Jean Fougère1

M, (13 September 1684 - before 1749)
Father-Biological*Jean Fougère1 d. 1688
Mother-Biological*Marie Barre1 b. c 1667, d. c 1689
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     Jean Fougère was born on 13 September 1684 at Poupry, Eure-et-Loir, Centre-Val de Loire, France.1 He was the son of Jean Fougère and Marie Barre.1

Jean Fougère, age 29, married Marie Bourg, daughter of Abraham Bourg and Marie-Sébastienne Brun, on 27 November 1713 at Annapolis Royal, Colony of Nova Scotia, British North America.

1. Margaret Fougère
2. Marie-Josèphe Fougère
3. Marguerite Fougère
4. Jean Fougère
5. Joseph Fougère
6. Marie-Josèphe Fougère
7. Anne Fougère
8. Charles Fougère.1

Jean married second in 1728 at Port-Toulouse, Île Royale (now Cape Breton), Acadia, New France, Marie-Madeleine Belliveau, the daughter of Jean Belliveau and Cécile Melansosn. She was born about 1711 in Port-Royal, Acadia. After Jean's death, she remarried in 1750, in Port-Toulouse, Île Royale, New France, Claude Dugas.
1. Louis Fougère
2. Madeleine Fougère
3. Madeleine Fougère
4. Judith Fougère
5. Marie-Louise Fougère
6. Barbe Fougère
7. Marie Fougère
8. Jean Fougère
9. Michel Fougère
10. Marie-Gervasise Fougère.1

He died before 1749 at Port-Toulouse, Île Royale (now Cape Breton), Acadia, New France.1


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