Peter Holbrook1

M, (26 November 1713 - 13 July 1792)
Father-Biological*Peter Holbrook b. 16 Oct 1681, d. 24 Dec 1728
Mother-Biological*Hannah Pool b. 21 Oct 1687, d. 2 Dec 1743
Family Lines
Boudreau Line
Last Edited=25 Mar 2024
     Peter Holbrook was born on 26 November 1713 at Mendon, Massachusetts.2,3 He was the son of Peter Holbrook and Hannah Pool. His father, having died, and Peter being only 16, his uncle, John Holbrook of Bellingham, Massachusetts was appointed his gardian. Peter agreed and fixed his mark to the gardianship papers.4 On 3 April 1735, Peter, having come of age, was released from his gardianship.5

Peter Holbrook, age 22, married Sarah Clark, daughter of Joseph Clark and Hannah Church, on 27 January 1736 at Smithfield, Rhode Island.3,6 Peter Holbrook died on 13 July 1792 at Bellingham, Massachusetts, at age 78.3

Children of Peter Holbrook and Sarah Clark


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