Adalbert II ~ King of Lombardy, Joint-King of Italy

M, #8383, (between 932 and 936 - circa 30 April 971)
Adalbert II depicted in a 12th-century manuscrip
A silver denarius issued by Berengar (who is named on the obverse) and Adalbert (who is named on the reverse). The reverse reads Papia for Pavia.
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Family Lines

  • Roy Line
  • Boudreau Line
Father-Biological*Berenger II ~ King of Italy d. 6 Aug 966
Mother-Biological*Willa of Arles
     Adalbert II ~ King of Lombardy, Joint-King of Italy was born between 932 and 936.1,2 He was the son of Berenger II ~ King of Italy and Willa of Arles. Adalbert was crowned the Joint-King of Italy with his father, Berengar II after they were simultaneously elected by the high nobility to succeed King Lothar II of Italy in 950.1,2 In 951, King Otto I of Germany invaded Italy, forcing the release of Adelaide,the widow of Lothair II, King of Italy, and marrying her himself. He made no effort to depose the kings of Italy, however. Instead, Adalbert and Berengar were compelled to attend the Diet of Augsburg in Germany in August 952, where Otto formally invested them with the kingdom of Italy, thus subjecting the kingdom to Germany.2

Adalbert II ~ King of Lombardy, Joint-King of Italy married Gerberga, daughter of Lambert ~ Comte de Chaions, Viscomte de Dijon et Autun and Adelais, in 956.1

Adalbert was deposed along with his father, Berenger II in 961.2 He was defeated in battle by the army of Otto I in 965.2 He died circa 30 April 971 at Autun, Saône-et-Loire, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France.1

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Compeller's Notes:
Stuart (2002) states he had a son, Lamburt, with Gerberga. It appears they had only one child, Otto William.

Child of Adalbert II ~ King of Lombardy, Joint-King of Italy and Gerberga


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