Dietrich III ~ Count of Holland

M, ( - 27 May 1039)
Father-Biological*Arnulf I ~ Count of West Friesland and Ghent d. 18 Sep 993
Mother-Biological*Luitgarde of Luxemburg d. 14 May 1005
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     Dietrich III ~ Count of Holland was the son of Arnulf I ~ Count of West Friesland and Ghent and Luitgarde of Luxemburg. Dietrich III ~ Count of Holland was also known as Dirik or Theodoric or Dirk.1 Dietrich became, in 993, the Count of Holland (West Friesland) but was under the regency of his mother until 1005.1

Dietrich III ~ Count of Holland married Othelendis, daughter of Bernard I ~ Margrave of the Saxon Nordmark and daughter of St. Vladimir I.1,2 In 1018, Count Dietrich built a stronghold at Vlaardingen, in a newly habitable area where many Frisians had recently settled by his invitation. He was not permitted to levy tolls or hinder trade in any way, but eventually he defied imperial rule. Working together with the Frisians now living in the area, he stopped passing ships, demanding payment of tolls. Merchants from the town of Tiel sent alarmed messages to the king and Bishop Adelbold of Utrecht about acts of violence against them by Dirk's men. Emperor Henry then decided to end Dirk III's reign and awarded his lands to Bishop Adelbold. A large imperial army, made up of troops supplied by the various bishops of region, under the command of Godfrey II, Duke of Lower Lorraine, then headed for the stronghold at Vlaardingen. The ensuing Battle of Vlaardingen was a disaster for the imperial army and a tremendous victory for Count Dirk; many of the imperial commanders perished and Duke Godfrey was captured. Following this victory, Dirk III was permitted to keep his lands and he continued levying tolls. Later on, Dirk also managed to acquire more lands east of his previous domains at the expense of the Bishop of Utrecht.1 Fter the death of Emperor Henry II in 1024, Dietrich supported Conrad II for the succession to the kingship.1 It is thought that Dietrich went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land around 1030, hence his nickname of Hierosolymita ("the Jerusalemite" in Latin). Dietrich III ~ Count of Holland died on 27 May 1039.2 He was buried at Egmond Abbey, Bergen, North Holland, Netherlands.1

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