Jacques Le Prince1

M, (1646 - circa 1692)
Father-Biological*Nicolas Leprince1 b. c 1625, d. c 1700
Mother-Biological*Judith Hurault1 b. c 1625, d. c 1700
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     Jacques Le Prince was born in 1646 at Normandy, France.1 He was the son of Nicolas Leprince and Judith Hurault.1

Jacques Le Prince married Marguerite Hébert, daughter of Étienne Hébert and Marie Gaudet, in 1671 at Port-Royal, Acadia, New France.

1. Anne Le Prince
2. Antoine Le Prince
3. François Le Prince
4. Marguerite Le Prince (c1681-a1734) **
5. Étienne Le Prince
6. Jean Le Prince.1

Jacques Le Prince died circa 1692 at Pisiguit, Acadia, New France.1

Child of Jacques Le Prince and Marguerite Hébert


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