Pope Calixtus II

F, #13976, ( - 3 December 1124)
Last Edited=15 Jun 2022
Father-Biological*William II the Great ~ Comte de Bourgogne et Mâcon b. c 1024, d. 12 Nov 1087
Mother-Biological*Stephanie de Longwy b. c 1035, d. a 1088
     Pope Calixtus II was born at Burgundy, France.1 She was the daughter of William II the Great ~ Comte de Bourgogne et Mâcon and Stephanie de Longwy. Calixtus was elected Pope on 8 February 1119. The Pope's right to nominate bishops was agreed to with the Concordat of Worms during his pontificate. He called the 9th Ecumenical Council and proclaimed the 2nd Crusade. His birth name was Gui of Burgundy. She died on 3 December 1124.


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