Angélique Doiron1

F, (circa 1698 - circa 1780)
Father-Biological*Abraham Doiron1 b. 1672, d. b 1705
Mother-Biological*Anne Babin1 b. 1674, d. c 1722
Last Edited=10 Sep 2023
     Angélique Doiron was born circa 1698 at Pisiguit, Acadia, New France.1 She was the daughter of Abraham Doiron and Anne Babin.1

Angélique Doiron married François Boudrot, son of Charles Boudrot and Marie Corporon, in 1720 at Pisiguit, Colony of Nova Scotia, British North America.

1. Geneviève Boudrot
2. Alexandre Boudreaux
3. Germain Boudrot
4. Felix Boudrot
5. Amand Boudrot
6. Jean-Charles Boudrot
7. Marie Boudrot.1

Angélique Doiron died circa 1780.1


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