Saint Olaf Haraldsson , King of Norway

M, (circa 995 - 29 July 1030)
Father-Biological*Harald Granske , Under-King of Vigulmark b. c 952, d. 995
Family Lines
Boudreau Line

Roy Line
Last Edited=11 May 2022
     Saint Olaf Haraldsson , King of Norway was born postumously circa 995.1 He was the son of Harald Granske , Under-King of Vigulmark and Astrid. He was the first Christian King of Norway. During his reign, he fought against the Danes in England.1

Saint Olaf Haraldsson , King of Norway married Princess Astrid, daughter of Olaf III Skotkonung ~ King of Sweden and Endia, in February 1019.1 Olaf was killed in battle on 29 July 1030 at Stiklestad, Norway, while fighting with King Knut of Denmark and England.1 He was buried at Nidaros Cathedral, Nidaros, Norway.1

Children of Saint Olaf Haraldsson , King of Norway and Princess Astrid


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