Abigail Blodgett Wheeler

F, (30 August 1816 - 2 December 1897)
Father-Biological*Captain Rowland Wheeler1 b. 21 Oct 1785, d. 13 Nov 1867
Mother-Biological*Lydia Gates1 b. 6 Dec 1789, d. 4 Feb 1861
Last Edited=14 Nov 2022
     Abigail Blodgett Wheeler was born on 30 August 1816 at Rutland, Massachusetts.2,3,4,1,5 She was the daughter of Captain Rowland Wheeler and Lydia Gates.1 Abigail Blodgett Wheeler and William S. Rollins filed marriage intentions on 5 November 1836 at Rutland, Massachusetts.4

Abigail Blodgett Wheeler, age 20, married William S. Rollins on 6 December 1836 at Charlestown, Massachusetts.

1. Martha Jane Rollins (1838-____)
2. Charles H. Rollins (1841-____)
3. Mary Ann Rollins (1844-1873.)2

Abigail Blodgett Wheeler, age 40, married Frederick Leeds, age 50 , son of Samuel Leeds and Martha Faxon, on 27 April 1857.2,1 Abigail Blodgett Wheeler died on 2 December 1897 at Havensville, Pottawatomie County, Kansas, at age 81.2


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