Cécile Hébert1

F, (circa 1689 - before April 1764)
Father-Biological*Éstienne Hébert1 b. c 1654, d. 2 Nov 1713
Mother-Biological*Jeanne Comeau1 b. c 1662, d. a 8 Oct 1725
Last Edited=22 Sep 2023
     Cécile Hébert was born circa 1689 at Grand-Pré, Acadia, New France.1 She was the daughter of Éstienne Hébert and Jeanne Comeau.1

Cécile Hébert married Jean Caissie dit Roger, son of Roger Caissie and Marie-Françoise Poirier, in 1706 at Grand-Pré, Acadia, New France.

1. Marie Caissie
2. Jacques Caissie
3. Brigitte Caissie
4. Cécile Caissie
5. Marguerite Caissie
6. Marie-Madeleine Caissie
7. Anne Caissie
8. Michel Caissie
9. Françoise Caissie
10. Marie-Blanche Caissie
11. Jeanne Caissie
12. Paul Caissie (1731-1763) **
13. Rosalie Caissie.1

Cécile Hébert died before April 1764 at Île Saint-Jean (now Prince Edward's Island), New France.1

Child of Cécile Hébert and Jean Caissie dit Roger


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