feb 1724Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18126


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Eleanor or Helen  19 Jul 1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I242
2 Adams, Abraham  1703Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18355
3 Adams, Abraham  6 Dec 1716Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14325
4 Adams, Archelaus  Mar 1698Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18353
5 Adams, Isaac  1708Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18356
6 Adams, Israel  15 Oct 1714Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18360
7 Adams, Jacob  31 Aug 1742Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14330
8 Adams, Joanna  4 Jan 1654Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18346
9 Adams, John  22 Jan 1707Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18358
10 Adams, John  17 Nov 1713Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18358
11 Adams, John  2 Nov 1730Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14329
12 Adams, Mary  15 Nov 1660Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18348
13 Adams, Mary  23 Nov 1714Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14326
14 Adams, Matthew  4 Apr 1707Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18359
15 Adams, Richard  12 Dec 1717Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18362
16 Adams, Robert  29 Oct 1725Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14327
17 Adams, Sara  28 Jan 1715Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18357
18 Badger, Mary  15 Dec 1700Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16274
19 Badger, Ruth  17 Feb 1702Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16276
20 Barnard, Mary  22 Aug 1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18255
21 Bradish, John  say 1704Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20225
22 Carter, Sarah  8 Apr 1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18433
23 Chase, Daniel  25 Aug 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18389
24 Currier, Banard  23 Oct 1739Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14470
25 Currier, John  23 Jan 1728/29Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14464
26 Eastman, Philip  22 Aug 1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18466
27 Emery, Ann  25 Nov 1648Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18180
28 Emery, Bethia  4 May 1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18192
29 Emery, Elizabeth  16 Nov 1696Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18200
30 Emery, Hannah  18 Nov 1673Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18190
31 Emery, John  13 Jun 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18191
32 Emery, John  27 May 1700Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18191
33 Emery, Jonathan  29 Nov 1676Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18181
34 Emery, Josiah  25 Nov 1714Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18201
35 Emery, Judith  Abt 1695Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18198
36 Emery, Lydia  23 May 1696Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18199
37 Emery, Sarah  13 Jun 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18193
38 Emery, Stephen  26 Nov 1692Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18195
39 Goodridge, Benjamin  8 Sep 1663Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18131
40 Goodridge, Benjamin  16 Nov 1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18131
41 Goodridge, Jeremiah  15 Nov 1660Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18129
42 Goodridge, Joseph  28 Aug 1664Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18130
43 Kent, Emma  1 Jan 1701Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18414
44 Kent, James  23 Mar 1707Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18418
45 Kent, Judith  16 Mar 1704/05Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18416
46 Kent, Mary  1695/96Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18413
47 Kent, Rebecca  3 Oct 1647Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18407
48 Kent, Rebecca  Jun 1704Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18417
49 Kent, Sarah  1 Mar 1686Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18410
50 Kent, Sarah  25 Apr 1696Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18410
51 Kimball, Martha  25 Aug 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18715
52 Knight, Anne  8 Oct 1648Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18335
53 Knight, Mary  9 Jul 1660Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18419
54 Knight, Rebecca  13 Nov 1661Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18336
55 Knight, Sarah  6 Mar 1660Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18415
56 Knight, Sarah  20 May 1663Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18337
57 Massey, Joseph  9 Feb 1671Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18784
58 Merrill, Abel  19 Jun 1694Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18378
59 Merrill, Abel  22 Nov 1759Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14358
60 Merrill, Abraham  18 Jan 1661Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18373
61 Merrill, James  23 Nov 1714Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18383
62 Merrill, James  5 Dec 1722Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14347
63 Merrill, Joseph  16 Feb 1707Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18381
64 Merrill, Mary  27 Oct 1731Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14349
65 Merrill, Nathaniel  15 Oct 1661Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18374
66 Merrill, Priscilla  8 Dec 1704Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18384
67 Merrill, Priscilla  5 Dec 1722Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14345
68 Merrill, Sarah  12 May 1699Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18877
69 Merrill, Sarah  29 Jul 1730Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14350
70 Merrill, Stephen  4 Nov 1731Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14348
71 Merrill, Susanna  26 Jan 1692Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18379
72 Merrill, Susannah  15 Oct 1663Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18375
73 Merrill, Thomas  16 Mar 1705Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18380
74 Morse, Benjamin  27 Aug 1667Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18324
75 Morse, Elizabeth  4 Jan 1757Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14339
76 Morse, Joseph  About 1667Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18323
77 Morse, Lyphe  9 Mar 1757Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14338
78 Morse, Lyphe  12 May 1761Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14338
79 Morse, Sarah  1 Apr 1756Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14334
80 Plummer, Ephraim  15 Jan 1680Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18153
81 Plummer, Joseph  23 Dec 1652Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18134
82 Plummer, Joshua  6 Nov 1699Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18159
83 Plummer, Mary  20 Apr 1660Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18135
84 Plummer, Sylvanus  18 Jan 1682Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18155
85 Sawyer, Josiah  22 Jan 1707/08Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14096
86 Sawyer, Judith  29 Nov 1723Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14101
87 Sawyer, Lois  Nov 1736Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14104
88 Sawyer, Lydia  2 Apr 1747Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14103
89 Sawyer, Mary  13 Jun 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18169
90 Sawyer, Mary  29 Jun 1702Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14093
91 Sawyer, Ruth  27 Aug 1667Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18164
92 Sawyer, Samuel  17 Dec 1702Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14094
93 Sawyer, Sarah  15 Jan 1669Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18166
94 Sawyer, Stephen  10 Mar 1687Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18170
95 Swett, Benjamin  12 Feb 1711/12Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14082
96 Swett, Elizabeth  Before 1687Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16269
97 Swett, John  1698Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14078
98 Swett, Joseph  Oct 1651Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16064
99 Swett, Mary  7 Jul 1692Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14077
100 Swett, Rebecca  1700Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16068

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Woodman, Edward  17 May 1637Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I671

Misc. Event

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc. Event    Person ID 
1 Swett, John  25 May 1669Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I902
2 Swett, John  1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I902
3 Woodman, Archelaus  14 Mar 1715Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I674

Moved To

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved To    Person ID 
1 Wells, Thomas  Aug 1704 or Sep 1704Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14106

Moved to

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Chase, Aquila  1646Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1602
2 Jordan, Stephen  About 1653Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18371
3 Kimball, John  25 Mar 1667Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I870
4 Sargent, William  Abt 1635Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I719
5 Webster, John  Abt 1657Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18182


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Oath    Person ID 
1 Guile, John  1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20749
2 Ilsley, John  25 May 1669Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18751
3 Taylor, Walter  1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I740
4 Tuxbury, Henry  13 May 1669Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I725


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Emery, John  say 1638Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I212
2 Ilsley, William  say 1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18744
3 Morse, Joseph  say 1664Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18323
4 Osgood, William  1640Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I248
5 Sawyer, Samuel  1693Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I519
6 Swett, Stephen  After 1668Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1264
7 Webster, Israel  say 1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18187
8 Woodman, Edward  12 Mar 1637/38Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I671
9 Woodman, Edward  1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I671
10 Woodman, Jonathan  say 1665Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18125

Offices Held

Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Offices Held    Person ID 
1 Emery, John  1656Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I212
2 Emery, John  1661Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I212
3 Merrill, Abraham  1679Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18373
4 Merrill, Abraham  1684Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18373
5 Merrill, Daniel  1689Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1731
6 Merrill, John  1665Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1267
7 Sawyer, William  2 Apr 1668Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I518
8 Sawyer, William  5 Mar 1677Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I518
9 Sawyer, William  24 Mar 1679/80Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I518
10 Swett, John  31 Mar 1679Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I902
11 Swett, John  22 Mar 1686Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I902
12 Ward, William  1695Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14773
13 Woodman, Archelaus  27 Apr 1648Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18113
14 Woodman, Archelaus  1661Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18113
15 Woodman, Archelaus  1670/71Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18113
16 Woodman, Archelaus  6 Mar 1674/75Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18113
17 Woodman, Archelaus  1677Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18113
18 Woodman, Edward  1636Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I671


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate/Proved    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  26 Sep 1682Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1268
2 Butterfield, Margaret  10 Apr 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I297
3 Emery, John  27 Nov 1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I212
4 Sawyer, Stephen  23 Jul 1753Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18170


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Proprietor    Person ID 
1 Badger, Giles  7 Dec 1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2160
2 Badger, Nathaniel  7 Dec 1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16261
3 Badger, Richard  7 Dec 1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16260
4 Berry, William  7 Dec 1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I939
5 Merrill, Nathaniel  1638Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1572


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1268
2 Emery, John  1670Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I214
3 Emery, Mary  say 1700Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I216
4 Goodridge, Mary  1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I298
5 Merrill, Abel  1682Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4570
6 Merrill, Daniel  1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1731
7 Merrill, John  1670Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1267
8 Salway, Joanna  1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I672
9 Sawyer, Samuel  say 1700Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I519
10 Webster, Israel  1677Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18187
11 Webster, John  1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18182
12 Woodman, Archelaus  1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18113
13 Woodman, Edward  1669Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I671
14 Woodman, Edward  1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I673
15 Woodman, Edward  1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I671
16 Woodman, Jonathan  1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18125
17 Woodman, Ruth  1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18126


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Adams, Robert  1640Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1585
2 Wilmont, Eleanor  1640Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1586
3 Woodman, Archelaus  1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18113
4 Woodman, Jonathan  25 Mar 1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18125


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  17 Dec 1680Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1268
2 Butterfield, Margaret  4 Aug 1682Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I297
3 Currier, John  9 Apr 1786Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14464
4 Emery, John  11 May 1680Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I212
5 Emery, John  3 Aug 1693Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I214
6 Emery, Jonathan  6 Feb 1722/23Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18181
7 Goodridge, Joseph  16 Apr 1716Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18130
8 Kent, Richard  22 May 1654Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2765
9 Knight, John  5 May 1670Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I4591
10 Knight, Richard  17 Aug 1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2732
11 Merrill, John  8 Sep 1670Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1267
12 Merrill, Nathaniel  8 Mar 1654/55Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1572
13 Merrill, Nathaniel  1 Dec 1682Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18374
14 Morse, Anthony  5 Mar 1705Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2730
15 Sawyer, Josiah  25 Jun 1755Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14096
16 Sawyer, Samuel  10 Feb 1718Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I519
17 Sawyer, Samuel  20 Apr 1723Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14094
18 Sawyer, Stephen  20 Feb 1753Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18170
19 Sawyer, William  30 May 1693Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I518
20 Shatswell, Mary  1 Apr 1693Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I215
21 Swett, John  1717Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I902
22 Swett, Moses  15 Apr 1719Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16076
23 Swett, Stephen  22 Mar 1738/39Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16080
24 Woodman, Archelaus  4 Nov 1762Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I674
25 Woodman, Edward  16 Dec 1693Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I673
26 Woodman, Edward  17 Jul 1717Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14073
27 Woodman, Jonathan  15 Nov 1706Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18125
28 Woodman, Joshua  27 Mar 1703Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18123


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Glover  6 Feb 1678Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1361
2 Adams / Knight  Aug 1695Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F2135
3 Adams / Pettingell  10 Nov 1670Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F2137
4 Badger / Hayden  16 Jun 1663Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1559
5 Badger / Lunt  27 Mar 1693Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1695
6 Badger / Swett  23 Feb 1670/71Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1197
7 Currier / Williams  19 Apr 1744Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F684
8 Emery / Shatswell  29 Oct 1647Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F255
9 Emery / Webster  28 Oct 1650Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F256
10 Hills /   8 Mar 1665Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F683
11 Kent Junior / Woodman  13 Mar 1665/66Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F917
12 Kimball / Gouge  9 Feb 1712/13Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F822
13 Knight / Ingersoll  1647Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F3653
14 Llittle /   19 Jul 1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F282
15 Merrill / Chase  10 Feb 1670/71Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F3652
16 Merrill / Clough  14 May 1667Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1444
17 Merrill / Kent  6 Sep 1699Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F2131
18 Merrill / Knight  15 May 1725Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F2130
19 Merrill / Wolterton  After 16 Mar 1625Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1344
20 Morse / Adams  22 Dec 1721Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F2129
21 Morse / Barnard  11 Nov 1669Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1354
22 Morse / Jackman  17 Jul 1738Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F2133
23 Morse / Knight  8 May 1659Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1355
24 Morse / Pike  4 Feb 1685Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F2134
25 Plummer / Palmer  31 Mar 1648/49Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1137
26 Sawyer / Bitfield  1644Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F99
27 Sawyer / Brown  25 Dec 1700Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F531
28 Sawyer / Emery  13 Mar 1670/71Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F259
29 Swett / French  12 Jan 1713/14Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F850
30 Swett / Merrill  24 May 1647Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F851
31 Swett / Plummer  6 Dec 1670Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F649
32 Swett / Smith  4 Aug 1663Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1149
33 Swett / Weare  1 Nov 1647Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1196
34 Woodman / Goodridge  20 Dec 1653Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F333
35 Woodman / Sawyer  Mar 1735/36Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F533
36 Woodman / Swett  1695Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F648

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