Marie Préjean1

F, (1684 - 1761)
Father-Biological*Jean Préjean dit Le Breton1 b. c 1651, d. c 5 Jun 1733
Mother-Biological*Andrée-Marguerite Savoie1 b. c 1667, d. a 1714
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     Marie Préjean was born in 1684 at Port-Royal, Acadia, New France.1 She was the daughter of Jean Préjean dit Le Breton and Andrée-Marguerite Savoie.1

Marie Préjean married Antoine Thibodeau, son of Pierre Thibodeau and Jeanne Thériot, on 8 October 1703 at Pobomcoup, Acadia, New France.

1. Catherine Thibodeau
2. Anne-Marie Thibodeau
3. Antoine Thibodeau
4. Marie-Joseph Thibodeau
5. Agathe Thibodeau
6. Marie-Madeleine Thibodeau
7. Zacharie Thibodeau
8. Cécile Thibodeau
9. anne Thibodeau
10. Joseph Thibodeau.1

Marie Préjean died in 1761 at Pobomcoup, Colony of Nova Scotia, British North America.1


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