Clément Benoit1

M, #20867, (circa 1677 - before 24 June 1748)
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Father-Biological*Martin Benoit1
Mother-Biological*Marie Chaussegros1
     Clément Benoit was born circa 1677 at Pisiguit, Acadia, New France.1 He was the son of Martin Benoit and Marie Chaussegros.1

Clément Benoit married Anne Babin, daughter of Antoine Babin and Marie Mecer, circa 1705.

1. Claude Benoit
2. Charles Benoit
3. ______ Benoit
4. Marie Benoit
5. Catherine Benoit
6. Alexis Benoit
7. Brigitte Benoit.1

Clément Benoit died before 24 June 1748 at Pisiguit, Colony of Nova Scotia. He was noted as being deceased at the burial of his daughter, Brigitte on 24 Jun 1748.1


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