Welcome to a Snap Shot of My Current Genealogical Research.

Welcome to my insanity. I have been tracing my family's ancestry since 1980. I am moving over to a different on-line display of my research. It is slowly growing, as I am not only transferring data I already have, but adding to it as well. My plan is to work through the ancestors of all my grandchildren, then work on the siblings of these ancestors. While my main audience is my extended family, hopefully my research will help other's as well.

This is an ongoing work, and should not be considered complete. I continue my research, as well as documentation. If your line matches part of mine, do check back on occasion and see if further data has been added in that part. You can use the Update Listing to see my latest changes. I usually update this site twice a month, on or around the 15th and the last day of the month

Places: There are many schools of thought on how you list locations. Names change, and I have chosen to list the modern name and locations so that my family can easily find it on a map, or even visit it. A person born in Alsace, is listed as France, regardless of who owned or claimed Alsace at that time. If there are significant name changes, I will list it as say Constantinople, (now Istanbul). In both the US the state is listed as it is today. The following exemptions Highlight significant historical changes:

  • Acadia - This colony was originally part of New France and included what is now New Brunswick. In 1713, Acadia disappeared and became the Colony of Nova Scotia. At this time Port-Royal, was renamed Annapolis Royal. This colony included what is now New Brunswick, though the French still claimed it. In 1755 and in succeeding years, most of the French speaking population were deported. In 1763, with the treaty of Paris, these lands became Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, Canada. I have tried to name the locates as they were. One exception is cemeteries, which have their current location listed. In work

  • Prince Edward Island - This was part of Acadia technically, but almost always listed seperatly as Ille St. Jean. With the expulsion of the French speaking population (a small group hid in the forest and escaped decoration), it became St. John's Island, Colony of Nova Scotia. In 1767, it was renamed to Prince Edward Island..

  • Plymouth Colony - In 1691, Plymouth Colony merged with the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Events in the towns in Plymouth Colony before 1691, are listed as Plymouth Colony, rather than Massachusetts.

  • New Netherland - Events that occurred in what is now New York State, before 1674, are listed as New Netherland.

  • New France - Events that occurred in what is now Canada before 10 February 1763, with the exception of Acadia, and listed as occurring in New France.

  • Absorbed Towns - Especially in Europe, as towns and cities grew, there has been a move to combine them into one name, generally the biggest. Whenever possible, I have tried to use the original name if it is still avalable on Wikipedia.

Discrepancies: Often times there are discrepancies in dates or locations. I have tried to choose the one that I think is more valid, but at the bottom of the page, you will see a section called "Compiler's Notes" that describes the conflicts, and the reason for my choices.

The Enchanted Barn
The Enchanted Barn