Theobald III , Count of Brie

M, (13 January 1179 - 24 May 1201)
Father-Biological*Henry I the Generous , Count of Champagne and Brie b. c 1126, d. 17 Mar 1181
Mother-Biological*Marie of France , Princess of France b. 1145, d. 11 Mar 1198
Family Lines
Boudreau Line
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Seal of Theobald III
     Theobald III , Count of Brie was born on 13 January 1179 at Troyes, France.1,2,3 He was the son of Henry I the Generous , Count of Champagne and Brie and Marie of France , Princess of France. Theobald succeeded his father as the Count of Champagne in 1197.1,3 In 1198, Pope Innocent III called the Fourth Crusade. There was little enthusiasm for the crusade at first, but on 28 November 1199 various nobles of France gathered at Theobald's court for a tournament (in his castle at Ecry-sur-Aisne), including the preacher Fulk of Neuilly. There, they "took the cross", and elected Theobald their leader, but he died in 1201 and was replaced by Boniface I, Marquess of Montferrat.3

Theobald III , Count of Brie, age 20, married Blanche , Princess of Navarre, daughter of Sancho VI el Sabio , King of Navarre and Sancha , Infanta of Castile, on 1 July 1199 at Chartres, Eure-et-Loir, Centre-Val de Loire, France. As her dower, Blanche received Theobald's seven castles – Épernay, Vertus, Sézanne, Chantemerle, Pont-sur-Seine, Nogent-sur-Seine, and Méry-sur-Seine – and all the subsidiaries coming from these castles and castellaries at the Count's death in 1199.2,3 Theobald III , Count of Brie died on 24 May 1201 at Troyes, France, at age 22.1,2,3 He was buried at Saint-Étienne, Troyes, France, He was buried beside his father, Henry I.3

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Child of Theobald III , Count of Brie and Blanche , Princess of Navarre


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