Elias Helias Gifford

M, (circa 1145 - 1190)
Father-Biological*Elias Gifford b. fr 1095 - 1110, d. c 1166
Mother-Biological*Berta Clifford b. c 1107
Family Lines
Boudreau Line
Last Edited=15 Mar 2022
     Elias Helias Gifford was born circa 1145. He was the son of Elias Gifford and Berta Clifford.

Elias Helias Gifford married Maud FitzHarding de Berkley, daughter of Maurice "the Make Peace" FitzRobert and Alice de Berkeley, circa 1177. Elias Helias Gifford died in 1190.

Child of Elias Helias Gifford and Maud FitzHarding de Berkley