Sarah Ann Delvey

F, (25 February 1811 - 13 August 1888)
Father-Biological*Jonathan Delvee b. 21 Aug 1770, d. 14 Dec 1850
Mother-Biological*Hannah Johnson b. 15 Aug 1774, d. 8 Apr 1851
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     Sarah Ann Delvey was born on 25 February 1811 at Warwick, Massachusetts.1,2,3 She was the daughter of Jonathan Delvee and Hannah Johnson.

Sarah Ann Delvey, age 24, married Samuel Nute on 20 September 1835 at Warwick, Massachusetts.1

Sarah Ann Delvey, age 29, married Charles Brigham, age 25 on 19 October 1840 at Warwick, Massachusetts.

1. Emily Emma Brigham (1842-1869)
2. Charles Samuel Brigham (1846-1862)
3. Sarah Ann Brigham (1848-1929.)1

Sarah wrote her will on 25 December 1884. In it she stipulated: "To my GrandDaughter Mabel A. Dexter four hundred Dollars also one large silver spoone and six silver Tea Spoons, providing the said Mabel shal be living at the time of my Death, if she is not to go to my Daughter Sarah A. Stiles, and I also give to the said Sarah A. Stiles my home place being the same I had of A. B. Oatman and is known as the Willard Fleming place also about fifteen acres of land lying oposit of C. W. Perry House and being the same I had of said Oatman and I further give to the said Sarah A. stiles the remainder of my property of whatever it may consist and where ever it may be found, and after her the said Sarah A. Stiles death to go to her the said Sarahs Children meaning to give all except as mentioned to Mabel A. Dexter, to go to the said Sarah A. Stiles and her Children and for the said Sarah A. Stiles to have full controle of said property during her natural life. and I further appoint the said Sarah A. Stiles my executrix without Bonds.1"

Sarah Ann Delvey married Asa Ellis after 1887.1 Sarah Ann Delvey died on 13 August 1888 at Wendell, Massachusetts, at age 77.1,2


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