Beatrice of France

F, (between 939 and 940 - 23 September 1003)
Father-Biological*Hugh Magnus the White ~ Duke of France and Normandy b. c 895, d. 16 Jun 956
Mother-Biological*Hedwig of Saxony b. c 921, d. 10 May 965
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Beatrice of France
     Beatrice of France was born between 939 and 940.1,2,3 She was the daughter of Hugh Magnus the White ~ Duke of France and Normandy and Hedwig of Saxony.

Beatrice of France married Frederick I ~ Count of Bar and Duke of Upper Lorraine, son of Wigeric ~ Count in the Triergau and Ardennesgau and Kunigunde, in 954.1,3 She was the duchess consort of Upper Lorraine by marriage to Frederick I, Duke of Upper Lorraine.3 She was the regent of Upper Lorraine of her son Thierry I, during his minority, officially until 978, but effectively until 980.3 In 983 she traveled to Otto II's court in Verona.3 Beatrice of France died on 23 September 1003.2,3

Compeller's Notes:
Death: She may have possibly died in 1005.


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