Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.18758260000001, Longitude: -71.3064597


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Abigail  25 Jan 1674/75Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11218
2 Adams, Abraham  1 Aug 1701Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19932
3 Adams, Bethia  12 Apr 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11216
4 Adams, Bethia  18 Aug 1672Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11217
5 Adams, Bethia  2 Jun 1702Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19933
6 Adams, Daniel  12 Jan 1686Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21
7 Adams, daughter  1669Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19959
8 Adams, Edward  28 Jun 1668Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11215
9 Adams, Edward  13 Jan 1682Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19952
10 Adams, Eleazer  22 Sep 1687Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19954
11 Adams, Eliashib  18 Feb 1658/59Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11209
12 Adams, Elisha  25 Aug 1666Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11214
13 Adams, Elizabeth  18 Mar 1666Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I471
14 Adams, Esther  15 Nov 1708Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19936
15 Adams, Ezekiel  1 Jul 1705Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14896
16 Adams, Hannah  12 Feb 1701/02Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I384
17 Adams, Hannah  29 Mar 1707Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19935
18 Adams, Henry  29 Oct 1663Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11212
19 Adams, James  4 Jan 1661/62Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11211
20 Adams, Jasper  12 Mar 1673/74Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19962
21 Adams, Jeremiah  13 Jul 1699Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19931
22 Adams, John  18 Feb 1657/58Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I10085
23 Adams, John  22 Dec 1684Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19953
24 Adams, Jonathan  4 Apr 1655Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11208
25 Adams, Jonathan  18 Sep 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19960
26 Adams, Jonathan  1671Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19961
27 Adams, Jonathan  5 May 1679Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I695
28 Adams, Jonathan  7 May 1696Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19956
29 Adams, Jonathan  15 Aug 1709Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14897
30 Adams, Lydia  12 Jul 1653Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11207
31 Adams, Lydia  8 Jul 1689Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14884
32 Adams, Mary  4 Aug 1681Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14883
33 Adams, Mehitable  20 Mar 1665Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11213
34 Adams, Miriam  28 Feb 1675/76Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11219
35 Adams, Obadiah  20 Jan 1689Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19955
36 Adams, Phineas  19 May 1705Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19934
37 Adams, Sarah  29 May 1660Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11210
38 Adams, Sarah  6 Dec 1667Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19958
39 Adams, Susanna  30 Jul 1697Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19930
40 Adams, Tamezin  21 Aug 1699Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14895
41 Adams, Thomas  11 Feb 1695/96Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19929
42 Albee, Benjamin  9 Mar 1656Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19143
43 Albee, Benjamin  Abt 1672Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14924
44 Albee, John  3 Aug 1678Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14925
45 Albee, Lydia  Abt 1685Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14927
46 Albee, Sarah  11 Mar 1653Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19142
47 Barber, Abiel  4 Oct 1691Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21073
48 Barber, Abigail  29 Oct 1659Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21057
49 Barber, Benoni  9 Sep 1684Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21071
50 Barber, Elizabeth  5 Jul 1700Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21076
51 Barber, Hannah  16 Apr 1654Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21056
52 Barber, John  12 Oct 1693Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15199
53 Barber, Joseph  4 Oct 1687Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I922
54 Barber, Mary  26 May 1703Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21077
55 Barber, Ruth  5 Mar 1695Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21074
56 Barber, Thomas  2 May 1698Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21075
57 Barber, Zachariah  29 Sep 1656Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I920
58 Barber, Zachariah  19 Oct 1685Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21072
59 Bass, Abigail  2 Jan 1667Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19746
60 Bass, daughter  Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19744
61 Bass, Samuel  30 Dec 1669Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19747
62 Bass, Sarah  Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19745
63 Bullard, Thankful  27 Dec 1702Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I121
64 Cheney, Deborah  1662Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15092
65 Cheney, Deborah  1 Nov 1666Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15094
66 Cheney, John  05 Jan 1673/74Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15096
67 Cheney, William  30 Mar 1663/64Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15093
68 Cheney, William  3 Aug 1666Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I132
69 Cheney, William  27 Jul 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15095
70 Ellis, Abial  15 Oct 1662Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I921
71 Ellis, Joanna  17 Jan 1677Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21070
72 Ellis, Judith  15 Apr 1658Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21063
73 Ellis, Mary  26 Sep 1660Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21064
74 Ellis, Patience  22 Feb 1668Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21067
75 Ellis, Ruth  31 Oct 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21068
76 Ellis, Samuel  9 Nov 1664Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21065
77 Ellis, Thomas  10 Jan 1666Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21066
78 Ellis, Thomas  24 Jul 1674Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21069
79 Fairbanks, Berry  Abt 1668Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19778
80 Fairbanks, Jonathan  1 May 1662Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19776
81 Fairbanks, Margaret  27 Jun 1664Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19777
82 Frairy, Hannah  22 Feb 1659/60Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19799
83 Frairy, Prudence  20 Aug 1662Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19800
84 Frairy, Theophilus  25 Jan 1657/58Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19798
85 Harding, Abraham  15 Aug 1655Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I329
86 Harding, Abraham  5 Apr 1691Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19807
87 Harding, Bathsheba  12 Feb 1703/04Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19814
88 Harding, Elizabeth  1 Jan 1689Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19806
89 Harding, Elizabeth  25 Jul 1708Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19816
90 Harding, Hannah  18 Jan 1699/0Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19812
91 Harding, Isaac  16 Feb 1705/06Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19815
92 Harding, John  6 Apr 1694Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I331
93 Harding, Joseph  22 Mar 1710/11Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19817
94 Harding, Lydia  14 Dec 1701Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19813
95 Harding, Mary  1 May 1653Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19803
96 Harding, Mary  25 Aug 1687Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19805
97 Harding, Mehitable  17 Oct 1684Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19804
98 Harding, Samuel  15 May 1698Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19811
99 Harding, Sarah  22 Feb 1695/96Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19810
100 Harding, Thomas  15 Dec 1692Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19808

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Harding, Abraham  24 May 1699Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19807
2 Harding, Bathsheba  26 Mar 1704Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19814
3 Harding, Elizabeth  24 May 1699Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19806
4 Harding, Isaac  24 Mar 1705/06Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19815
5 Harding, John  24 May 1699Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I331
6 Harding, Mary  24 May 1699Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19805
7 Harding, Samuel  24 May 1699Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19811
8 Harding, Sarah  24 May 1699Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19810
9 Harding, Thomas  24 May 1699Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19808


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alice  15 Jul 1665Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1329
2 Ellen  1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19110
3 Experience  1700Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1433
4 Margaret  9 May 1662Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1427
5 Adams, Abigail  6 Feb 1674/75Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11218
6 Adams, Bethia  1672Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11216
7 Adams, Bethia  2 Sep 1672Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11217
8 Adams, daughter  1669Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19959
9 Adams, Edward  12 Nov 1716Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I18
10 Adams, Ezekiel  7 Aug 1777Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14896
11 Adams, Henry  21 Feb 1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11199
12 Adams, Jane  15 Dec 1654Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19922
13 Adams, Jonathan  1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19960
14 Adams, Jonathan  1671Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19961
15 Adams, Jonathan  28 Jul 1690Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I693
16 Adams, Jonathan  1744Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I695
17 Adams, Lydia  26 Dec 1731Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11207
18 Adams, Miriam  18 May 1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11219
19 Adams, Peter  23 Oct 1690Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11203
20 Adams, Sarah  1747Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11210
21 Adams, Sarah  11 May 1758Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19958
22 Albee, Hannah  24 Apr 1723Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19138
23 Barber, Benoni  23 Sep 1684Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21071
24 Barber, George  13 Apr 1685Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I918
25 Barber, John  28 Feb 1688Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21054
26 Barber, Samuel  29 Dec 1736Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21053
27 Barber, Thomas  12 Jan 1705Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21075
28 Barber, Zachariah  11 Aug 1705Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I920
29 Barber, Zachariah  16 Jul 1746Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21072
30 Bullard, Eleazer  4 Aug 1753Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14873
31 Bullard, John  27 Oct 1678Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I122
32 Bullard, Joseph  Before 1722Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19940
33 Bullard, Magdalen  27 Dec 1677Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I124
34 Bullard, Mary  1799Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19850
35 Cheney, Deborah  7 May 1663Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15092
36 Cheney, Joseph  16 Sep 1704Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19560
37 Cheney, Mehitabel  1693/94Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19559
38 Cheney, William  10 Jul 1664Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15093
39 Chickering, Mary  15 Mar 1697/98Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I139
40 Clark, Elizabeth  22 Dec 1683Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I919
41 Clark, Rebecca  1 Jan 1680Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21049
42 Craft, Abigail  1707Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11206
43 Daniels, Joseph  23 Jun 1715Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19565
44 Daniels, Samuel  1695Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19563
45 Duntling, Silence  9 Nov 1677Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19926
46 Eliot, Lydia  27 Jul 1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19272
47 Ellis, Abial  14 Apr 1716Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I921
48 Ellis, Mary  1717Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21064
49 Ellis, Patience  1695Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21067
50 Ellis, Thomas  1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21066
51 Ellis, Thomas  12 Dec 1690Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1154
52 Fairbanks, Jonas  28 Nov 1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19775
53 Fairbanks, Jonathan  19 Dec 1719Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19776
54 Fairbanks, Mary  9 Jun 1682Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19772
55 Fairbanks, Samuel  20 Nov 1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19774
56 Frairy, John  28 Mar 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19796
57 Frairy, Prudence  29 Dec 1750Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19800
58 Fussell, Elizabeth  say 1690Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I694
59 Fussell, John  21 Feb 1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I879
60 Harding, Abraham  22 Mar 1654/55Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I327
61 Harding, Abraham  22 Feb 1768Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19807
62 Harding, Elizabeth  15 Apr 1708Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19806
63 Harding, Elizabeth  1 Oct 1708Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19802
64 Harding, John  4 Mar 1719/20Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19801
65 Harding, Mary  11 Jan 1730/31Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19803
66 Holbrook, Margaret  23 Apr 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I350
67 Jasper, Elizabeth  20 Jun 1655Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I2257
68 Johnson, Hannah  Nov 1690Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I599
69 Leland, Eleazer  5 Dec 1703Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19836
70 Martyn, Magdalen  29 Nov 1661Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I123
71 Mason, Ebenezer  18 Mar 1754Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19825
72 Mason, Mary  27 Sep 1731Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I330
73 Mason, Thomas  21 Feb 1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19822
74 Mason, Thomas  25 Feb 1675/76Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I428
75 Mason, Zechariah  21 Feb 1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19823
76 Metcalfe, Elizabeth  27 Nov 1735Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20120
77 Metcalfe, Experience  18 Feb 1730/31Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I447
78 Metcalfe, Hannah  20 Dec 1719Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20122
79 Metcalfe, John  8 Oct 1690Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I443
80 Metcalfe, John  1738Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20117
81 Metcalfe, Joseph  1741Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20121
82 Metcalfe, Mary  17 Feb 1726/27Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20123
83 Metcalfe, Michael  9 Dec 1691Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20118
84 Morse, Mary  14 Feb 1691/92Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19587
85 Morse, Samuel  5 Dec 1654Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I2256
86 Partridge, Abiel  2 Jul 1667Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19947
87 Partridge, Experience  5 Jul 1667Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19946
88 Partridge, Hannah  8 Mar 1680Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19943
89 Partridge, John  28 May 1706Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I468
90 Partridge, Margare  7 Feb 1710/11Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I429
91 Partridge, Mary  15 Feb 1677Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19944
92 Rocket, Isacc  11 Oct 1677Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19927
93 Rockwood, Elizabeth  22 Jul 1688Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I470
94 Rockwood, Lydia  3 Mar 1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19
95 Rockwood, Nicholas  26 Jan 1680Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I501
96 Rockwood, Samuel  Dec 1728Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19923
97 Sheffield, Rachel  3 May 1687Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14885
98 Sheffield, Thomezine  4 Jul 1743Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1545
99 Squire, Edith  21 Jan 1672Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I17
100 Squire, Margaret  11 Dec 1675Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19124

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Estate Administered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Estate Administered    Person ID 
1 Barber, George  15 May 1685Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I918


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 Frairy, John  1656Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19796
2 Harding, John  6 May 1684Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19801
3 Rockwood, Nicholas  23 May 1666Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I501
4 Rockwood, Samuel  1682Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19923
5 Wight, Ephraim  1672Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21062
6 Wight, John  May 1653Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21059


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I328
2 Adams, Henry  1659Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11199
3 Adams, Lydia  1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11207
4 Barber, Samuel  1688Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21053
5 Bullard, Joseph  1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19940
6 Daniels, Joseph  1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19565
7 Frairy, John  1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19796
8 Partridge, John  1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I468
9 Rockwood, Nicholas  1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I501
10 Wight, Samuel  1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21061
11 Wight, Thomas  1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21060


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inventory    Person ID 
1 Adams, Peter  23 Oct 1690Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11203
2 Barber, George  23 Apr 1685Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I918
3 Cheney, Joseph  02 Jan 1704/5Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19560
4 Frairy, John  19 Apr 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19796
5 Wight, John  3 Oct 1653Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21059


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land    Person ID 
1 Adams, Edward  1659Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I18
2 Adams, John  1682Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I10085
3 Adams, Jonathan  1659Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I693
4 Partridge, Eleazer  1706Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19945
5 Partridge, Zachariah  1702Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19950
6 Thurstune, John  1727Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19907


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Legal    Person ID 
1 Daniels, Joseph  25 Apr 1672Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19565


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Adams, Henry  10 Dec 1691Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11212
2 Adams, Jonathan  20 Mar 1678Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11208
3 Adams, Lydia  12 Dec 1672Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11207
4 Adams, Lydia  27 Jan 1715Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11207
5 Adams, Sarah  10 Jan 1677Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11210
6 Adams, Sarah  1710Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19958
7 Albee, Hannah  25 Mar 1663Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19138
8 Albee, John  18 Oct 1671Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19140
9 Albee, Lydia  30 Oct 1658Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19139
10 Albee, Prudence  13 Jul 1667Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19141
11 Barber, Elizabeth  21 Jun 1669Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21055
12 Barber, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1722Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21076
13 Barber, John  5 Jun 1701Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15199
14 Barber, Mary  8 Sep 1666Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21052
15 Barber, Ruth  1 Sep 1730Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21074
16 Barber, Samuel  22 Dec 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21053
17 Barber, Samuel  7 Aug 1736Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21053
18 Barber, Zachariah  24 Dec 1717Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21072
19 Barber, Zachariah  17 Feb 1725Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21072
20 Bullard, Abigail  11 Apr 1666Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19939
21 Bullard, Eleazer  1705Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14873
22 Bullard, Eleazer  12 Nov 1734Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14873
23 Cheney, Joseph  12 Mar 1668Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19560
24 Cheney, Joseph  21 Jul 1691Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19560
25 Cook, Experience  25 May 1680Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19153
26 Cook, Samuel  27 Apr 1681Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19150
27 Daniels, Joseph  16 Jan 1666Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19565
28 Daniels, Joseph  27 Jan 1697Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19565
29 Daniels, Mary  14 Jun 1660Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19566
30 Ellis, Mary  20 Mar 1678Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21064
31 Ellis, Patience  10 Dec 1691Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21067
32 Fairbanks, Mary  16 Jan 1666Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19772
33 Frairy, Prudence  19 Dec 1679Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19800
34 Harding, Abraham  2 Dec 1715Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19807
35 Harding, Elizabeth  20 Sep 1667Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19802
36 Harding, John  16 Dec 1668Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19801
37 Harding, Mary  22 Dec 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19803
38 Harding, Mary  31 Oct 1707Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19805
39 Harding, Thomas  11 Mar 1716Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19808
40 Lawrence, David  19 Nov 1711Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20153
41 Lawrence, Hannah  16 Feb 1743/44Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15305
42 Leland, Experience  5 Jun 1674Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19834
43 Mason, Ebenezer  25 Apr 1691Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19825
44 Metcalfe, Elizabeth  1696Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20120
45 Metcalfe, Hannah  3 May 1683Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20122
46 Metcalfe, John  21 Dec 1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20117
47 Metcalfe, John  1708Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20117
48 Metcalfe, Joseph  21 Jan 1686Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20121
49 Metcalfe, Joseph  1730Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20121
50 Metcalfe, Mary  26 Oct 1687Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20123
51 Metcalfe, Michael  21 Dec 1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20118
52 Partridge, Eleazer  25 Apr 1692Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19945
53 Partridge, Eleazer  9 Apr 1705Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19945
54 Partridge, Hannah  2 Apr 1679Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19943
55 Partridge, Hannah  7 May 1713Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19963
56 Partridge, Samuel  5 Jun 1701Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19949
57 Partridge, Zachariah  5 Jun 1701Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19950
58 Pond, Jabez  22 Nov 1732Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19867
59 Rockwood, John  19 Jul 1688Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20163
60 Rockwood, John  1710Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20163
61 Rockwood, Joseph  2 Apr 1679Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20162
62 Sheffield, Mary  9 Jan 1679Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14886
63 Thayer, Huldah  25 Jun 1675Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19212
64 Thurstune, Hannah  12 Mar 1668Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19899
65 Thurstune, John  1660Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19893
66 Thurstune, Judith  1 Mar 1666Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19898
67 Thurstune, Mary  1660Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19896
68 Treadway, Jonathan  1 Mar 1666Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19466
69 Ward, Increase  3 Oct 1672Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14759
70 Wheeler, Experience  3 Apr 1718Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15298
71 Wheeler, Mary  14 Dec 1713Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15297
72 Wheelock, Benjamin  21 May 1668Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21033
73 Wheelock, Experience  1668Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21037
74 Wheelock, Gershom  1658Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21039
75 Wheelock, Mary  1661Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21032
76 Wheelock, Peregrina  26 Oct 1669Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21034
77 Wheelock, Record  3 Oct 1672Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21036
78 Wight, Ephraim  2 Mar 1668Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21062
79 Wight, Samuel  25 Mar 1663Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21061
80 Wood, Mary  1660Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19736

Misc. Event

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc. Event    Person ID 
1 Adams, Peter  1659Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11203

Moved To

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved To    Person ID 
1 Adams, Peter  1652Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11203
2 Bass, Thomas  1657Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I59
3 Cheney, William  1662Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I130
4 Chickering, Mary  1652Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I139
5 Ellis, Thomas  Abt 1651Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1154
6 Metcalfe, John  1652Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I443
7 Partridge, John  1653Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I468
8 Partridge, John  1681Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I469
9 Partridge, Martha  1760Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15238
10 Rockwood, Elizabeth  1681Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I470

Moved to

Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Albee, Benjamin  1649Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1150
2 Daniels, Samuel  Before 1681Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19563
3 Harding, Abraham  1650Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I327
4 Mason, Thomas  1652Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I428
5 Metcalfe, Experience  Abt 1721Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I447
6 Rockwood, Nicholas  1662Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I501
7 Wheeler, Isaac  Abt 1721Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I635


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Barber, George  Nov 1651Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I918
2 Partridge, John  1710Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I469
3 Thurstune, John  say 1686Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19907

Offices Held

Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Offices Held    Person ID 
1 Adams, Edward  1689Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I18
2 Adams, Henry  say 1651Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11199
3 Adams, Henry  1659Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11199
4 Barber, George  say 1680Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I918
5 Barber, Samuel  say 1680Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21053
6 Bullard, Eleazer  1722 to 1724Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14873
7 Harding, John  1689Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19801
8 Metcalfe, Elizabeth  say 1725Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20120
9 Metcalfe, John  say 1700Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20117
10 Partridge, John  1672Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I468
11 Rockwood, John  1709Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20163
12 Rockwood, Samuel  1709Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19923
13 Wheeler, Isaac  1713Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I635
14 Wheelock, Eleazer  1720Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21038


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate/Proved    Person ID 
1 Merrifield, Sarah  13 Apr 1742Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19809
2 Partridge, John  25 Jun 1706Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I468


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Proprietor    Person ID 
1 Bullard, John  1650Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I122
2 Wheeler, Richard  1651Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I634


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Barber, Samuel  1710Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21053
2 Cheney, Joseph  26 Sep 1697Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19560
3 Clark, Elizabeth  27 Oct 1643Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I919


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Adams, Henry  1649 to 1676Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I11199
2 Barber, Samuel  1675Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21053
3 Ellis, Samuel  say 1692Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21065
4 Hill, Samuel  say 1680Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19704
5 Mason, Robert  1653Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19819
6 Metcalfe, Joseph  1700Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20121
7 Rocket, Josiah  1678Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19924
8 Wheelock, Gershom  1657Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21039
9 Wight, Ephraim  1674Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21062
10 Wight, Thomas  1658Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21060


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  27 Mar 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I328
2 Cheney, Joseph  15 Sep 1704Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19560
3 Frairy, Hannah  27 Mar 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19799
4 Frairy, John  27 Mar 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19796
5 Frairy, Prudence  27 Mar 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19800
6 Harding, Abraham  27 Mar 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I329
7 Harding, John  27 Mar 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19801
8 Harding, John  12 Mar 1719Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19801
9 Harding, Mary  27 Mar 1670Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I19803
10 Partridge, Margare  1695Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I429
11 Wheeler, Isaac  1 Dec 1725Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I635
12 Wight, Samuel  1710Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21061


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Ellice  20 Mar 1677/78Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F669
2 Adams / Partridge  4 Apr 1681Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F35
3 Adams / Rockwood  Mar 1652Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F31
4 Adams / Sheffield  1697Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F418
5 Adams / Taylor  6 Jan 1709/10Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F33
6 Albee / Cook  18 Oct 1671Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F933
7 Albee / Miller  29 Jul 1627Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F934
8 Barber / Ellis  30 Aug 1683Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F869
9 Bass / Wood  4 Oct 1660Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F82
10 Cheney / Wiswel  say 1657Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F163
11 Ellis / Wight  21 May 1659Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F870
12 Frairy /   25 Dec 1656Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F366
13 Fussell / Squire  Abt 1651Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F29
14 Harding / Mason  26 Apr 1677Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F368
15 Leland / Hill  5 Nov 1678Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F152
16 Mason / Partridge  23 Apr 1653Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F370
17 Partridge / Adams  1688Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F45
18 Partridge / Bullard  18 Dec 1655Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F36
19 Partridge / Rockwood  24 Dec 1678Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F439
20 Partridge / Wheelock  14 Jul 1708Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F861
21 Rocket / Kendrick  10 Nov 1703Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F873
22 Rockwood / Duntling  1675Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F516
23 Rockwood / Holbrook  16 Jul 1656Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F387
24 Thurstune / Thaxter  13 Dec 1655Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F577
25 Wight / Eliot  7 Dec 1665Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F1183

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