Angélique-Pelagie Thibodeau1

F, (circa 1704 - September 1756)
Father-Biological*Pierre Thibodeau l'aîné1 b. c 1670, d. a 1722
Mother-Biological*Anne-Marie Bourg1 b. c 1668, d. a 1712
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     Angélique-Pelagie Thibodeau was born circa 1704 at Acadia, New France.1 She was the daughter of Pierre Thibodeau l'aîné and Anne-Marie Bourg.1

Angélique-Pelagie Thibodeau married Antoine Barrieau, son of Nicolas Barrieau and Martine Hébert, in 1722 at Acadia, New France.

1. Risalie Barrieau
2. Françoise Barrieau
3. Antoine Barrieau
4. Félicité Barrieau
5. Jean-Baptiste Barrieau
6. Simon Barrieau
7. Marie-Josèphe Barrieau
8. Jea-Charles Barrieau
9. Eustache Barrieau
10. Marie-Blanche Barrieau
11. Marguerite-Josèphe Barrieau.1

Angélique-Pelagie Thibodeau died in September 1756 at Port-LaJoie, Île Saint-Jean (now Prince Edward's Island), New France.1


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