Charles Robichaud dit Cadet

M, #717, (circa 1667 - before 18 May 1737)
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     Charles Robichaud dit Cadet was born circa 1667 at Port-Royal, Acadia.1,2,3,4 He was the son of Étienne Robichaud and Françoise Boudrot. In the 1686 Census, Charles was recorded, age 19, living in Port-Royal, Acadia. He was living wiht his widowed mother.1

Charles Robichaud dit Cadet married Marie Thibodeau, daughter of Pierre Thibodeau and Jeanne Thériot, in 1686 at Acadia, New France.

1. Angélique Robichaud
2. Charles Robichaud
3. René Robichaud
4. Anthoine Robichaud
5. Augustin Robichaud
6. Jean Robichaud
7. Alexandre Robichaud
8. Joseph Robichaud
9. François Robichaud.4,1

Charles signed by mark the oath of allegiance at Port Royal in Aug 1695.1

Charles Robichaud dit Cadet married Marie-Claire Bourg, daughter of Jean Bourg and Marguerite Martin, on 18 June 1703.4,5

Charles Robichaud dit Cadet died before 18 May 1737 at Annapolis Royal, Colony of Nova Scotia.1,4,5

Children of Charles Robichaud dit Cadet and Marie Thibodeau

Children of Charles Robichaud dit Cadet and Marie-Claire Bourg


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