Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, and Woodman
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# Person ID Full Name
1 I7302  a concubine 
2 I9683  a Hittite Princess 
3 I3406  a kinswoman of St. Clothilde 
4 I4707  a Merovingian woman 
5 I7330  a Princess of the Kumans 
6 I9679  a princess of the XIX dynasty 
7 I9211  a Suevic chieftain 
8 I5753  Aalgut 
9 I5967  Aaron Amitopulos of Bulgaria 
10 I6948  Aaron ap Paen 
11 I4677  Aba 
12 I6208  Abba, Exilarch at Babylon 
13 I6214  Abba ben Aivu 
14 I9717  Abbad ibn Aslan 
15 I7107  Abbo le Breton 
16 I9775  Abd al-Muttalib Shayba al Hamd 
17 I9761  Abd Shams Saba "the Great" of al-Hira 
18 I9851  Abdallah ibn Abd Muttalib 
19 I1809  Abigail 
20 I9722  Abu Farisi of al-Hira 
21 I8902  Abu Taglib Fad'lallah, Hamdanid Emir of Mosel 
22 I8921  Acfred, Count of Auvergn and Duke of Aquitaine 
23 I4896  Acfrid II, Count of Carcassonne, and Rasez 
24 I9531  Ach├Žus, Prince of Syria 
25 I5768  Acibella of Gascony 
26 I7002  Ada 
27 I8667  Ada 
28 I8704  Ada d'Avesnes 
29 I6633  Ada de Engayne 
30 I6999  Ada de Hugleville 
31 I8970  Ada of Amiens 
32 I4103  Ada of Huntington 
33 I4385  Adalaicia 
34 I5202  Adalbero, Margrave of Carinthia 
35 I9114  Adalbert, Lord of Burgelm 
36 I9116  Adalbert, Count of Morsberg, Kyburg, and Winterthur 
37 I4035  Adalbert, Count of Werl 
38 I4556  Adalbert, Count of Metz 
39 I5163  Adalbert, Duke of Alsace 
40 I6159  Adalbert I, Count de la Haute Mache and Perigord 
41 I9112  Adalbert I, Count of Winterthur and Kyburg 
42 I3215  Adalbert I, Count of Namur 
43 I3285  Adalbert I, Margrave of Ivrea 
44 I4006  Adalbert I, Marquesse of Ivrea 
45 I4300  Adalbert I, Count and Duke of Lucca 
46 I5190  Adalbert I, Count of Carinthia 
47 I5709  Adalbert I, Count in the Hegau and both Rhaetias 
48 I3217  Adalbert II, Comte de Namur 
49 I4309  Adalbert II, King of Lombardy, Joint-King of Italy 
50 I4348  Adalbert II, Count in the Saargau, of Alsace and of Metz, Duke of Lower Lorraine 
51 I6029  Adalbert II, Count of Modena and Canossa 
52 I5707  Adalbert II "the Illustrious", Count in the Thurgau 
53 I4297  Adalbert II "the Rich", Count and Duke of Lucca 
54 I3803  Adalbert II von Egisheim, Count of Egisheim and Dagsburg-Moha 
55 I4142  Adalbert III, Count de la Haute Marche 
56 I4293  Adalbert III, Margrave of Tuscany 
57 I4307  Adalbert III, Count of Longwy and Duke of Upper Lorraine 
58 I4422  Adalbert III, Count of Namur 
59 I5706  Adalbert III, Count in the Zurichgau 
60 I4031  Adalbert von Saffenberg, Count of Norvenich 
61 I8609  Adalbert von Sommerschenburg, Count in the Nordthuringau and Oerlingen 
62 I8880  Adalberto II, Marchese of Este, Count of Vincenza 
63 I4859  Adalelme 
64 I9258  Adalgunde of Burgundy 
65 I6173  Adaltrude 
66 I6778  Adam 
67 I6774  Adam de Aldithley 
68 I7034  Adam de la Ford 
69 I8583  Adeidis von Sommerschenburg 
70 I6399  Adela 
71 I3435  Adela, Princess of Austrasia 
72 I3875  Adela 
73 I4011  Adela 
74 I5429  Adela 
75 I6797  Adela Talvasise 
76 I5364  Adela de Domfront 
77 I3261  Adela de Rameru and Montdidier 
78 I3713  Adela de Roucy 
79 I3513  Adela de Vexin 
80 I5434  Adela of Salins 
81 I8663  Adelaide 
82 I8746  Adelaide 
83 I8751  Adelaide 
84 I9240  Adelaide 
85 I9295  Adelaide 
86 I9302  Adelaide 
87 I3463  Adelaide, Princess of Hungary 
88 I4820  Adelaide 
89 I4871  Adelaide 
90 I4919  Adelaide 
91 I5074  Adelaide 
92 I5617  Adelaide 
93 I5670  Adelaide 
94 I6045  Adelaide 
95 I4917  Adelaide Beaujeu 
96 I4377  Adelaide de Beziers 
97 I4882  Adelaide de Beziers 
98 I5585  Adelaide de Breteuil 
99 I3729  Adelaide de Crecy 
100 I9045  Adelaide de Gournay 

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