Philip I of Namur , Margrave of Namur

M, (1175 - 9 October 1212)
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Philip I of Namur
     Philip I of Namur , Margrave of Namur was born in 1175. He was a twin.1 Philip became, in 1195, the Margrave of Namu.1 Baldwin V had fought a war with his uncle, Henry IV of Luxembourg, to establish Namur as independent from Luxembourg in 1190 and in 1194, the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI declared Namur to be a margraviate. Baldwin's will left Namur to Philip, but as a fief of Hainault.[1] However, Theobald I of Bar, who had married Henry of Luxembourg's heiress, Ermesinda, refused to relinquish Namur and attacked Philip, besieging him in Namur. The war lasted for three years until the Treaty of Dinant, signed on 26 July 1199, recognized Philip as holder of Namur.1 Philip was left as regent of Hainault while his elder brother, Baldwin VI, went on the Fourth Crusade and acted as guardian to Baldwin's daughters, Joanna and Margaret.

Philip I of Namur , Margrave of Namur married Marie of France , Duchess of Brabant, daughter of Philip II Augustus , King of France and Agnes of Merania, in 1211. Their marriage was a diplomatic move by her father, Philip II, to gain control over Flanders and Hainault. When his father, Baldwin was captured at Adrianople, Philip was summoned to a meeting by Philip Augustus, King of France, at Pont de l'Arche. Philip was forced to swear fealty to the King of France and give Baldwin's daughters as wards of the King. Along with these exactions Philip was forced to marry Marie.1 Philip I of Namur , Margrave of Namur died on 9 October 1212 at Valenciennes, France, from dysentery.1


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