Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, and Woodman
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Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.1417641, Longitude: -71.39672559999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Abigail  23 Jun 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15222
2 Adams, Asa  26 Mar 1757Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15251
3 Adams, Benjamin  Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15214
4 Adams, Daniel  18 Jan 1724Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15219
5 Adams, Daniel  20 Apr 1750Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15248
6 Adams, Deborah  12 Mar 1717Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15216
7 Adams, Elizabeth  12 May 1721Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15218
8 Adams, Molly  13 Jul 1751Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15249
9 Adams, Moses  4 Aug 1731Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15221
10 Adams, Ruth  6 Mar 1728Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15220
11 Adams, Sarah  17 Nov 1714Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15215
12 Adams, Sarah  17 Mar 1718/19Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15217
13 Adams, Sybil  28 Jan 1753Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I28
14 Adams, Tabitha  12 Nov 1738Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15223
15 Adams, Thomas  15 Apr 1726Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I24
16 Adams, Thomas  13 Dec 1754Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15250
17 Barber, Abigail  27 Mar 1732/33Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I915
18 Barber, Elizabeth  30 Oct 1740Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15576
19 Barber, James  4 May 1738Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15575
20 Barber, Joseph  23 Apr 1731Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15573
21 Barber, Mary  2 Apr 1729Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15572
22 Barber, Samuel  23 Mar 1727Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15571
23 Barber, Sarah  27 Jan 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15574
24 Harding, Abigail  22 Sep 1726Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15196
25 Harding, Abijah  12 Oct 1750Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I334
26 Harding, Alpheus  22 Sep 1762Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15212
27 Harding, Hannah  18 Oct 1747Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15209
28 Harding, John Jr  20 Jan 1723/24Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I332
29 Harding, John  18 Feb 1757Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15211
30 Harding, Kezia  12 Dec 1745Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15208
31 Harding, Kezia  10 Feb 1771Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15252
32 Harding, Mary  2 Mar 1755Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15210
33 Harding, Mercy  9 Dec 1737Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15198
34 Harding, Thankful  17 Dec 1735Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15197
35 Partridge, Abigail  14 Nov 1782Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I631
36 Partridge, Betsey  11 Nov 1791Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15609
37 Partridge, David  21 May 1718Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15564
38 Partridge, David  30 Dec 1765Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15580
39 Partridge, David  31 Mar 1795Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15610
40 Partridge, Ede  4 Dec 1727Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15242
41 Partridge, Eli  3 Jun 1729Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15569
42 Partridge, Elijah  4 Apr 1762Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15578
43 Partridge, Elizabeth  17 Aug 1720Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15239
44 Partridge, Eunice  15 Mar 1758Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15577
45 Partridge, Hannah  12 Feb 1728/29Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15243
46 Partridge, Hannah  12 Feb 1731Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15244
47 Partridge, Huldah  18 Jul 1722Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15240
48 Partridge, Jabez  21 Nov 1741Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15230
49 Partridge, Jasper  15 Apr 1732Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15245
50 Partridge, Jonathan  16 Jul 1724Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15241
51 Partridge, Joseph  22 Aug 1715Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15563
52 Partridge, Learned  7 Feb 1734/35Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15246
53 Partridge, Martha  16 Mar 1718Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15238
54 Partridge, Mary  19 Jul 1726Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I25
55 Partridge, Mehetabel  24 Apr 1720Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15565
56 Partridge, Moses  28 Aug 1733Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15570
57 Partridge, Polly  11 May 1789Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15608
58 Partridge, Reuban  21 Nov 1741Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15229
59 Partridge, Samuel  24 Jun 1722Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15566
60 Partridge, Samuel  18 Mar 1756Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I916
61 Partridge, Sarah  24 Jun 1722Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15567
62 Partridge, Sarah  27 Sep 1724Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15568
63 Partridge, Seth  17 Mar 1713Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15562
64 Partridge, Silas  22 Jul 1737Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15247
65 Partridge, Silence  9 Oct 1784Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15606
66 Partridge, Thaddeus  28 Nov 1739Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15228
67 Partridge, Timothy  18 Jan 1727Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I914
68 Partridge, Zillah  15 Mar 1764Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15579
69 Partridge, Zillah  27 May 1786Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15607
70 Pond, Mary  6 Feb 1739Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15207
71 Pond, Timothy  13 Aug 1737Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15206


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Partridge, David  18 Jul 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15564
2 Partridge, Elizabeth  27 Jun 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15239
3 Partridge, Joseph  18 Jul 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15563
4 Partridge, Martha  27 Jun 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15238
5 Partridge, Mehetabel  18 Jul 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15565
6 Partridge, Moses  25 Sep 1741Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15570
7 Partridge, Preserved  18 Jul 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15560
8 Partridge, Samuel  18 Jul 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15566
9 Partridge, Seth  18 Jul 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15562
10 Partridge, Timothy  18 Oct 1741Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I914
11 Pond, Bathsheba  20 Oct 1734Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15205
12 Pond, Dinah  2 Sep 1731Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15204
13 Pond, Esther  14 May 1727Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15201
14 Pond, Jamima  10 Dec 1727Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15202
15 Pond, Kezia  14 May 1727Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I333
16 Pond, Mary  14 May 1727Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15200
17 Pond, Samuel  10 Aug 1729Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15203
18 Pond, Timothy  18 Sep 1737Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15206


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Abigail  27 May 1810Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15222
2 Adams, Daniel  26 May 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15219
3 Adams, Daniel  12 Sep 1772Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21
4 Adams, Elizabeth  14 Aug 1719Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I471
5 Adams, John  01 Mar 1751Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I10085
6 Adams, Moses  5 Sep 1815Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15221
7 Adams, Sarah  1 Apr 1716Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15215
8 Adams, Sarah  28 Jan 1793Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15217
9 Adams, Thomas  5 Dec 1773Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I24
10 Barber, Abigail  22 Feb 1809Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I915
11 Barber, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1778Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15576
12 Barber, James  6 Jun 1824Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15575
13 Barber, John  20 Jun 1754Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15199
14 Barber, Joseph  3 Mar 1770Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I922
15 Barber, Joseph  12 Jan 1812Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15573
16 Barber, Samuel  28 Oct 1728Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15571
17 Bullard, John  10 Jan 1754Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I119
18 Bullard, Thankful  2 Mar 1793Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I121
19 Harding, Abigail  4 Apr 1804Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15196
20 Harding, Abraham  11 Jun 1734Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I329
21 Harding, Alpheus  9 Feb 1779Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15212
22 Harding, John  10 Aug 1782Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I331
23 Harding, John Jr  23 Sep 1809Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I332
24 Harding, John  11 Mar 1833Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15211
25 Hawes, Abigail  28 May 1776Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I923
26 Hill, Mary  9 Feb 1785Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15150
27 Kendrick, Sarah  05 Sep 1714Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I926
28 Learned, Elizabeth  23 Apr 1738Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I27
29 Leland, Abigail  30 Nov 1761Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I120
30 Partridge, Benoni  26 Dec 1769Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I912
31 Partridge, David  16 Mar 1742Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15564
32 Partridge, David  25 Sep 1783Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15580
33 Partridge, Deborah  01 Mar 1751Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I20
34 Partridge, Elijah  4 Apr 1762Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15578
35 Partridge, Eunice  9 Oct 1828Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15577
36 Partridge, Huldah  Mar 1762Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15240
37 Partridge, John  09 Dec 1743Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I469
38 Partridge, Learned  youngMedway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15246
39 Partridge, Mehetabel  4 Aug 1741Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15565
40 Partridge, Samuel  7 Sep 1741Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15566
41 Partridge, Seth  5 Aug 1786Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15562
42 Partridge, Silence  14 Oct 1784Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15606
43 Partridge, Timothy  18 Sep 1787Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I914
44 Partridge, Zillah  12 Oct 1783Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15579
45 Pond, Bathsheba  1807Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15205
46 Pond, Dinah  5 Jun 1808Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15204
47 Pond, Esther  15 Feb 1797Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15201
48 Pond, Jamima  19 May 1766Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15202
49 Pond, Kezia  26 Aug 1797Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I333
50 Pond, Mary  2 Nov 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15200
51 Pond, Samuel  6 Apr 1746Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I477
52 Sanford, Sarah  7 Nov 1772Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I22
53 Thurstune, Mary  7 May 1754Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I478
54 Wheelock, Mehetabel  20 Jan 1761Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I913


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Adams, Daniel  1710Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inventory    Person ID 
1 Harding, John  29 Aug 1782Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I331


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land    Person ID 
1 Partridge, Elijah  1787Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15578
2 Partridge, Jonathan  1713Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I26

Married To

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married To    Person ID 
1 Adams, Abigail  9 Feb 1757Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15222
2 Adams, Asa  30 Aug 1777Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15251
3 Adams, Ezekiel  8 May 1728Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14896
4 Adams, Ezekiel  23 Jul 1740Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14896
5 Adams, Jonathan  30 Apr 1732Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14897
6 Adams, Molly  30 Jan 1772Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15249
7 Adams, Ruth  17 May 1750Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15220
8 Adams, Tabitha  27 Jun 1759Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15223
9 Adams, Tamezin  16 Jun 1719Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14895
10 Adams, Tamezin  7 Feb 1760Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I14895
11 Adams, Thomas  22 May 1777Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15250
12 Adams, Thomas  26 Aug 1790Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15250
13 Barber, Elizabeth  14 Jan 1768Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15576
14 Barber, James  3 Mar 1762Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15575
15 Barber, Mary  12 Oct 1752Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15572
16 Barber, Sarah  20 Jan 1762Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15574
17 Harding, Abigail  7 Feb 1744/45Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15196
18 Harding, John  3 Jan 1782Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15211
19 Harding, Kezia  8 Dec 1763Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15208
20 Harding, Mercy  9 Oct 1760Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15198
21 Harding, Thankful  3 Dec 1755Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15197
22 Hill, Joseph  22 Oct 1740Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15151
23 McIntire, Mary  2 Feb 1736Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15583
24 Partridge, Ede  18 Jan 1750Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15242
25 Partridge, Elijah  6 Jun 1784Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15578
26 Partridge, Elijah  10 Jun 1798Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15578
27 Partridge, Elizabeth  30 May 1738Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15239
28 Partridge, Eunice  6 Mar 1783Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15577
29 Partridge, Huldah  22 Oct 1740Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15240
30 Partridge, Martha  24 Jun 1740Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15238
31 Partridge, Moses  9 Sep 1755Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15570
32 Partridge, Preserved  10 Nov 1737Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15560
33 Partridge, Thaddeus  8 Dec 1763Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15228
34 Partridge, Thaddeus  8 Sep 1766Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15228
35 Pond, Bathsheba  15 Apr 1753Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15205
36 Pond, Dinah  4 Jul 1754Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15204
37 Pond, Esther  28 Feb 1743Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15201
38 Pond, Jamima  14 Mar 1745/46Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15202
39 Pond, Mary  18 Jan 1759Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15207
40 Pond, Timothy  14 Feb 1763Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15206

Office Held

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Office Held    Person ID 
1 Harding, John  1740Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I331
2 Partridge, Jonathan  1738Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I26


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate/Proved    Person ID 
1 Harding, John  2 Apr 1833Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15211


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Proprietor    Person ID 
1 Partridge, Benoni  1713Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I912


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Pond, Esther  1750Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15201
2 Pond, Kezia  9 Aug 1741Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I333
3 Thurstune, Mary  2 Apr 1727Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I478


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bullard, John  say 1730Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I119


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Adams, Daniel  5 Sep 1772Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I21
2 Adams, Moses  7 Nov 1815Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15221
3 Harding, John  3 Jun 1778Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I331
4 Harding, John Jr  17 Jun 1779Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I332
5 Harding, John  4 Feb 1827Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I15211


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Partridge  27 Dec 1748Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F40
2 Barber / Ellis   F7724
3 Barber / Hawes  19 May 1726Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F864
4 Barber / Thurstune  28 Nov 1751Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F492
5 Harding / Adams  12 Jul 1770Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F47
6 Harding / Pond  9 Jan 1745Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F371
7 Jones / Adams  25 Jan 1727Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F417
8 Partridge / Barber  15 Jan 1755Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F863
9 Partridge / Learned  13 Nov 1717Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F42
10 Partridge / Phipps  18 Jan 1739Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F43
11 Partridge / Sheffield  17 Apr 1721Medway, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F484