Abraham Pierce1

M, (circa 1605 - )
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     Abraham Pierce was born circa 1605 at England. He was 18 when he arrived in 1623.2 He immigrated in 1623 to Plymouth, Plymouth Colony, on board the Anne.2 He was one of the two servents of Mr. John Pierce in the 1623 Plymouth division of land who received an acre of land as a passenger on the Anne.2 On 20 January 1627, he sold to Captain Miles Standish two shares in a red cow for two ewe lambs.2 On 28 September 1629, he sold the acre he recieved from the town to Thomas Clark.2 He was admitted as a freeman circa 1633/34 at Plymouth, Plymouth Colony. His name appears on the list of freeman admitted on 1 January 1632/3 and those admitted on 1 January 1633/34.2 He served on a Coroner's jury in February 1635/36.2

Abraham Pierce married Rebecca Lothrop before 1638 at Plymouth, Plymouth Colony.1,2 Abraham and Rebeccamoved to Duxbury, Plymouth Colony, after 1643.2 On 2 March 1651/52, he was presented for "slothful and negligent spendin the Sabbath and not frequenting the public assembly." He was warned to amend and excused.2

Children of Abraham Pierce and Rebecca Lothrop


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