Ebenezer Cheney

M, #15619, (10 July 1741 - 14 November 1828)
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     Ebenezer Cheney was born on 10 July 1741 at Mendon, Worcester County, Massachusetts.1,2 He was the son of William Cheney and Joanna Thayer. Ebenezer Cheney was christened on 19 July 1741 at Milford, Worcester County, Massachusetts.3,1,4

Ebenezer Cheney, age 18, married Abigail Thompson on 18 March 1760 at Mendon, Worcester County, Massachusetts,

1. Elijah Cheney (1760-1760)
2. Ebenezer Cheney (1761-____)
3. Elijah Cheney (1764-____)
4. Abner Cheney (1765-1797)
5. Simon Cheney (1767-____)
6. Joanna Cheney (1768-1862)
7. Sarah Cheney (1770-1779)
8. infant Cheney
9. infant Cheney
10. Abigail Cheney
11. Daniel Cheney (1774-____.)1,3,2

Ebenezer served in the French and Indian War, enlisting from Mendon, 27 April 1760 in Capt. William Jones' Company. He was discharged 26 November 1760 after 30 weeks of service. During this time he was promoted to Sergeant.1 Ebenezer Cheney was Ebenezer Cheney was received into full communion in the Milford Church on 30 August 1767.1 He died on 14 November 1828 at Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts, at age 87.1,5,6 He was buried at North Orange Cemetery, Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts. Ebenezer's epitaph reads:

Mr. Ebenezer Cheney
d. Nov. 14, 1828
æ. 87 yr.5

Complier's Notes:
Marriage Place: Ballou (1882) gives their marriage place as Milford, Massachusetts.3


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