Emmanuel Le Borgne de Bélisle1

M, (1676 - circa 1750)
Father-Biological*Governor Alexandre Le Borgne de Belle-Isle1 b. 12 Mar 1640, d. b 10 May 1692
Mother-Biological*Marie Saint-Étienne de Latour1 b. c 1654, d. 28 May 1739
Last Edited=10 Sep 2023
     Emmanuel Le Borgne de Bélisle was born in 1676 at Port-Royal, Acadia, New France.1 He was the son of Governor Alexandre Le Borgne de Belle-Isle and Marie Saint-Étienne de Latour.1

Emmanuel Le Borgne de Bélisle married Cécile Thibodeau, daughter of Pierre Thibodeau and Jeanne Thériot, in 1698 at Port-Royal, Acadia, New France.

1. Marie Le Borgne.1

Emmanuel Le Borgne de Bélisle died circa 1750 at Annapolis Royal, Colony of Nova Scotia, British North America.1


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