The Rev. Jeremiah Peck

M, (1623 - 7 January 1699)
Father-Biological*Deacon William Peck b. 1601, d. 4 Oct 1694
Mother-Biological*Elizabeth ______ d. 5 Dec 1683
Family Lines
Whelpley Line
Last Edited=28 Feb 2023
     The Rev. Jeremiah Peck was born in 1623. He was the son of Deacon William Peck and Elizabeth ______.

The Rev. Jeremiah Peck married Johannah Kitchell, daughter of Robert Kitchell, on 12 November 1656. Jeremiahmoved to Greenwich, Connecticut, in 1678.1 Jeremiahmoved to Waterbury, Connecticut, in 1690.1 He died on 7 January 1699.

Children of The Rev. Jeremiah Peck and Johannah Kitchell


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