Anne Rebecca Fleck

F, (28 February 1871 - 21 December 1963)
Father-Biological*Thomas M. Fleck
Mother-Biological*Sarah Stoner
Last Edited=24 Apr 2022
Gravestone of Harry Lotz and his wife, Annie Fleck
     Anne Rebecca Fleck was born on 28 February 1871 at Arch Springs, Tyrone Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Thomas M. Fleck and Sarah Stoner.

Anne Rebecca Fleck, age 28, married Harry Crawford Lotz, age 35 , son of George Lotz and Catherine Ann Fleck, on 15 March 1899.

1. Thomas M. Lotz (1904-1980)
2. Pauline C. Lotz (1907-____)
3. Sarah Beatrice. Lotz (1908-1998.)

Anne Rebecca Fleck died on 21 December 1963 at Tyrone Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania, at age 92.