Deacon Jeremiah Peck

M, #16425, (1667 - 1752)
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Father-Biological*The Rev. Jeremiah Peck b. 1623, d. 7 Jan 1699
Mother-Biological*Johannah Kitchell d. 1711
     Deacon Jeremiah Peck was born in 1667 at Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut.1,2 He was the son of The Rev. Jeremiah Peck and Johannah Kitchell. Deacon Jeremiah Peck moved to Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut, with The Rev. Jeremiah Peck in 1690.2 He was the collector of the Town of Waterbury rates in 1703.2

Deacon Jeremiah Peck married Rachel Richards, daughter of Obadiah Richards, on 14 June 1704 at Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut.

1. Johannah Peck (1705-____)
2. Jeremiah Peck (1706-1750)
3. Rachel Peck (1709-____)
4. Anne Peck (1713-____)
5. Mart Peck (1715-1753)
6. Phebe Peck (1717-____)
7. Ruth Peck (1719-1750)
8. Esther Peck (1721-before 1752)
9. Martha Peck (1725-____.)2

He was appointed a Constable in 1713. He served in this office again in 1717 and 1723.2 He was elected in May 1720, the Representative to the General Courtfor Waterbury, and served through 1721.2 He was appointed one of the first Deacons of the Northbury Church in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1739.2 Deacon Jeremiah Peck died in 1752 at Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut.1,2


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