Marie-Madeleine Boudrot1

F, (circa 1733 - )
Father-Biological*Pierre Boudrot1 b. 1693, d. 15 Mar 1769
Mother-Biological*Madeleine Hébert1 b. c 1694, d. b 18 Aug 1760
Last Edited=16 Aug 2023
     Marie-Madeleine Boudrot was born circa 1733 at Pisiguit, Colony of Nova Scotia, British North America.1 She was the daughter of Pierre Boudrot and Madeleine Hébert.1

Marie-Madeleine Boudrot married Joseph-Dominique Babin, son of Pierre Babin and Marie Landry, circa 1750 at Acadia, New France.

1. Magdeleine-Marthe Babin
2. Paul Babin
3. Marguerite Babin
4. Joseph Babin
5. Jean-Baptiste Babin.1

Marie-Madeleine Boudrot married Joseph Landry, son of Pierre-Alexandre Landry and Marguerite Forest, circa 1751 at Acadia, New France.

1. Joseph Landry
2. Simon Landry
3. Madeleine Landry.1


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