Caleb Mayo Esq.1

M, (28 September 1754 - 28 February 1836)
Father-Biological*Major Joseph Mayo1 b. 28 Feb 1720/21, d. 14 Feb 1776
Mother-Biological*Esther Kenrick1 b. 26 Apr 1726, d. 26 Aug 1775
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     Caleb Mayo Esq. was born on 28 September 1754 at Roxbury, Massachusetts.1 He was the son of Major Joseph Mayo and Esther Kenrick.1 Upon hearing of the beginnings of the Revolution in Boston, Caleb traveled to Boston with two horses, which he used to haul brush to help build the fortifications on Bunker Hill. He fought in that battle, but there ends his Revolutionary service.1

Caleb Mayo Esq., age 22, married Molly Richards, age 18 , daughter of Nathaniel Richards and Mary Whiting, on 17 October 1776 at Roxbury, Massachusetts.

1. Polly Mayo (1779-1820)
2. Caleb Mayo Jr. (1781-1803)
3. Joel Mayo (1783-1841)
4. Sally Mayo (1784-1838)
5. Elizabeth Mayo (1786-1829)
6. Fanny Mayo (1787-____)
7. Lucretia Mayo (1789-1828)
8. Harriet Mayo (1791-1807)
9. Hannah Mayo (1793-1868)
10. Mariah Mayo (1795-1819)
11. Amory Mayo (1797-1857)
12. Edward Mayo (1802-1885.)1,2

Morse (1963) in his History of Warwick, says of him, "Caleb was to leave the most lasting impression on Warwick. He settled at Mayp's Four Corners in the eastern part of the town, where he was a merchant and a farmer besides engaging in civic and church affairs. Squire Mayo, as he was known, was famous as the father of eight very beautiful daughters who stimulated church attendance among eligible males by their presence."3 Caleb was an owner of a store, and he kept a public house (inn) at Warwick, Massachusetts.1 On 30 March 1788, he was elected a Selectman in Warwick, and served for nine years.1 In 1789, he served on the School Committee in Warwick, and for seven years was the Representative to the Massachusetts General Court for the Town of Warwick.1 He was a Justice of the Peace and starting in 1798, his marriages were listed in the Warwick records.1 At the turn of the century, he was described by an old timer in Warwick thusly: "[He was] of noble and commanding appearance and his knowledge and long residence gave him much sway and influence with this townsman. He took much pride in his large promising family and justly might such a group be a parent's delight. The girls were handsome...finely rounded forms, clear sparkling eyes and delicate fairness of complexion."1 He was He had pew number 29 in the Unitarian Church, listed in 1836 at $72, and it was the most expensive in the church.1 He died on 28 February 1836 at Warwick, Massachusetts, at age 81.1 He was buried at Warwick Cemetery, Warwick, Massachusetts. Caleb's epitaph reads:

Caleb Mayo Esq.
died Feb. 28, 1838
Aged 83 years.1,4


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