Alfonso I the Battler , King of Aragon

M, #14266, (between 1073 and 1074 - 7 September 1134)
Coin of Alfonso I
Last Edited=13 May 2023
     Alfonso I the Battler , King of Aragon was born between 1073 and 1074.1 He joined El Cid's expeditions in Valencia in 1090.1 In 1105, he conquered Ejea and Tauste and refortified Castellar and Juslibol. In 1106, he defeated Ahmad II al-Musta'in of Zaragoza at Valtierra. In 1107, he took Tamarite de Litera and Esteban de la Litera.1 With his marriage to Urraca, queen regnant of Castile, León, and Galicia, in 1109, he began to use, with some justification, the grandiose title Emperor of Spain, formerly employed by his father-in-law, Alfonso VI.1

Alfonso I the Battler , King of Aragon married Urraca la Temeraria , Infanta of Castile and León, Countess of Galicia, age 30 , daughter of Alfonso VI the Brave of León and Castile , King of Castile, León, and Navarre and Constance of Burgundy, in October 1109 at Monzón Castle, Monzón, Aragon, Spain. He won his greatest military successes in the middle Ebro, where he conquered Zaragoza in 1118 and took Ejea, Tudela, Calatayud, Borja, Tarazona, Daroca, and Monreal del Campo.1 Alfonso I the Battler , King of Aragon died on 7 September 1134.1


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