Claude Boudrot

M, #18502, (circa 1703 - before 15 October 1765)
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     Claude lived at Havre-Tracadie, Île Saint-Jean (now Prince Edward's Island), New France.1 He was born circa 1703 at Beaubassin, Acadia, New France.2,3,4,1,5 He was the son of Michel Boudrot and Marie-Magdeleine Cormier. According to the Beaubassin Census of 1714, he was an orphan living with the family of Pierre and Claire (Cormier) Cyr.1

Claude Boudrot married Marie-Judith Bélieveau, daughter of Jean-Antoine Bélieveau and Cécile Melanson, circa 1724 at Beaubassin, Colony of Nova Scotia.

1. Anne Boudrot (1727-____) **
2. Marie-Judith Boudrot (1729-a1766)
3. Magdeleine Boudrot (1731-1764)
4. Claude Boudrot (1732-____)
5. Michel Boudrot (1733-1811)
6. Marie-Josèphte Boudrot (1735-____)
7. Marguerite Boudrot (1738-____)
8. Louise-Félicité Boudrot (1740-____)
9. Pierre Boudrot (1743-____.)2,3,1,5

Claude lived in 1727 at Port-Toulouse, Île Royale, New France.1 He died before 15 October 1765.5

Child of Claude Boudrot and Marie-Judith Bélieveau


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