Guillaume Gaudet

M, (1683 - after 1735)
Father-Biological*Pierre le Jeune Gaudet dit Blèche1
Mother-Biological*Marie Blanchard1
Family Lines
Boudreau Line
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     Guillaume Gaudet was born in 1683 at Port-Royal, Acadia, New France.2 He was the son of Pierre le Jeune Gaudet dit Blèche and Marie Blanchard.1 In the 1686 US Census, Guillaume was recorded, age 3, living in Port-Royal, Acadia, New France.2 In the 1693 US Census, Guillaume was recorded, age 9, living in Port-Royal, Acadia, New France.2 In the 1700 Census, Guillaume was recorded living in Port-Royal, Acadia, New France.2 In the 1701 US Census, Guillaume was recorded, age 18, living in Port-Royal, Acadia, New France.2

Guillaume Gaudet married Marie Boudreau, daughter of Abraham Boudrot c 1657 and Cécile Melanson, on 21 October 1709 at St-Jean-Baptist Paroisse, Port-Royal, Acadia, New France. The marriage record was signed by the groom and Denis Petitot. The bride and her father made their marks.2 Guillaume was a navigator.2 Extract of a letter of Governor Armstrong to the Lords of Trade in London dated 5th September 1725:
"I hope you will take into your consideration, and to lay the same before His Majesty as may forward the security of its settlement by a royal fortification, for the subjects are as yet discouraged, having no shelter from the daily insults and cruel Massacres of the Indians, who are supported and clandestinely encouraged by the French; who envying our growth and increase, supply them with powder and Ball, &c, in order to disturb our settlements; And last winter they were even piloted to this place, by one William (Guillaume) Gaudet and one Barthélémy Petipas (through no doubt the instigation and contrivances of most on the Island of Cape Breton.) Being informed of these, and a great many more of their underhand dealings, I judged it my duty to write to Governor St. Ovide for redress. And having herewith transmitted you my letter to him, his answer, my instructions to Hibbert Newton Esq. and Ensign John Broadstreet, and their Journal of Proceedings with him at Louisburg you will see that all the satisfaction I could get, is only pretended ignorance of notorious matters of fact and ambiguous fair promises of friendship without any punctual performances. And for his excuse for supplying of about two hundred of them this year, says that it is his most Christian Majesty's orders to him to distribute to the Indians their annual presents which chiefly consists of Arms, Powder and Ball &c, by which we Brittish subjects do greatly suffer, the War being thereby fomented and prolonged."2

He died after 1735 at Colony of Nova Scotia, British North America.2

Children of Guillaume Gaudet and Marie Boudreau


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