Jonathan Lovejoy1

M, (17 January 1757 - 17 June 1775)
Father-Biological*Deacon John Lovejoy1 b. 5 Jan 1719/20, d. 1795
Mother-Biological*Sarah Pierce1 b. 27 Nov 1731, d. 1800
Last Edited=26 May 2023
     Jonathan Lovejoy was born on 17 January 1757 at Lunenburg, Massachusetts.1,2 He was the son of Deacon John Lovejoy and Sarah Pierce.1 He volunteered on 20 April 1775, after hearing of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. He arrived in Cambridge 21 April 1775. He returned home four days later and was paid 6/6 for his service.2 On 20 May 1775, he re-enlisted, joining Captain Thomas' Compan, Col. James Reed's Regiment and was stationed in Medford and Charleston Neck before the Battle of Bunker Hill.2 Jonathan was killed in battle on 17 June 1775 at age 18 at the Battle of Bunker Hill. His company, lead b Captian Philip Thomas, sufered the most severaly out of any NH regiment. Jonathan's family was paid £6 for the loss of the following articles in the battle:
a surtout
four shirts
one coat
two waistcots
one gun
three pain of hose
on pouch
one neckcoth
one pair of trousers
one cart-box byanot.2


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