Benjamin Fowler Parkman1

M, (14 February 1810 - 24 April 1885)
Father-Biological*John Parkman
Mother-Biological*Lydia Pratt
Last Edited=11 Sep 2022
     Benjamin Fowler Parkman was born on 14 February 1810 at Palmyra, Maine.1 He was the son of John Parkman and Lydia Pratt.

Benjamin Fowler Parkman married Mary Higgins in 1834.

Benjamin Fowler Parkman, age 24, married Abbie W. Berry, age 12 , daughter of Eliphalet Berry and Mary P. Kimball, on 16 October 1834 at Palmyra, Maine.

1. Orin A. Parkman (c1836-____)
2. Franklin O. Parkman (c1842-____)
3. Henry Orison Parkman (c1847-____)
4. Clarence W. Parkman (c1852-____)
5. Ella Mary Parkman (1855-____)
6. Romanzo W. Parkman (1859-1922.)1

Benjamin, age 39 years, and Mary, age 33 years, appeared on the US Census of 1850 at Palmyra, Maine.2 Benjamin was a farmer in 1850.2 According to the Federal Census in 1860, Benjamin was a farmer.3 Benjamin, age 49 years, appeared on the US Census of 1860 at Palmyra, Maine.3 He, age 69 years, appeared as head of household on the census of 1880 at Palmyra, Maine.4 According to the Canadian Census in 1880, Benjamin was a farmer.4 He died in 1885. He died on 24 April 1885 at Palmyra, Maine, at age 75.1

Child of Benjamin Fowler Parkman and Mary Higgins


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