Henry I of Saxony ~ Duke of Bavaria1

M, #21007, (between 919 and 922 - 955)
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Father-Biological*Henry I the Fowler ~ Holy Roman Emperor2 b. 876, d. 2 Jul 936
Mother-Biological*Saint Mechtilde von Ringelheim2 b. bt 890 - 900, d. 14 Mar 968
     Henry I of Saxony ~ Duke of Bavaria was born between 919 and 922.1 He was the son of Henry I the Fowler ~ Holy Roman Emperor and Saint Mechtilde von Ringelheim.2

Henry I of Saxony ~ Duke of Bavaria married Judith of Bavaria, daughter of Arnulf I the Bad ~ Duke of Bavaria and Judith of Sülichgau, between 937 and 940.

1. Henry II "the Wrangler", Duke of Bavaria and Carinthia (951-995.)1,2

Henry became, in 948, the Duke of Bavaria. He was also the Duke of Lorraine (deposed); and Marquis of Verona and Aquilea.2 He died in 955.1

Compeller's Notes:
Stuart (2002) states he died after 973.2


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