Amadeo of Spoleto , Duke of Spoteto

M, ( - 940)
Father-Biological*Adalbert I ~ Margrave of Ivrea b. bt 880 - 885, d. 923
Mother-Biological*Emengarde of Tuscany b. 901, d. 29 Feb 932
Family Lines
Boudreau Line

Roy Line
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     Amadeo of Spoleto , Duke of Spoteto was the son of Adalbert I ~ Margrave of Ivrea and Emengarde of Tuscany.

Amadeo of Spoleto , Duke of Spoteto married Will.1 He served as Count of Pavia (c.924–29), Margrave of Ivrea (929–36) and Duke of Spoleto (936–40.)1 In 939, Hugh began occupying the former Exarchate of Ravenna, which had been under Roman control. Since the Spoletan dukes were traditionally autonomist, it is not unlikely that this move that brought the domain of royal control closer both to Anscar and to Alberic drove the two into an alliance.[4] Whatever the case, by the spring of 940 Hugh had turned against Anscar. According to Liutprand, he gave money to Sarlio to raise opposition to Anscar. With the support of the widow of the previous duke, Sarlio obtained information and followers in Spoleto. At a date unspecified, Sarlio raised a revolt against Anscar, who left the city of Spoleto to engage him. Outnumbered, his troops were defeated at the battle of Spoleto and Anscar killed while leading them in the second attack. Sarlio was put in charge of the duchy of Spoleto.1 Amadeo of Spoleto , Duke of Spoteto died in 940.1

Child of Amadeo of Spoleto , Duke of Spoteto and Will


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