Skjöldr ~ King of the Danes (legendary)

M, (circa 237 - )
Father-Biological*Odin of Asgard b. c 215
Mother-Biological*Frigg b. c 219
Family Lines
Roy Line

Boudreau Line
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     Skjöldr ~ King of the Danes (legendary) was born circa 237 at Hleithra (now Lejre), Denmark.1 He was the son of Odin of Asgard and Frigg. Odin came from Asia (Scythia) and conquered Northern Europe. He gave Sweden to his son Yngvi and Denmark to his son Skjöldr. Since then the kings of Sweden were called Ynglings and those of Denmark Skjöldungs.2

Skjöldr ~ King of the Danes (legendary) married Gefion.1 His body was laid in a ship surrounded by treasures:
They decked his body no less bountifully
with offerings than those first ones did
who cast him away when he was a child
and launched him alone out over the waves.2

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